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Impeachment is the #1 Cure for Restoring Trust in Government

By Bob Fertik,

Zogby released a new poll exposing the extraordinarily high levels of public mistrust of government and business. Only 24% trust George Bush, only 11% trust the media, only 7% trust corporate leaders, and only 3% trust Congress.

When asked "What 2 or 3 specific changes would have to take place in order to improve your trust in government today?", the winner by far was "personnel changes/impeachment proceedings."

So the next time the pundits (and Democratic leaders) say "Americans don't want impeachment," tell them they're absolutely wrong.

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Let's be clear... there is a great reckoning coming due and payable howling like a Sou'wester directly at our country; it is still up in the air as to whether we, as a people, will have the collective courage to regain our footing as an 'expanding democracy' (my term) or whether we will cower in fear and devolve into state sponsored violence.

Our country's wealthy don't like to admit their dependence on the social and economic fabric which, in reality, comprises the footing of their comfort. It makes no difference how wealth is obtained (must I define it in precice economic terms?)... inheritance or a lucky salmon that made it back from the sea and all the way upstream to spawn...the economic underpinning comprises 99% of the financial reward attributed to "individual accomplishment" in our so-called market economy.

The wealthy's reluctance to admit their obvious dependence on others is manifest in their unwillingness to pay their "fair share". There are many ways to contribute FINANCIALLY (we have enough consultants). The wealthy ought to be lining up to find ways to contribute more MONEY.

The wealthy will have to pay much more when the bills come due.

When the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy finally hit the "streets", even though there were large productivity gains as expected in a healthy, CYCLICAL, recovery (lucky timing, Bushies), employment gains didn't correspond as one might have expected. WHY?

Well, that's easy. Owners want money, not "a percentage increase". If they can get more money without hiring more people to generate more product, more income, at current levels of risk, expense, tax...etc. then, guess what! they will. So, no need to add labor... "Incomes policy for the wealthy" disguised as a macro-economic growth incentive is simply dishonest at every level.

This bunch of thugs stopped being funny, the "gang that couldn't shoot straight", a long time ago, sometime during the ramp-up to the Iraq-invasion, maybe when Wolfewitz testified before COngress that Iraqi oil would pay for the war and occupation or when Gen. Shinsecki (sp?) was stabbed in the back.

The fact that the American public accepted the on-going freedom of that other thug, Osama bin-Laden, while we invaded Iraq is beyond mind-boggling. This is one of many a worrisome indicator as to how we, as a people, will face our future reckoning. The list of illegal acts by this Executive Office grows day-by-day.

Impeachment is only one of many a crisis coming down the road, each with its own momentum, but all interconnected, a kind of perfect storm. I take comfort in Thomas Jefferson's advice, though, that, roughly speaking "the ground of democracy should be occasionally made more fertile from the blood of tyrants" (metaphorically speaking).

this government no longer is worthy of even the most fleeting, passing notion of 'trust' ever again. It's destroyed the Constitution, invaded another sovereign nation without our permission (the citizenry), it has bankrupted itself and thinks all it has to do for us is to dig deeper still into our pockets and 'voila' everything is hunky dory. Well, sucka (king George), it's far from that. What I propose is that states which are no longer totally brain dead and aligned with this dictator, SECEED FROM THE UNION and sever all ties with Washington, D.C., because continuing to dance to that music is far from treason, it's just flat immoral, wrong, and it will lead this nation to Armaggeddon.

Time for secession. Time for the states to say; "FUCK Y'ALL" and seceed and tell Washington, D.C.; "SCREW YOU, YOU ARE IRRELEVANT, YOU DICTATORIAL PIECE OF TREASONOUS SHIT" and mean it. It's the only way to break from this fascist, nuclear weapon wielding madman dictator with the I.Q. of a garden snail. Time to end this madness, once and for fucking all.

Around the world millions of people have been saying this since Bush's lies were first exposed. But, for the slow learners (Republicans and the many spineless Democrat leaders) I'll say it again - America will continue to have ZERO credibility on the world stage until it holds crooks like Bush and co. accountable.

For the sake of America's international reputation you must not hesitate - IMPEACH BUSH NOW!

New Zealand

Impeahcment IS the "Positive Agenda."

We choose to Impeach or Appease.

We ALL know that it MUST be done. Even the Repubs must ask themselves; Do they want this UnAmerican level of power in the hands of a President Hillary?!?

But how do we get there?

"Violence" is the Answer.

It can happen before the mid-terms.


I have to say that I HAD NO IDEA the number of people yearning for impeachment proceedings is as high as it is. Which is to say that their system has been working! I am actually overjoyed to discover there are so many like-minded citizens out there. I'll be making it my business to talk to everyone i know about it and let THEM know

thanks for the great work you're doing.

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