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PSAs Are Not Only for ....

PSAs Are Not Only for ....the good old (radio/tv) boys. There's a new kid on the block and this media has no boundaries, the player is inexpensive, the content is free, and convenient. Why not include podcasters to play PSAs?
I found link from the illustrious Podcast Pickle community's forum (

Podcasts can be heard/seen when ever and where ever a person wants. The podcasting audience reaches into the millions via ipods/mp3players and computers. Poscasts can inform Americans in America and abroad of any news, PSAs and website content.

The Diggers Story podcast is geared for young people but all ages from America and around the world listen and care what our country, leaders and citizens think, say and do. Our next podcast will weave into it's story line your PSA and website. Bringing awareness of your information with our youthful perspective. A little different than yours but similar. A New-Rethink is in order on how we are perceiving and handling war and peace "us and them" mentality. We will also be writing to "Dear Mr. President Letters to George" podcast about your PSAs, website and portions of the comment on the "Dear Mr. President" (see below). The podcast for this will be heard on promo (#24) 06/07/06 and 06/11/06 episode (#24). You can hear the podcast on our website at or you can listen to it automatically on our frappr map at: Our frappr map will automatically play the most recent podcasts when you enter and you will also see who some of our podcast audience are and where they live from around the world.

What is peace?

The Diggers Story podcast and the world at large sees a division in our country and in the world. This problem is just what the extremists want! The extremists, are the minority but this is changing because this small group of people uses other people's fear, doubt, shortcomings and division to promote themselves. In America there are many perspectives and sometimes words are not enough. Not even the greatest leader can tell a free people "Trust me no matter what" or "Follow me wherever I lead you". No, that is not going to fly in the face of a free nation. Even if you are the president of the most powerful nation in the world because every person has the right to question. There's nothing personal to our leaders it's just what makes a free country a free country.

In the past some peace movements have not been very peaceful. Both sides have their reasons and are passionate. The children of today need real answers and are seeing the same clenched fists on either side. One wanting to impair the other. It is the same old same old back to old business, doing the same thing over and over with the same results. It's insanity! We are all smarter than this! So, why is it we are not becoming one as a nation or a world but creating more divisions and wars. Do we have the time, energy and resources to continually create chaotic negative energy? The children of the world are needing to see changes. Is this realistic? We think so. . . young and old . . . we have the power to make real changes to help children live in a safer world.

This is what the Diggers Story podcast has to say to the president of the UNITED States.

Dear Mr President, DON'T BE AFRAID! You have nothing to hide... let the truth come out! What better way to get your truth out than from your own government you serve and trust. Let the investigators prove what you say is the truth and those who you chose to work along side you. This will show your beloved country and the world who you are and who we are as a country. You will bring back your honor and ours at the same time! Think about it Mr. President, your ratings will go through the roof, clearing all silly and harmful accusations! Tell them Mr. President to "Bring it on" and prove to the country . . . to the world the good Christian representative you are. You have nothing to fear in an investigation. Think of what the history books will say about you. Talk is cheap and the time is right for our country and the world to resolve and put this to rest. Be the one to sign up for your own investigation. Blow every one's mind and send a powerful message to the extremist your words do have weight and stand under any pressures especially an investigation.

Be the Texan cowboy you state you are and show them what you are made of . . . "The Right Stuff"! You have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear Mr President. We await your action to show the country, the world the man you really are!

Kind Regards,
Diggers Story podcast


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