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CIA Analyst Roasts Bush

Falls Church News-Press (Virginia)
By Nicholas F. Benton

Ray McGovern, a 27-year analyst for the CIA speaking in Falls Church, Virginia, to a gathering of the Virginia Votes group Sunday, unleashed a scathing indictment of the Bush’s administration’s handling of an array of intelligence, military and human rights matters in the context of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. He said the people that are currently running U.S. foreign and military policy were affectionately known as “The Crazies


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I have to thank McGovern and everyone else that has dedicated themselves to revealing the lies that are behind the current administration's policies. If you guys didn't explain the distortions, I would have thought I was losing it. I am incredulous that so many people have believed the WMD, biological etc scare tactics. They never made sense to me... Saddam didn't have an Air Force or Navy. These crazies were projecting themselves on Saddam...look in the mirror. Who has wmds, who has a navy and air force...

Thanks for speaking out...I have taken to distributing flyers...hoping to help you all...

Thanks again

Does the quagmire in Iraq match the quagmire we have as a government that will fall over themselves to redo the heat shields on Discovery so seven astronaunts may return safely, yet stall on supplying our troops with armour to protect them from homemade explosives. Who's definition of "Heroes" is really "Cannon Fodder." We as a nation need more people like Ray McGovern, Joe Wilson, John Conyers, the people behind this site and Downing Street Memo dot Com willing to stand up (were the media won't) and call the admin********* - I can't use that word here - "regime" of Bush's to account. I realize I'm off the subject here, I just heard W appointed Bolton on a recess appointment and I am somewhat pissed at the whole thing. Sorry, I'll pour m'self another drink and go to bed.

All the starving children in the world don't have a chance now with Bolton as "our American ambassabdor to the UN". This is outrageous, I mean Bush is saying "Let 'em eat cake". Papa Bush, you need to take a one day break from the tsunami and straighten up that boy of yours,,, be a good father for the sake of national security, for crying out loud. This is just SICK.

The low numbers of public support for Bush policies mean nothing to the administration as they're out to connive every nickel and dime they can while in power. As long as they continue to hold on to the voting mechanism, they'll continue to do what ever they please. Hats off to Ray and his colleagues for informing us and if the forged documents prove a credible paper trail to the WH it would be wonderful. The press would be obliged to print it and the rotten ship may at last go down.

Our emails and letters have an influence on the press. We CAN get them to cover the corruption. The right wing has been doing letter-writing campaigns for years because they're effective.

See: The National Security Act, Corporations, and the Media
by Sheldon Drobny

(BTW, is the best source on the Web of left-oriented news that's hard to find in the corporate media.)

These are extremely worrying times for anyone who is genuinely concerned about "the out of control" policies and actions of this present administration.
Iraq was, without a shadow of doubt, an unlawful and illegal invasion of another foreign country - which since it's ill judged invasion of Kuwait had basically been minding it's own business and wasn't considered an actual or real threat to any of it's neighbours -even - Israel!
I'm British and I'm ashamed and disgusted that our own troops are involved in this foreign debacle (Iraq) because of the lies and falsehoods (Weapons of mass destruction - AlQueda) disseminated and generated by this evil current US administration.
Sorry, but Israel and the US government are the foremost terrorist nations in the world NOW.

Peter Marshall! I haven't heard from you since you retired from the Hollywood Squares show. Glad to see you're keeping busy.

Why the flippant and glib reply to what is a serious posting?

Why do folks, such as you, never take the time to look at the facts, subjectively, and respond in an intelligent manner?

It's always some trite if you're scared to face up to the reality of the situation that awaits you.

What is happening the development of an out of control "fascist regime"

And this present US administration is insiduously imposing a totalitarian police state upon you.

And involving you in another good old fashioned imperial exercise....the acquisition and retention of another country's resources...namely oil and gas....for yourselves!

Why? a're, effectively bankrupt...

Sorry folks....sometimes the truth hurts....

---“We have a war criminal as president,

"He said indications already point to the fact that the forgery was produced in the U.S., perhaps from among circles of former U.S. government officials that were involved in the Iran-Contra scandals of the 1980s. He said some damning evidence and conclusions could be made public within a few months. “It was an inside job,

Thank you, Ray McGovern. You are a refreshing voice. Truth is a rare thing these days. Please continue to speak about this as much as you can. 1800+ wrongly dead...

Thank you Ray McGovern. We need to give the special prosecutor, Fitzgerald, the expanded jurisdiction to investigate who forged the Niger documents? Those Bush boys don't do well under oath!Let Fitzgerald take it away from a botched FBI investigation.



Yes indeed, Thank you Ray McGovern for all of your work in getting to the bottom of this Bush mendacity.

And has anyone noticed that in the last few days that the media has merely glossed over the brave soldiers who have lost their lives needlessly in Iraq? Close to 15 have died in the last few days, pushing the death toll to 1,804 and no coverage! I actually heard an ABC anchor state Saturday evening: There was "new violence in Iraq today". New? He then just glossed over the report of the slain soldiers. Terrible!

CNN is now devoting time to the starving people of Niger. Quite noble, but they're starving people in Iraq and it isn't being covered by this so called liberal media!

You might as well forget about the media reporting anything bad from Iraq. Especially with this feckless administration's plans for an exit next year. There will few if any "bad press" coming from Iraq.

The filter is on high and the Orwellian mendacity will continue.

Mr. McGovern, would you consider running for president? I know you're probably too honest to win, but we need you.

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