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Tuesday August 2, 2005
UPDATED* BUSH in Washington, DC - 11:25 AM: President Bush signs the CAFTA legislation. [, 8/1/05]

BUSH in Crawford, TX: President and Mrs. Bush depart for their ranch. [, 8/1/05]

NEW* BOLTON in New York, NY - 11:30 PM: John Bolton will go through the official UN process of presenting his credentials to the Secretary General this morning. [, 8/2/05]

NEW* SNOW in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Secretary Snow will join Minister Palocci at a breakfast meeting with local business leaders in Rio de Janeiro and deliver remarks at a forum sponsored by the Council of
Foreign Relations. The Secretary will also join Minister Palocci at the Group for Growth luncheon. []

Wednesday August 3, 2005
NEW* BUSH in Grape Vine, TX: President Bush speaks to Republican legislators about his agenda. [, 8/1/05]

NEW* SNOW in Vitoria, Brazil: Secretary Snow will travel to the State of
Espirito Santo to visit a port in Vitoria, attend a luncheon hosted by
Governor Paulo Hartung, and take a tour of the Favela Project hosted by
the Inter-American Development Bank. []

HUCKABEE in Little Rock, AR - 9:00 AM: Governor hosts "Ask The
Governor," a monthly call-in program on the Arkansas Radio Network, ARN
studios, 700 Wellington Hills Road. []

HUCKABEE in Conway, AR - 7:00 PM: Governor participates in "Arkansans
Ask," a monthly call-in program on the Arkansas Educational Television
Network, AETN studios, 350 S. Donaghey St. []

Thursday August 4, 2005
BUSH in Crawford, TX: President and Mrs. Bush will welcome President
Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and Mrs. Uribe to their ranch in Crawford,
Texas on August 4, 2005. [White House, 7/13/05]

NEW* CHENEY in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Vice-President Cheney will lead a
senior delegation to pay respects for the late King Fahd. Cheney will
depart Thursday OR Friday. [, 8/2/05]

DeLAY in La Marque, TX: DeLay will meet with area Rotarians in his first
official visit to La Marque since it became part of his district in
January. [, 7/27/05]

HUCKABEE in Guatemala City, Guatemala: Governor and Arkansas National
Guard representatives participate in an international partnership visit
through Saturday. []

Friday August 5, 2005
NEW* CHENEY in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Vice-President Cheney will lead a
senior delegation to pay respects for the late King Fahd. Cheney will
depart Thursday OR Friday. [, 8/2/05]

MEHLMAN in Pittsburgh, PA - 9:15 AM: Ken Mehlman will speak at The
Republican National Committee's 2005 Annual Summer Meeting themed "Give
Us A Chance, We'll Give You A Choice: Strengthening Lincoln's Legacy."
[RNC, 7/26/05]

SANTORUM in Pittsburgh, PA: U.S. Senator Rick Santorum is slated to
speak with other rguets at The Republican National Committee's 2005
Annual Summer Meeting. [RNC, 7/26/05]

Wednesday August 17, 2005
MEHLMAN in Wheeling, WV: Republican National Committee Chairman Ken
Mehlman will be the featured speaker at the Ohio County Republican
Party's Lincoln Day Dinner scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17, at Oglebay
Park. Mehlmann's appearance in the state will come just six weeks after
President George W. Bush gave his Independence Day address in
Morgantown. The RNC and state officials are beginning to lay the
groundwork for the 2006 U.S. Senate race in West Virginia, in which U.S.
Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., is up for re-election, as well as the 2008
presidential election. [The Intelligencer, 7/19/05]

Saturday August 20, 2005
ALLEN in Laurel, DE - 3:00 PM: Sen. George Allen (R-VA) will be the
keynote speaker for the 8th Annual Friends of Vance Phillips Crab Feast
& Watermelon Extravaganza in Cypress Point at Trap Pond. [National
Journal, 7/29/05]

ALLEN in Rehoboth Beach, DE - 6:00 PM: Sussex County GOP's and the GOP
State Committee of DE's cocktail reception in Rehoboth Beach featuring
U.S. Senator George Allen at the Heritage Inn, Route 1 & Postal Lane,
Rehoboth Beach. [National Journal, 7/29/05]

Wednesday August 27, 2005
HUCKABEE in IA: Gov. Mike Huckabee be the keynote speaker next month at
the year's largest gathering of Republicans in New Hampshire, The
Strafford County Republican Picnic, Pig Roast and Family Day. Huckabee
is expected to be the only one of four potential candidates for the
presidency invited to attend the Aug. 27 event. [AP, 7/28/05]

ROMNEY in Nashua, NH: Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will visit NH on 8/27 for the
Nashua GOP Committe. "Steakout." [National Journal, 7/29/05]

Friday September 2, 2005
NEW* HUCKABEE in Scottsdale, AZ: Mike Huckabee will be one of many
prominent Republicans speaking at the Republican Assembly National
Convention on one of the days from September 2 - 5. []

Monday September 12, 2005
GIULIANI in New York City: Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks to
Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America annual meeting, New
York, NY []

Wednesday September 14, 2005
PATAKI in Cedar Rapids, IA: Pataki plans to return next on Sept. 14th,
when he'll headline a Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce meeting. [CNN,

Saturday September 17, 2005
ROMNEY in Lake Winnepesaukee, NH: Romney will host a fund-raiser for the
NH GOP at his Lake Winnepesaukee home 9/17. [National Journal, 7/28/05]

Wednesday September 21, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: President Bush will welcome Hungarian Prime
Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany for a meeting at the White House on October 3,
2005. Hungary is a close NATO ally which has made important
contributions to supporting democracy and security in Iraq, Afghanistan,
and the Balkans. The President and the Prime Minister will discuss our
common commitment to working together to advance freedom in Europe,
Eurasia, and the world. [White House, 7/14/05]

DOLE in Greensboro, NC - 6 PM: Former President Bill Clinton and former
Sen. Bob Dole will headline a fund-raising gala in Greensboro in
September to raise money for Bennett College for Women. A reception for
Clinton and Dole will be held at Grandover Resort and Conference Center
at 6 p.m. on Sept. 21. At 7 p.m., Bennett contributors can attend the
gala celebration with the two former political leaders. [American City
Business Journals, 7/1/05]

October 3, 2005
BUSH in Washington, DC: Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany meets
with President Bush at the White House, Washington, DC []


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Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld should be impeached and then arrested. Congressman Conyers, I know you read this site. To any elected congressional Democrat, I know you know in your heart that what these have done people far exceed the moral AND legal test for impeachment. Why won't you stand up and say so? Why won't your fellow Dems stand up and say what we all know to be true?

You owe it to the American people, yourself and humanity to GO TO THE MAT and to do it now. Shut down the governments business if that's what you have to do to move this forward and pound it into the American mind. These people are war criminals and traitors. If there is any possible way, you must stop them before they take us to war again, before they sell out our national security again. They have no right to do what they are doing. You must stop them. Only you and your fellow elected Democrats can. This is why the people elected you.

Start by simply saying what you believe: they have commited impeachable offences. And I promise you, in the end, not only will you know you've done the right thing, but politically you'll come out on top. Even the American people will come to know traitors and criminals in their midst if you show them often enough what they look like.

his "Wolfowitz Doctrine" pre-planned this quagmire years ago, and was a foundation for PNAC to build upon.

Can an election be rigged? LISTEN TO THE WHOLE Thing

The link to is great, but that's just the tip of the iceburg. They have ABSOLUTE 100% un-deniable proof that the US government did 9/11.

This link says it all
But you can also find other interesting facts about some of the sick, twisted evil things the neo/cons have been doing behind our back, this link is a captured video of MSNBC revealing the fact that Bayer aspirin company sold AIDS tainted blood to people in the US, and after they were caught, the US allowed them to sell it over seas.

This site is for critical thinkers only, I think the sheeple better stay in their barns, unless they're ready to face reality

Rep. Conyers, do you ever dream, too, of a revolt on the floors of the House and the Senate? I agree with the posts above, there would be a flood of coverage by the MSM, finally, and you would probably have people marching in the streets in support.........


Sonny has a new Documentary out regarding the Militry Industrial complex ...its playing in limited theaters but is very revealing profitable war is and why we start wars to gain more pwer and profit far the dvd can only be bought on line ...but if you get a chance its worth while ...thanks Deb

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