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Mad Dog at Recess

Cobblestones: Mad Dog at Recess
By Steve Cobble

George W. made his continuing contempt for the Senate official this morning, giving John "Mad Dog" Bolton a recess appointment, only days after Bolton confessed he lied to the Senate.

Well, why not? Why should he be the only liar left out? After all, it's not like the "Liar's Club" is some exclusive group in the Bush Administration, like Skull & Bones. Heck, the Bush & Co. Liar's Club isn't even whites-only or male-only. They can all join.

Of course, in the polite circles in which top Democrats and media big-foots circulate, the word "lie" is so definitive, so harsh. I should be nice, and find synonyms.

There's George W. himself, who "prevaricated" and "fixed" and "hyped" to take us to war with Iraq

There's Dick Cheney, who "exaggerated" and "fear-mongered" to take us to war with Iraq.

There's Karl Rove, who "outed" and "sleazed" and "smeared" those who challenged his team's cover story on the war with Iraq.

There's Don Rumsfeld, who "misled" and "mis-stated" to take us to war with Iraq.

There's Condoleeza Rice, who was "confused" and "contradictory" about the 9/11 warnings.

There's John Negroponte, who never has come clean about what he knew about the death squads in Central America.

There's George W's previous recess appointment whom the Senate never confirmed, Otto Reich, who then secretly got us on the wrong side of a failed coup attempt in Venezuela.

There's Tom Ridge, whose amnesia about the purpose of raising the terror color codes quickly vanished after he left the Administration.

There's every Bush team press secretary who's ever briefed about Iraq, whose job it was to "obscure" and "deflect".

There's that former CIA head who "slam-dunked" his way into the history books, and that former Iraq boss man who "privatized" Iraq into complete chaos, and that World Bank honcho, who "liberated" himself from reality-based politics long enough to be promoted.

None of them have ever owned up to the truth.

So why should Bolton have to?

Sure, he's a "kiss up and kick down" type of guy.

Sure, he lied directly to the Senate, refused to provide documents, and reviewed secret intercepts he wasn't supposed to see.

Sure, he'll be the first U.N. rep to have a hand grenade mounted on the wall of his office.

Sure, he doesn't really believe in the U.N. at all.

Why should that matter?

He's loyal. And in the faith-based world of Bush & Cheney & Rove, that's all that matters.

But that's okay. Because Bolton is going to flop at the U.N. He's damaged goods, and he can't even act like Bolton because everyone will be watching.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bushies lost this skirmish. Thanks to the coalition that gathered together to oppose this outrageous and insulting appointment, the truth about John Bolton became known around the world. Thanks to the toughness of Senator Dodd and, for once, Senator Biden -- and the conscience of Senator Voinovich -- this is truly a pyrrhic victory for Bush & Co. And particularly thanks to the brilliant, mold-breaking clearinghouse role played by Steve Clemons' blog,

this coalition not only pushed out the truth about Bolton, we broke new ground in grassroots/netroots coalition strategy.

So Bolton got his recess appointment, but we didn't lose. The Liars' Club lost, even though they fixed the game.


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Tiny steps add up to something it seems.

That's why he's there. He's a loyal soldier in the neo-con army. With each step Bush takes, the ice gets thinner.

What set many of us off this morning was the MARK of a FAILURE and the Bush end-run around anyone who gets in his way, as George Bush, Presidential Wuss, appointed Bolton to a position he does not qualify for, resulting in our country's further loss of respect by the world! Like a spoiled child, determined to get his way, he shoved Bolton down our throats, despite objections of many, and denied documents that showed the truth of Bolton’s inadequacies to hold the position of Ambassador to the U.N! George W. Bush is a weak man and a failure!
You can always tell a weak man, his greatest fear is appearing weak! He must lie, cover-up, never admit mistakes, his ego is out front and center and blame is his game. He converts all his opinions into dogma declaring all his decisions to be absolute truth! The “wuss

Can the Citizens also get around Congress while it is not in session, to begin a peoples' movement to Impeach the President and all of his men? Or, hold a mock impeachment, at the very least, in front of the Whitehouse? Bush purposely made this bold move to shove his power in the face of citizens...Is there no end to all of these terrible events-two stolen elections, phony lies leading the USA into an illegal war, using the sons and daughters of the citizens to their own end...Bush and his evil cronies think this is a monarchy for their own use...

Wouldn't that be great. Get people who know the history really well and have them play mock senators. I think that would be great. Have it in the form of a play. That would be so great. Present the evidence even if the senate and house won't. How would you get it to the people though? C-Span?

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