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Support for Impaneling a Presidential Grand Jury Probe

Plans are underway to have the district court in Muskogee County, Okla., receive (and act upon) a citizens petition for the impaneling of a state grand jury to investigate, and report upon, the alleged criminality of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

For background information on this grassroots effort to hold these two officials fully accountable for their conduct in office, see the collateral, online petition posted at the following Internet web site:

Of course, all of Muskogee's registered voters are encouraged to sign BOTH petitions -- and to volunteer their services toward garnering the requisite number of signatures for filing the formal petition in court. For an electronic draft of the latter document, you may contact me by e-mail at: (Phone:

And you may wish to forward this announcement to any interested parties in New Mexico (the only other state whose constitution provides for this special avenue of legal redress).

As a local committee-for-impanelment takes shape for spearheading this project, I presume that it will issue periodic updates to the news media. Meantime, maybe some of you elsewhere in Oklahoma might wish to mount your own petition drive for this Truth-seeking journey.

When you Oklahomans start taking the lead here, how can Congress bear to remain far behind?

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== Update Notice No. 1 re Muskogee's Petition for Impaneling a
Presidential Grand Jury Probe: A Call for Witnesses ==

If you, or someone you know, can furnish verifiable evidence in the
form of personal testimony, official documentation, and/or
whistleblower-generated material germane to any alleged Bush-Cheney
criminality, the 12 members of the proposed grand jury would be eager
to see and deliberate upon that evidence.

This Call for Witnesses hereby asks that any prospective witness
provide to the Committee for Impanelment a signed, notarized
Declaration outlining the nature and volume of evidence that (s)he is
willing to share with the grand jury upon its impanelment. Of
particular value during the grand jury's investigation would be all
material that, based on the Declarant's knowledge and experience,
constitutes evidence of illegal wiretapping; intimidation of
witnesses/whistleblowers; mismanagement/conversion of government
resources; deceptive/fraudulent/corrupt/mendacious practices;
conspiracy to deprive anyone of his/her civil liberty under federal
and/or Oklahoma law; abuse of authority; and any other violation of
the public trust.

Once the Committee files the Petition for Impanelment with Muskogee
County's district court, all declarations received to date will be
submitted to the court with that filing. All other declarations
received thenceforth will be submitted direct to the impaneled grand
jury. Of course, the subsequent declarants may wish to send their
material straight to the jury.

Please mail the original copy of your declaration to the following
address: Chairman, Committee for Impanelment of a Presidential Grand
Jury Probe, C/O Jerry Pippin Productions, P. O. Box 333, Muskogee, OK
74402. Telephone 918-682-2630 or e-mail

Thank you for thus helping bring this long-overdue project to
fruition -- in the civic spirit that "Muskogee Will Keep Us Free!"

== Update from the Muskogee Impeachment Headquarters ==

LWB Note: I've just received permission from Mr. Pippin to retransmit his below-quoted open letter, as follows:

"Hello, this is Jerry Pippin. We have started an impeachment process via the local grand jury statutes here in Oklahoma. You can read all about this at We are putting together a radio special on voter fraud which should be ready and on the air posted 24/7 on our web site later this week. We invite you to tell your friends about this movement against Bush-Cheney, and urge you to sign the online petition. We will be signing up Muskogee County voters here in Oklahoma, beginning with a rally on July 4th -- a fitting date to take back our country from the neo-conservative movement, don't you agree?

"Lots of information out there on how these voting machines have stolen your Democracy; and the sad part is that many of the candidates who have had their victories snatched from them by cyber foul play seem to be unaware this is happening to them. Go here to see what is happening in California --

"By the way, you have been put on this list because in the past you have expressed an interest in our political reporting and we thought it would be fun for you to see how we make the sausage, so to speak -- how we put together our radio shows and political-action web information. If you had rather not be included, just send me an e-mail and write on the heading ( subject line) the word UNSUBSCRIBE. We will take you off the list; send that message to our internal e-mail control point, . . . .

"Thanks for your time, and we do hope you get engaged in the political process before we lose any ability to control our destiny.


" "

== "Callin' Damage Control, Callin' Damage Control !. . . " ==

By Larry W. Bryant

Shortly after Independence Day 2006, White(wash) House spokesman Tony
Schmoe received an urgent call from 'resident Bu$ch's chief of staff:
"Listen up, Tony: Karl Trove wants us to meet with him and Dubya
this afternoon at 2:00."

SCHMOE: Well, that means I'll have to cancel my appointment with
Halliburton's CFO...."

CHIEF: Forget that. We're in the midst of a new constitutional
crisis. And don't bring any notepad or tape recorder with you.

Upon entering the Oral Orifice 69 minutes later, Schmoe found the
'resident somberly addressing a coterie of several white males over

BU$CH: What's this crap about another "constitutional" crisis, Karl?
Didn't I tell you guys not to keep jamming the "constitution" in my
face -- that it's just a damned piece of paper?!

TROVE: Er . . . sir, it's not the FEDERAL constitution that
concerns us this time. It's a state's.

BU$CH: Huh?

TROVE: That's right, Oklahoma's. Seems there's a Democrat cell down
there that's decided to take it upon themselves to apply the state
constitution's provision for impaneling a county grand jury via a
citizens petition.

BU$CH: So . . . ain't that kinda action illegal under our recent
"signing statements"?

TROVE: Not yet, sir. So, once the New York Slimes and the
Washington Compost get wind of this citizens revolt, we're gonna reap
some serious damage.

BU$CH: Whadda ya mean, "revolt"?

TROVE: Well, those cretins, like Jerry Pippin, in Muskogee are
a-hankerin' to have the grand jury investigate and report upon any
"criminality" on the part of you and Dick Cheezey. And, according to
Congress's Jefferson Manual, that report could lead to your and
Dick's impeachment.

CHEEZEY: Wait a minute, Karl, leave me outa this. Why do I have to
remind you all that Dubya here has to remain the fall guy for any --
um -- "wrongdoing" on our part? Chief, can't we just pay off that
Muskogee judge to stall any action on the petition until we're all
retired down in Costa Rico?

SCHMOE: Let ME see what I can do on that, Dick. And while we're at
it, I wonder how much cash Pippin would take to drop the whole
affair. He could plead ill health to his supporters, or we could dig
up some kind of embarrassing incident in his past to compel his
retreat. Did he pay ALL his income taxes for the last three years?

BU$CH (now grinning): Yeah. Say, do y'all know that PIPPIN spelled
backwards is NIPPIP? -- you know: Nip pip! We'll nip him in the bud
(and in the butt) ASAP, right Karl?

At this insightful analysis by the 'resident, they all guffawed in
unison, coming to an abrupt halt upon a soft knock at the door. It
was the 'resident's personal secretary.

SECRETARY: Sir, we've just received word that the port of Muskogee
has been hit by a freak storm. It's knocked out all the county's
electric power, and it's flooded out numerous businesses and
government buildings -- including the district courthouse. Most of
the court records there have been damaged beyond repair.

BU$CH: Well, I'll be a turtle on a pole!

== The (People's) Ultimate "Signing Statement" ==

By Larry W. Bryant

In these days of growing public outcry for prompt impeachment of
Bush-Cheney, one wonders how soundly they've been sleeping in their
imperial bedrooms.

We can assume that their conscience pangs over poor decisionmaking
and over outright deceptive practices have been minimal. But this
status quo may be headed for a major paradigm shift. Consider, for
example, the recently Internet-circulated "Declaration of
Impeachment," coinciding with Independence Day.

This Veterans for Peace's political work of art -- destined to become
a textbook example of how a desperate body politic finds it necessary
to draw upon ancient history to shame governmental miscreants --
adapts its mood, phraseology, and objective from the content of our
nation's Declaration of Independence. See the document's text as
announced in the following link published by the public-interest blog :

"FOCUS | David Swanson: On the Fourth, Read the Declaration of Impeachment
Veterans for Peace has drafted a Declaration of Impeachment using nothing but
excerpts from the Declaration of Independence (plus a few words in
Veterans for Peace states, 'It should be read at picnics and protests on the
Fourth of July.'"

LWB Note: If critic David Swanson's promotion of this document
induces any nightmares in Bush-Cheney's slumber, I hope they're
gruesome enough to convince this disastrous duo that the five-year
nightmare to which their reign has subjected us, the people, soon
will be replaced by the reality of their involuntary departure from
public office.

== PRESS RELEASE: Marchin' in Muskogee == Sept. 4, 2006

"We're unsure how many people know about this, but we had to make a fast decision here. And we decided to go ahead with the kickoff rally," said Judy A. Ramsey, co-chair for the petition drive to impanel a grand jury to investigate any criminal activity of Bush-Cheney.

She explained that the effort derives its foundation from the Oklahoma state constitution. Other than New Mexico, "our state is the nation's only one with a constitutional provision allowing citizens of a given county to petition the court for a grand jury impanelment."
Ramsey added that "we picked  Muskogee County because of two main reasons. First: it's the home of Jerry Pippin, a well-known Internet talk-show host, who's been doing shows on voter fraud, illegal spending, and kickbacks by the Bush administration, along with exposing various lies that got us into the 'Iraq War.' Second: despite the state's being a Red one, Muskogee county is overwhelmingly registered Democratic. 
"Jerry asked me to come on board as co-chair because of our activities in Tulsa recently -- involving protesting high gasoline prices and our work with  This effort, now, is an independent, grassroots project. We're part of no organized group, with no special-interest funding. We're just doing this because we feel the country needs to be saved from these thieves and liars now in power," Ramsey stressed. She noted that activist Larry W. Bryant of Alexandria, Va., known for his information-access/First Amendment litigation as a writer and as a contributor to Pippin's web sites, had broached the idea for this Presidential Grand Jury Probe.
The citizens rally will be held from 10:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. on Labor Day, Sept. 4,  in Muskogee at Spaulding Park, 700 E. Okmulgee Avenue. Pippin noted that he would be there all day taping shows, taking photos and videos for his web site, and gathering signatures from registered voters.  "We have no idea how many people will be there. It was a decision we had to make to hold it now."
Pippin said, "Labor day has a special significance to us all. It is a working man's holiday. All you have to do is see what's been going on politically in this country and it is not hard to see that the working person, the average man or woman in America, has been disenfranchised. Well, it's time we take the country back for the people. After all, despite all the efforts of the Bush administration, America's still a democracy, and it belongs to all of us, not just to an elite ruling class."
Why Spaulding Park? "Well," he said, "we decided on my home town because it's where I am most of the time. Then, too, Spaulding Park has a special political history of its own.  I was a small boy when presidential candidate Harry S. Truman came to this park in the late evening of a warm September day in 1948. Truman was the underdog, the elite had decided that Gov. Thomas Dewey, Republican of New York, would be the winner that year. Truman had his own problems with certain southern Democrats who'd bolted the party over civil rights issues, but Harry went on the road and asked the people to make sure the government wouldn't go under control of the corporations and the military-industrial complex.  He gave 'em hell; in fact, that expression became his most famous slogan, helping him win the election. The people won, too. And a decade later, even a Republican president was warning the people about the 'military industrial-corporate' interest.

"However, all that's ancient history now, and the corporate interests have prevailed. Look at the money this administration has given to corporations and military contractors -- billions a month for years now."

Pippin vowed to use his Internet shows to expose the wrongdoing of the administration. "There is so much information on wrongdoing coming to us that our five producers are overwhelmed with material. It's hard to know where to start, so we've started where we know the territory best, right here in my home town -- Muskogee, Oklahoma."
Pippin said that his Internet programs and web sites are far from being just local. "We really are an international broadcast product, with 30 per cent of visitors/listeners from the rest of the world, outside the States. We're diverse, we're respected nationally and internationally, and we intend to use this presence to our advantage."

Pippin stressed that everyone is invited to attend the rally, registered voters or not. "We want to make a statement this Labor Day 2006. I pray to God we can do it."

Contact information:

Jerry Pippin -- ;  phone number 918-682-2630.

Judy A. Ramsey -- Cell phone number: 918-344-0988 (Note: this is the contact number on the grounds at Spaulding Park; Judy will be there to assist any press information requests.)
Key Web site:
Other contacts:  Larry Dicken -- Executive Producer for Pippin Broadcast Programs; Secaucus, N. J.;  201-864-1750;  email:

Larry W. Bryant -- Consultant and columnist for; Alexandria, Va.; 703-931-3341; E-mail: 

I beleive that you are a bunch of jerks. You don't give a crap about our country, all you can do is point fingers. Standup for what is right, not stupid. Put GOD back in our heats, where he belongs. We would be a much better country for it. Our president has done all he can to keep our great nation safe. I guess it would be ok if Canada or Mexico tried to take over, but all you people would say is "It all President Bush's fault". Take some responsibility, go try and fight for our country!!!!!!! I Did!!! And I am proud to say " I'm an American". You people are a bunch of trators!! Go and try and live in a Middle Eastern Country and try this crap...... You would be shot on sight. Be proud of our Freedom and our Country. Trying to get the president impeached won't prove a thing
I'm certain the current special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald already
has in his offices the records necessary to impeach President George W.
Bush, but, just as the so-called Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was
already handed indictments in 2005 reportedly naming Bush-Cheney officials which he, Gonzalez would not accept, the necessity and the effectiveness of yet another probe is somewhat defeated before it is
begun. As Bush, the megalomaniacal tyrant, operates under vestiges of
Emergency War Powers Act and various emergency-public safety laws he has ensured himself a certain degree of insulation from immediate prosecution and indictment. Since, as I wrote on my main homepage at, Bush has no sign of shame or dignity relative
to his many crimes the only possible thing which seems to be able to
remove him from office are the more honorable Flag Officers of the
several military service branches. I think the current system of using emergency powers is an abuse of what JF Kennedy originally
proposed as a means of securing the U.S. ports, airports, bases,etc.,
in times of critical emergencies rather than the current "homegrown"
terror attacks we are witnessing like 911. As I wrote in the preface
for "Candidates For The Con", if these criminals and their cons and
affiliates and "companies" cannot be restrained and stopped the rest
of our liberty may go and go forever, much harder to regain than to
lose. If enough Flag Officers and other public officials confronted
Bush nonviolently with "paperwork" demanding his immediate arrest or
resignation and the "bought off" press would air such a presentation
there might be a chance for some resolution, but as long as Bush can
hide behind any press which obeys his every bought and paid for command such a "presentation" could be wrongfully falsely used as an
attack on him which could end in havoc, as he would convert such an action into a crime. Please review the article on the Capital Hill shooting which left three intelligence agents dead at the Rayburn
Building Parking Garage and is being covered up. I have provided a
link for this article on my page at Thank you, Joe Martin

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