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By Larry C Johnson

Stop the presses. WOT--the War on Terrorism may still be alive. The counter terrorism community is abuzz over the President's comments yesterday at a principals meeting of the Homeland Security Council. Bush reportedly said he was not in favor of the new term, Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism (GSAVE). In fact, he said, "no one checked with me". That comment brought an uncomfortable silence to the assembled group of pooh bahs. The President insisted it was still a war as far as he is concerned.

The battle over language and the confusion within the National Security Council is an unfortunate reminder of the chaos that is afflicting the Bush Administration's effort to deal with terrorism. Unfortunately, every agency and department is doing its own thing without strong, clear direction or control from the White House. Makes longtime bureaucrats long for the days of Richard Clarke, when at least there was someone in charge.

While the Bush Administration has trumpeted that it is waging a war on terrorism rather than treating it as a law enforcement problem, the reality is that the terrorists do not present a target that can be readily attacked with military assets. In fact, the major captures of terrorist targets, such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Hambali, have been carried out through intelligence operations or thru police round-ups.

Last fall I was told by friends in the counter terror community that the NSC was pushing to change the Global War on Terrorism into the War on Extremism (WOE). The original intent was to eliminate GWOT and replace it with WOE (I realize this sounds like a skit from the Daily Show, but it is the honest to God truth). Apparently someone at the White House realized that WOE would provide endless grist for comedy writers and decided instead to go with GSAVE.

The sad reality is that there is still no one in charge of directing a coordinated U.S. Government policy to combat terrorism. General Wayne Downing, who was put in charge in October of 2001, tried to do so but was slapped down by Don Rumsfeld. Downing resigned in frustration after spending less than a year on the job. Since then we have seen a virtual game of musical chairs, as different folks move in and out of the NSC slot responsible for coordinating terrorism policy.

At the end of the day this episode is a reminder of why Bin Laden is still at large. We cannot even agree on what to call the fight against Islamic radicals (FAIR is already taken as an acronym). We had WOT, thought about WOE, moved to GSAVE and may go back to WOT. Someone needs to find out WHAT is happening.



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It is not too dificult to understand the confusion, misstaments, and incompetence of this administration when you come to the realization that this administration is the embodiment of the Peter Principal, it is infact the Peter Principler on steroids. Except this administration has taken the Peter Principle to the next level. Instead of intelligent competent people being promoted to there level of incompetence, the Bush administration promotes fools because of there incompetence.

Little George Stupid does not dare fire any of the incompetents, they know too much, they know where all the skeltons are buried. He can not take the chance of firing someone who might get pissed off in the process and start talking.

How can I be a "War Prezdint" if y'all start calling it sumpin' else?

Turd Blossom find out who's not callin dis a War an have yo buddy Novak write an article about em.

I guess my gut reaction to this "NEWSPEAK" is the emphasis on a
"Global" agenda. By naming something "World" or "Global" it has the
self-referencing effect of "justification by title." In other words,
if you name something "Global Witch Hunters" and get away with it,
everyone that hears that title will assume that it is legitimate and
"authorized" by the powers-that-be . . . the person with the badge
is GLOBALLY authorized to HUNT WITCHES . . . what are YOU going to do about it? Stand up for a WITCH? Only a WITCH would do that,

Thus, in the PNAC NEO CON marketing model to the masses, any argument of UN Sanctions, national soverignty, Geneva Conventions,
US Contstitutional law, etc. are all short-circuited by the
title authority of the "Global Witch Hunters" . . . the name says it

Now, you take what we learned in Korea with the "1 of 20 Dominance
Rule" which basically says that in any group of humans (or other
primates) you have a natural 5% of dominant personalities in any
group, or 1 out of 20 people will be "dominant."

By isolating these "1 of 20" types in a maximum security center,
the remaining 19 of 20 can be easily controlled with minimum security, as well as having a much higher "collaboration" rate.
Of the 4800 or so Korean POWs, I have heard various reports that
all say it was perhaps the largest collaboration ever in US history.
(One report stated over 4000 collaborated.)

Using intelligence, any group (I now hear that the FBI got got by
the ACLU compiling lists of peaceful protest groups) could be classified as a "WITCH" and have its leadership decimated, thus neutralizing the group. Wasn't this at the core of the MKCHAOS
and COINTEL-PRO manifests of the CIA and FBI, respectively?

So, WE THE PEOPLE, the tax payers and those responsible for the ever escalating WAR debt, are supporting a world wide goon squad that
has granted itself a carte blanch "license to arrest, imprison, torture and kill" any human being on the planet that fits the description of a "WITCH" . . . and they get to define what that is, ask all the questions, and pass sentence in the shadows . . just like all the other little "Moloch Sacrificing" Cowards addicted to Power we have seen throughout history.

These guys want to "RULE", not "GOVERN" because we aren't doing it
RIGHT in their minority opinion. They cling to that chronic dysfunction old world mindset that says having "More" makes you "Better" and always "RIGHT."

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