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Cognitive Dimwits: The Unbearable Rightness of Being

By Leilla Matsui and Stella La Chance

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a long held assumption or existing belief is thrown into question by new or contradictory information, causing a person to reinterpret this evidence after it has been presented to justify a falsely held notion. The theory refers to the phenomenon of the mind's failure to assume its equilibrium after having to accept an unwelcome intrusion of this kind into its “comfortably held assumption zone.


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Thank you, very well said. But you ladies aren't making me feel any better, and I hope it can't get much worse. I need a shrink.

What will become of us? What should become?

The neocons have perfected the art of refining lies until they resemble the truth. Of course without the help of the corporate media, it would be impossible for them to maintain their illusions all by themselves.

We need more people in politics willing to speak the truth and poke through these illusions. Only a (heroic) minority of Democrats do this. We need to continue to vote for them, and dump the rest of the corporate shills.

The "Democratic" corporate shills will continue to serve the interests of the billionaires as long as we continue voting for them. Don't be afraid of voting for a Green or a Socialist. We need truth and voting for a "Democrat" who parrots the corporate lies only perpetuates the problem.

Operation Paperclip - Hitler's Best & Brightest Machiavellian Propagandists were smuggled into the US after WWII. The US then
spent billions under the guise of "Mental health" research to
perfect this "Art of Deception."

I think a very common post WWII American "as-if-true" perception is
that the "Fascists" were limited to Italy, Germany and Japan. People
fail to realize that "Social Darwinism" was world wide as the new
god "Eugenics Science" proved through their pretzel logic once and for all that "All Men are NOT Created Equal" . . . thus the Supermen, the old world rulers finally had a Machiavellian "Pretext" to fight Liberty, Freedom and Democracy . . . Bullshit science,
mass media, and Fear of authority are all you need to make a nice
Fascist cocktail.

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