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Regrets, He Has So few...

At a press conference with Tony Blair this week, our pretend president was asked to elaborate on what he meant by his reference to "missteps and mistakes in Iraq", and which he most regretted.

Does he regret manufacturing intelligence to support his bogus case for war? Nope.

How about openly lying to the world in his 2003 State of the Union Address about Iraq seeking uranium from Niger, which helped him sell his illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq? Nah.

Or making jokes at the 2004 Radio and Televison Correspondents' Dinner about not being able to find the weapons of mass destruction that he said made his bogus war necessary, with the blood of more than 500 dead American troops and thousands of dead Iraqis already on his hands? Not quite.

Or maybe sending our troops to die (nearly 2500 so far) in a conflict he knew was not necessary, or the tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis that have so far died as a result of his macho imperialism? Mmmmmmm, no.

Or the permanent poisoning of the Iraq landscape with depleted uranium from our weapons, which is also permanently poisoning our troops and the Iraqi people? You guessed it. Never crosses his mind.

The Kennebunkport Cowboy-in-Chief says he regrets saying "Bring it on" in 2003, and saying that he wanted Osama bin Laden "Dead or alive" in the days immediately after 9/11. He's concerned (all of a sudden, when his party's control of Capitol Hill is on the line), that his ignorant redneck talk was "misinterpreted in certain parts of the world". He apparently does not regret saying six months after 9/11 that he was not concerned about bin Laden, since he failed to mention it.

He did say that he thought the biggest mistake regarding America's involvement in Iraq was, as he pronounced it, "Abu Guh-rib." But he quickly added that the people responsible for that torture were given a fair trial and convicted for their crimes. Except, of course, for the war criminals at the very top of our government (including Bush himself) who authorize and condone torture.

Some are characterizing this pseudo Bush apology as very significant, since he is loathe to ever admit mistakes, but it ultimately means nothing. Except, that is, for the Bush administration lap dog media, which will run with this non-story for as long as they can, to keep from having to focus on the things that really matter.

News conference video clip here.

Give it up Dubya. It is impossible to repair a manchurian presidency that has been illegitimate from the start.

John Perry

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I have watched this fiasco unfold. I sit in awe that this country has tolerated such public displays of ignorance and idiocy for so long. I was born in 1950 and well remember the civil rights movement, the Kennedy assassination, the VietNam War. I dont believe that people would have allowed such blatant criminal activity to go on by the leaders of their country at that time. Bill Clinton was accused of lying. Bush lied from day one, he wasnt even elected. he chiseled his way in to the office. He has violated every concept of what a President is supposed to be. He cant even carry on an intelligent conversation. He has been an embarrassment since the very first day. Why do we allow an idiot and a handful of political thugs to keep doing this to us. Why are we sitting and not doing? What will it take to wake us all? Are we going to wait until we see the nuclear clouds rising. Lets impeach this fool and save the USA. Charlotte St. Clair

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