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Fox News Polls on Impeachment

Polling Data

Regardless of how you plan to vote, if the Democrats win this year’s Congressional elections do you think it would be right for them to try to impeach President Bush over the Iraq war and weapons of mass destruction, or not?



Don’t know

Source: Opinion Dynamics / Fox News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 900 registered American voters, conducted from May 16 to May 18, 2006. Margin of error is 3 per cent.


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I think this one may actually have some validity in reflecting the attitudes of ordinary Americans.

The problem is that, if Bush were actually impeached and convicted for his crimes against peace and humanity, a major share of the guilt would fall upon the shoulders of the entire "free and democratic" nation that acquiesced (tacitly or actively) in his war crimes and even gave him a second term in office as its leader.

I think I annoyed David Swanson when I said it before, but I just can't see that happening -- not ever. There's a very slim outside chance that Bush might someday be called to account for one or more of his domestic misdeeds. But I doubt very much that he and the rest of America's current crop of warmongers will ever face justice for their most heinous crimes against international and constitutional law. The disillusionment would be unbearable and it would set a precedent contrary to the interests of USA Incorporated.

The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the party that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections. – Lord Acton

all was hopeless you wouldn't be here on this site posting comments that risk making things more hopeless by persuading others of that idea

so, since we agree that there's a glimmer of hope, let's widen it by either predicting success or forgetting predictions and working to make change

if you can't predict something nice, please don't predict anything at all


For years now, I've told myself time after time that this is it- this is the nail that will seal their coffin. Every time, they have either managed to emerge unscathed, or even turn the situation to their advantage ( Illegal wiretapping gets framed as "keeping america safe",etc)
After the DSM were revealed, I thought the tide was finally turning. Then the Plame case. one after another. What I'm saying is that I can relate to the sense of futility, the frustration, the feeling that we're just banging our heads against the wall. Even on this website, there were people that posted daily- morning, noon, and night. It saddens me to realize that I haven't seen many of those names in a long, long time. But when I talk to people about these issues, the responses generally fall into two categories: either shock (this is america- those things can't happen here!) of futility (yeah, but we can't do anything about it, so why get stressed out about something you can't change?)
If we allow this sense of futility to enter our thinking, they win. we have not only been defeated, we have defeated ourselves. They read these defeatist posts and LAUGH. Take a look at their strategies- consistent, and effective. They decided what they wanted, and acted as though it is inevitable, no matter how unlikely, and sure enough, it has come to pass every time.
We need to look at our own goals and believe in our souls that what we are doing is right and just and INEVITABLE and it will come to pass. if we constantly tell ourselves that defeat is inevitable, then that, too, will come to pass. It's enough of a struggle as it is without defeating ourselves.
I strongly urge everyone reading this post to take a step back, take a look at the big picture, reaffirm within yourself the necessity and righteousness of what we are about, and commit. No more futility, no more it'll never happen. go away. take the negativity with you. Take a minute, close your eyes, see the future, step into that future, and take a look backwards to see what we did to get to that point, then open your eyes and ACT! open them WIDE! Know that we CAN and WILL make a difference. We have to, because the alternative is unthinkable. OUR NATION IS IN PERIL.


This is a site devoted to STOPPING THE WAR in Iraq. Being told that it is pointless gets really disheartening.

We have a 1000 times better shot of stopping the war with the Democrats (particularly the progressive ones) than the neo-cons.

Which Democratic party will turn up for the November elections: the tough-talking/tough-acting PDA's like Howard Dean & Senator Feingold or the same old invertebrate embarrassments? I think WE can influence this outcome a lot if we stay positive, and keep the heat on.

In an earlier thread Arvy was telling me essentially that Gore is a twit and no better than Bush, but than perhaps by a hair.

I DO NOT SHARE THIS GLOOMY APPRAISAL. I think that Gore would be miles better than Bush. Period. They just aren't remotely similiar: One guy respects humanity and the Constitution, the other does not.

This Site is about injecting new political vigor into the ailing system, for the purposes of effecting POSITIVE CHANGE, first and formost, AN END TO THE IRAQI WAR.

This is a daunting enough task as it is, without our friends telling us that we are doomed to fail.

Democrats just love to read this kind of nonsense.

As I've pointed out time and again, the Republicans and the Democrats are not two distinct political parties. They are two factions of the same CRIMINAL GANG.

Resonator, your heart is in this right place, now move your head. These are grave and extreme circumstances; allying with any of those who have a vested interest in the status quo is folly.

bush could not have committed his crimes without Democrat complicity; the record shows he had it.

It's easy for Gore to stand up and make an impassioned, eloquent speech, now that he's out of power, and wants back in. But you know the price range of talk.

Dean and Pelosi have stated unequivically that impeachment is absolutely out of the question.

If you lived in Pelosi's district, would you vote for her, or ?

I submit to you that the former would be an act of cowardice, while that latter, a moral obligation. Any fear about "wasting" of vote is impertinent, as voting is a moral judgement, not an engagement in competition (that is strictly the purveiw of the candidates, in soliciting votes).

I can only hope the voters in 8th Congressional District of California will do the right thing, while I'm stuck with this:

Face it Resonator, there are no viable solutions to this country's problems that aren't fatal blows to the Dem/Rep power structure.

---The Bikemessenger is also our moral obligation to turn the tide. The only way to do this is straight Democratic ticket this November, make sure the Democrats have a majority in House and Senate, and for John Conyers to be Judiciary Committee Chairman. I believe that is the strategy of and many other peace-loving sites.

I would love to judge each individual on his/her merits ( be he/she Republican, Democrat, Independant, etc) but we do not have that luxury at this time in history as long as the NeoCONS have hijacked the GOP.



I began a response to your comments, but it just got out expansively out of hand. So I made it into a feature on my blog. I hope you will take the time to read a reconsider your position:

I believe I can show you some metaphysical errors and logical flaws in your argument which you may not have noted:

"I believe that is the strategy of and many other peace-loving sites." Yes, but it is a flawed strategy. It most certainly is'nt the strategy of those of us who find expression of our views at these peace-loving sites:

---The Bikemessenger

"...I just can't see that happening..."(Arvy)

That's not hopelessness, it's just a reasonable estimation of the current situation; no implication that it's pointless to try to effect change.

There's an objective truth, David. It's not subject of human election; before it's grimmer aspects can be mollified, it must be faced and brought to general ackowledgement.

If that subverts false optimism, so be it. What are you suggesting, maintaining the false pretenses of the MSM?

I would expect not, or you wouldn't maintain this site.(Two can play at circular logic,ha ha).

I pointed out here many months ago that the severity of bush's crimes, as they would have to be faced in the process, are a deterrent to moving the process forward.

Aside from the urgency of stopping the on-going crimes against Iraq, our individual rights, etc., we must deal with the resistence to the post-WWII Germany-style reckoning that must be faced.

Meanwhile,here we go again; The Dem faction has already stated, in the words of Howard Dean, we'll have "better" things to do after taking office than bring up impeachment. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi faces a serious challenger in November. And I'm sorry, you or any propective voters not taking her seriously does not negate her seriousness.

A victory by a third party candidate here would be (horror of horrors) seismic. It would have radical and fundamental implications.

No doubt, there are numerous other examples; Micheal Berg and Micheal Badnarik come to mind just off the top of my head, so to speak.

These are all people from far outside the beltway. Out where no Dem/Rep dare go. They are all committed to pulling the plug on the war machine.

Too bad that would also interfere with the election of Democrats. We can't have that, now can we?

I hope you're as tired of reading this argument from me as I am of your failure to refute or accept it.

---The Bikemessenger

I didn't think so either. It was just my own "probability assessment" of one aspect of continuing to play the game under established rules, precedents and public attitudes.

But apparently David sees it differently and, although I'm surprised by his concerns about my persuasiveness, it's his site. Unfortunately, I'm just not capable of the exclusively cheerful optimism that he seems to want. So I guess I have to accept his stated alternative.

I've enjoyed our exchange of views.

Or we all would not be here, and David would not maintain this site! Is this logical or faith in humanity ? Both! We need hope just to survive everyday, war or no war. Hope, faith, love > we need all these things to stay alive. That is why I admire Cindy and all the parents of the Gold Star Families so much, they persevere in spite of their grief , because they have hope :o)


There is always hope my brothers & sisters!!! Imagine . . . ;-)

I am curious as to what kind of poll numbers the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, or a NEW YOUTH Party . . .(I still think we were/are right with the YIPPY movement, but that's just me, kidz) . . . would get if they put forth an election platform of:

1. Ballot Access Reform to create a MULTI-Party system to end "Polarization" of the country
2. Re-instate the Media Fairness Doctrine (R.I.P. 1949-87)
3. Re-instate the 7-7-7 Media Ownership Laws to bust up the media monopolies
4. Re-Open the 9/11 Commission Investigation
5. Impeach Bush & Cheney
6. Full Restoration of The Bill of Rights
7. End the failed "Drug War" and divert those funds into public health care programs
8. Establish "Sustainable Living Wage" programs to promote public health and decrease crime
9. FULL & OPEN Oversight of the Military & Intelligence Agencies

A nine point election platform . . .

. . . How many disillusioned Republicans, Democrats, and Independents would come aboard on such an effort???

. .. a lot can be done in two years, kidz . . . just look how quickly the WHIGS and the Republicans rose to power in their time. . . Political "Power-Shifts" are like "super-saturated solutions" in chemistry class, all they take is a "catalyst" . . . ;-)

Imagine . . . ;-)

"It's the time of the season
When the love runs high
In this time, give it to me easy
And let me try
With pleasured hands"
- Time Of The Season by The Zombies


The only way for the guilt of complicity to be assuaged is to DO SOMETHING TO COUNTERACT IT. I think people would feel a lot less co-opted if they stood up for justice and demanded impeachment.

I know that would make me feel a whole lot better.


"An error is not a mistake so long as you are willing to correct it"
-- JFK, et. al.

"This Alberto Gonzales. If I'm not out in 5 seconds, with my hands up , I'm comming in after me!"

Fox polls should be entirely discounted. It's practically like asking the administration if they think they should impeach themselves.

Also note the wording "Iraq AND weapons of mass destruction".

May I suggest some alternate wordings, which might produce more favorable results, particularly if fielded by a reliable source like Gallup or AP/Ipsos:

"Do you favor Impeachment of the President for war profiteering on manufactured evidence?"

"Do you favor Impeachment of the President for reckless disregard for Congressional Law as it relates to illegally executed wiretaps?"

"Do you favor Impeachment of the President for the total failure of command and control in defending the nation on September the 11, 2001"

"Do you favor Impeachment of the President for repeated, systematic, and intentional human rights violations as torturing prisioners, holding suspect with cause, and killing innocent civilians in contradiction of the highest international and domestic law?"

"Do you favor the Impeachment of the President for the misappropriation of *trillions* of dollars for an unjust war that could have been used to help *YOU*?"

What sort of numbers do you think those questions might generate?

Fox should not be allowed to be counted in the polls,who
owns FOX?
lets get REAL, either he has overstepped or did the Texas Two-step over the Constitution of the United States........this is what looks
real to me!

By adding Iraq to the Impeachment question, I say NO. Congress went right along with the President in Bush's War debacle. Were they snowballed? Possibly/probably. Could they have asked more questions and dug for more truth, definately...

Now if the question were about impeaching Bush because of the flagrant violations of the Constitution and wiretappings (etc...) I would whole heartedly say YES. Bush must be removed from office for his unswearving ability to undermine everything this nation has stood for over the past 200 years and should continue to stand for. Bush continues to thumb his nose at Congress and has openly declared he will violate what laws he sees fit (signing statements anyone?). If there isnt a more open admission to the need to be be impeached... well, all I can say is... Does anyone remember Nero and Rome?

Given that Fox is well known now as the primary source of GOP propaganda, I suspect the data reflects a not insignificant degree of selection bias (e.g., interviews with 900 registered American REPUBLICAN voters, more likeley). Fox preys on those poor credulous, hopeful souls who still believe there has never been any hidden agenda.

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