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Ex-agent says CIA wanted false data

By Reuters

WASHINGTON -- A fired CIA agent, whom a newspaper says told superiors in 2001 that Iraq had abandoned part of its nuclear program, is asking the FBI to investigate allegations that the spy agency dismissed him for refusing to falsify intelligence.

A July 11 letter to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III from the former agent's lawyer suggests that CIA officials may be guilty of criminal violations involving intelligence he produced on weapons of mass destruction in 2000 that contradicted an official agency position.

The lawyer, Roy Krieger, said his client initially asked the CIA's inspector general to investigate allegations that CIA officials had pressured him to alter the intelligence and retaliated when he refused. But the inspector general rebuffed his request.

"If the CIA is telling him to falsify information, that's potentially a crime. This merits an investigation, and if the CIA's not going to do it, the only other place is the FBI," Krieger said. An FBI spokesman declined to comment.

The letter to Mueller, a copy of which was obtained yesterday, reiterates allegations in a lawsuit the former agent filed in December in Washington federal court.

Identified only by the alias "Doe," the former agent, who worked as a Near Eastern specialist on counterproliferation issues, accuses the CIA of improper action on two separate pieces of intelligence.

One was the weapons of mass destruction intelligence the former agent says he was asked to change in 2000. The other was intelligence uncovered in 2001 that The New York Times described yesterday as dealing with Iraq's nuclear program.

The newspaper, citing people it said had knowledge of the case, said that the second piece of intelligence came from a credible source and that Baghdad had dropped a major segment of its nuclear program years before 2001.

But CIA officials refused to distribute the finding to other intelligence agencies, the Times said.

The case could shed new light on Bush administration thinking ahead of the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, which the White House largely justified by alleging that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction and was actively pursuing nuclear arms.

No such weapons have been found in Iraq, and US arms investigators have concluded that Baghdad abandoned its nuclear-development program soon after the 1991 Gulf War.

The former CIA agent was not available for comment. Krieger declined to discuss details of the case.

A CIA spokeswoman also declined to comment.

Krieger's letter to the FBI states that CIA officials accused the former agent of sexual and financial misconduct in an attempt to discredit him and retaliate for his refusal to falsify intelligence.

The former agent was fired for unspecified reasons in September 2004, the letter says.



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They didn't like his report and tried to discredit him!

Does anybody remember the men talking about a PRESSURE BUTTON coming from the Whitehouse!
It does appear there's more evidence of men being discredited for not giving Bush the results he wanted.Hmmmmmmmmmmm

GO FBI GO,there's mounting evidence that men were prosecuted in many ways if they didn't go along with Bush's agenda.

Somebody needs to call the Vacationing GOP and get them to investigate the question,"Did Bush start war on a LIE"
We had 9 DIE to today,as human life is involved this matter has urgency.

I wish a Lawyer would file charges on the GOP congress for upstructing justice and violating there duties to the US Constitution!

Now we'll see if the FBI has the same stuff Fitzgerald has.

This sounds like the White House hitting back at the CIA for starting the Plame investigation.

Was it the CIA that wanted false information or was it the White House that requested false information from the CIA to back up their lies? Call me what you will, but the WH pointing the finger of blame at everyone BUT the WH, does not make the WH more ethical, moral or honorable than the scum it has proven itself to be. Obviously Bush dosn't realize his lies and posturing have become transparent, all he is accomplishing is making the US the laughing stock of the free world - Iraq isn't proving anything except how many people can be killed off for no good reason.

Bush Dictionary definition of "Heroes" (HE'rowz)-n, pl; cannon fodder

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