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Persuade a Newspaper to Cover the Downing Street Minutes: Protest in its Parking Lot!

Front door encore

If the press won't find its way to the truth, the only thing to do is bring the truth to the press. The Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War, which staged a dramatic reading from the Downing Street Memos in Highland Park this past weekend, took its show to East Brunswick and the office of the Home News Tribune, which couldn't quite stir itself to send a reporter to the Saturday event and clearly needed a bit of help. Staff writer Rick Harrison rose to the occasion with this article in today's edition.

We'll give Mary Walworth, the mastermind behind the event, the last word: "In an interview with Home News reporter Rick Harrison yesterday, he asked me 'Aren't the Downing Street Memos old news?'I said, 'You sound like Ari Fleischer. Premature speculation suddenly morphs into old news.' Do we think the Downing Street Memos are old news? The Downing Street Memos will be old news when the media reports them with the depth that they deserve and they are a household word."

(Posted by Steven Hart, 7/29/05)

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Go after YOUR local media!


Below is the creative presentation that the Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War put together:

MC: Welcome to the reading of the Downing Street Minutes. The Sunday London Times first published the story of the “Downing Street Memo



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