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Honk for Impeachment

Wild: Hundreds of honks heard
Somerville Journal, MA
By Patricia Wild
Thursday, July 28, 2005

The day after President Bush had proclaimed John G. Roberts Jr. to be his Supreme Court nominee and NPR's "Talk of the Nation" focused on Roberts' anti-civil rights, anti-Roe versus Wade pronouncements, discouraged and weighted down with those "What's the use?" feelings prevalent among progressives these days, I held a "Honk to Impeach Bush" sign in Davis Square for a while and, in spite of the heat, my spirits lifted. Organized by Carl Martin and Joe Ramsey, key members of the Somerville-Medford Ad-Hoc Committee to End the War, similar Davis Square demonstrations are scheduled every Monday from 5 until 7 p.m. in the little park in front of J.P. Licks. Won't you join us?

Actively working on issues such as "Justice for Janitors" and the Tufts Coalition to End the War in Iraq, upon graduation, the affable and personable Joe and Carl decided to "not necessarily restrict our efforts to Tufts." Holding homemade signs urging an end to the war in Iraq and "engaging with people" in Davis Square for a couple of hours every week seemed the logical next step, although not without some risk: "Other people are putting themselves on the line," observed Carl. "And I can't hold a sign?"

Made from poster boards secured to sticks with duct tape, the ad-hoc committee's hand-lettered signs are funky, definitely reproducible by anyone wishing to replicate the Monday evening demonstrations in their own communities and squares. "I talked with a guy named Mike from Dorchester, who held one of our signs," Carl recalled. "You know, you could be doing this, too," I told him. "In Dorchester." Participants at the Davis Square Monday night demonstrations are encouraged to make their own signs. What would yours say?

Response to the "Honk" sign was overwhelmingly positive. Cars honked, trucks honked, bicyclists and pedestrians shouted "Honk" as they passed by. "Hundreds of honks since we've been out here," Joe observed gleefully. So energizing was this response that even the young woman driving a red SUV who pulled up beside where the ant-war group stood, and slowly lowered her window to yell "F- you!" didn't dampen our spirits. "The case for this war is based on lies, folks," reads a handout crafted by Joe and Carl which they passed out during the demonstration. "Now it's up to the people to stop it!" OK, so maybe some folks, like that unpleasant SUV driver, won't be holding signs on Monday nights. But other people will.

A well-dressed father, walking through the square with his two young daughters, approached Carl as rush-hour traffic whizzed by. "What good will this do?" he asked pointing to the three remaining demonstrators; a large, boisterous middle-school group had just left. "I have an anti-war bumper sticker on my car," he explained. "But how's [my bumper sticker] going to change anything?"

His question reminded me of a story I read not long ago about a solitary demonstrator who, rain, sleet, snow or shine, stood outside the White House with his lonely sign; what his cause happened to be escapes me. Vietnam, perhaps?

"Why do you do this?" someone asked him. "How do you expect to change the world?"

"I don't do this to change the world," the demonstrator replied. "I do this so that the world won't change me."

For more information regarding the Somerville-Medford Ad-Hoc Committee to End the War, contact Joe at In case of inclement weather, demonstrations are rescheduled, so getting on the committee's e-mail list is recommended.



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Here's today's email that some of us are sending out. Feel free to copy it and paste it in your email program. Please send to as many Mainstream Media contacts as you can!
Thanks to Sands.of.time for the opening 2 paragraphs:

I don't know about you, but I smell a traitor to the life and liberty of the American people. In fact, the stench is so noxious, it must be many traitors. Even past tyrants could not have been called such reeking traitors, because they did not have America's high ideals to serve.

Americans will be true to themselves and their country in the voting booth if they are given the right information

Will any of you give them that information? Do you enjoy taking part in the disassembling of the American Democratic System? Why was Clinton's sex scandal front page news, but Rove's CIA leak is not? Why is there so much hate speak and fascism in your ranks? Are some of you of the belief that this country is better off now than it was before? How is that so? Who will you espouse your conservative rhetoric to when the middle class is sleeping in the gutter after losing their jobs thanks to CAFTA? What television will we watch if we can't afford the gas to get to work? Who will your sponsors sell their products to when the majority of the consumers are waiting in the breadlines, or sitting in a soup kitchen? Perhaps your sponsors would be better at answering these questions?


My thoughts exactly!

The MSM can take half the blame.
They are watching America being raped and destroyed and they stay silent.
I have come to the conclusion this is what they want.
At first I thought it was fear,not any more.

To the many reporters that want to bring America the NEWS,fight your establishment that is being run by the Bush administration.
Take back your industry.
They can't fire every reporter of truth-not likely!

These are not necessarily all right leaning folk, but we need to cover all the bases! I personally email these cats at least once a week. Email your congressperson while you're at it, regardless of the subject matter, just to keep them on their toes! Let them know that we have voices, too!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Kathleen&,,,,,,,,,




What set many of us off this morning was the mark of a FAILURE and the Bush end-run around anyone who gets in his way, as George Bush, Presidential Wuss, appointed Bolton to a position he does not qualify for, resulting in our country's further loss of respect by the world!

You can always tell a weak man, his greatest fear is appearing weak! He must lie, cover-up, never admit mistakes, his ego is out front and center and blame is his game. He converts all his opinions into dogma declaring all his decisions to be absolute truth! The “wuss

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