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16 Citizens Attempt Citzens' Arrest of Halliburton CEO at the Shareholder's Meeting

By Darla Shelden - OKC Halluburton event organizer

Halliburton Protesters Back row from left: ?Mary Francis, Will Covert, James ?, Josh ?, Diane Baker, Huti Reynolds, Hiram Myers, Jon Cantrell and Ivan Hutchcroft Seated from left:? ? ?Trent Goss, Joni LeViness, Maureen Haver, Chris McMullen, Katie Heim and Jennifer Rooks. Darla Shelden - OKC Halluburton event organizer

DUNCAN- Sixteen people from all over the Heartland attempted a citizens' arrest of David Lesar at the Halliburton Shareholders' meeting in Duncan Oklahoma. They were led by Hiram Myers, an attorney with a nephew deployed in Iraq who felt compelled by his conscience to prepare a legal document outlining Halliburton's violations. Myers stated, "If we the citizens don't hold Halliburton accountable, who will? Certainly not our government or the shareholders".

Among those who joined Myers in leaving the protest pen, which fell under the weight of banners, signs, and chants of "This is What Democracy Looks Like!" were Houston Global Awareness members Katie Heim, Jennifer Rooks, and Maureen Haver. Aware of the risk, they maintain that their acts are part of a proud tradition of non-violent direct action that they hope will impact shareholders in an immediate and powerful way. The sixteen involved in the action were released four hours later after facing criminal trespass charges.

Halliburton is currently under investigations by the Security Exchange Commission, Department of Justice and the Pentagon for bribery, fraud and overcharging no-bid military contracts. Additionally, Halliburton also has business dealings in Iran which are contrary to the U.S. sanctions currently being imposed. It is widely believed that Halliburton moved their shareholders' meeting to Duncan, Oklahoma from Houston, Texas where their meetings in past years have been the target of intense scrutiny, protests, and civil disobedience. Their move appears to have strengthened the resolve of corporate accountability advocates, veterans, and concerned citizens.

To download a copy of Corpwatch's new annual report "Hurricane Halliburton: Conflict, Climate Change, and Catastrophe" please visit the web at

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The last two names of the group arrested for civil disobedience in Duncan, OK at the Halliburton shareholders' meeting are James Fain and Josh Tucker.


On May 17th Veterans For Peace based in OKC hosted groups and
individuals from around the nation to protest outside of
stock and shareholder's meeting which was held in Duncan *their

Usually held in Houston with Growing Protests H decided this year to
have it in a town of 22,000.

16 Patriots were arrested, two of them Tulsa Peace Fellowship
members, (and OK Greens *as well as OK's only two delegates to the GPUS),
Huti Reynolds and Joni LeViness.
15 activists chose to be arraigned when released.
One will go on to court in Duncan on May 31st at 2 p.m.
That's me.

I'll be pleading Not Guilty and if allowed, will state "Why".
More likely i won't be allowed to do more than plea untill my second hearing
which will probably be set 2 weeks from next Wed.

The action we took was discussed ahead of time with the Duncan

I was Compelled by Conscience to cross the line of the "free speech
zone" Permit area. Keith *Hiram Myers read the Peoples' Indictment
on Halliburton.
15 of us crossed the line to 'deliver' it. I recieved
each and every *warning of arrest i was
allowed. This was an organized Civil Disobedience and i was proud to
take part.

My charge on the summons reads: "Permit Violation". I will contest

I will probably be Charged anyway, in which case i would inform the
court that their need to Punish me is Reduced by my desire to seek
the prevention of a Greater Harm from Happening.
Halliburton's Harm to the Environment through Inhumane Global Practices.

Halliburton's squandering of our Nation's resources by Illegal Profiting from
this Illegal, Immoral and Falsely Represented War in Iraq.

Halliburton's Further Harm to our Troops put in
harm's way, to protect Halliburton and their sub-contractors interests
in Iraq.

That my actions were not only "Just" but Necessary.

I leave you all with this quote:

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so
makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even
passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the
and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and
you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people
who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the
machine will be prevented from working at all!"
author unknown

Working for Peace and Justice,
for as long as One of Us is in chains, We are ALL in chains,

Joni LeViness was arrested May 17 during a protest at the Halliburton annual meeting in Duncan. She also protests most Mondays outside the downtown building that houses Halliburton offices.
A. CUERVO / Tulsa World

Stay-at-home mom puts kids first, activism second
By SARA GANUS World Staff Writer

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She was jailed for protesting outside the Halliburton shareholders meeting in Duncan.
Sitting on her backyard porch, Joni LeViness gulps down a glass of cold water as she watches her two children swim.

LeViness, 45, has spent her morning making breakfast for the kids, taking Everett, 9, to a dentist appointment and baking homemade chocolate-chip cookies.

Nothing is more important to her than her kids.

"They always come first with me," she says.

LeViness appears to be a traditional homemaker who stays at home with the kids while her husband works. But every so often, she takes a different role and finds herself in unlikely situations -- like the time she ended up in jail.

LeViness is scheduled to appear in a Duncan courtroom at 2 p.m. Wednesday for a preliminary hearing after being arrested May 17 outside Halliburton's annual shareholders meeting in Duncan.

She and 15 others spent several hours in jail after having ventured away from a fenced-off area outside the convention center.

Fifteen protesters chose to plead no contest or guilty, but LeViness said she plans to plead her innocence. She faces an $89 fine for a permit violation.

"I really felt compelled
by my conscience," she said. "I was trying to deter greater harm."

To LeViness, that harm comes in the form of Halliburton.

"It's high on my priority list because it's tied to the war, and they're profiting off of it," she said.

Before the Halliburton meeting, LeViness had never been arrested or in jail. She said she had no way to inform her husband and was worried about who would pick up the kids.

Her children will not attend the preliminary hearing.

"I think they wanted to until they heard it was 3 1/2 hours away, which means seven hours on the road," she said. "They'd rather play with friends."

LeViness said that when she was arrested, she had to call her husband, Steve LeViness, to pick up their children from a friend's house.

After spending a few hours in jail, she posted bond and drove home.

The couple's son, Everett, said, "I thought, 'Oh, what did she do this time?' "

Daughter Emily, 11, chimed in: "I was proud."

Both later took pictures of their mother being arrested to school for show and tell.

"Most of them were questioning why she was smiling when she got handcuffed," Everett said.

His mother explained, "I didn't think it was funny, but I just felt so proud to be part of that."

LeViness acknowledges that she isn't a typical mother and that sometimes other parents don't associate with her.

"If you speak out, people feel like there must be something wrong with you if you're passionate about something," she said.

Over the years, both children have become accustomed to their mother's activism, something she considers her part-time job.

Most Mondays, LeViness drives downtown to stage a one-person demonstration outside the building that houses Halliburton Energy Services.

She usually stands with a sign she made that says something such as "Stop Halliburton; Stop war profiteering" or "War is corporate welfare."

LeViness also drives a minivan that has more than 20 bumper stickers attached:

"One Nation Under Surveillance."

"Mass media breeds mass deception."

"I want my democracy now!"

But until her kids grow up, LeViness said her activism will be limited.

"If I didn't love being a mom, I'd be at more demonstrations," she said. "I know this is an important time in my kids' lives, and I try to squeeze in what I can, when I can."

Sara Ganus 581-8300

The ordinance under which Joni (and the other 15) was found questionable, and charges were dismissed in Duncan court today.

I got to say Everything!
AND i was found NOT GUILTY!!!
I've recounted it so many times, but the gist is the Judge from Last week wasn't there and the other judge was out of state, so the town of Duncan for the first time had a lawyer sit as Judge. He heard one case and then mine.

Two policemen were examined and cross examined by prosecutor of Duncan and by Rex Friend who represented me Pro Bono! They were asked about an Ordinance passed on April 11th that seemed specifically with getting permits and being able to hire the police for security for permit violation. I got to speak all the reasons why I crossed in an effort to stop further harm by Halliburton.

Every time the Prosecutor objected the judge said "I'm inclined to let her speak"...It was Wonderful!

There was a reporter from the Lawton Constitution in the court room taking notes, Jared Kaltwasser.

Rex made a clear case that the Ordinance was overly broad in requiring permits for just about Any public gathering. *The ordinance mentions parades alot, which is funny, cuz when I called to ask for a permit the end of March asking for where I could go to obtain a parade permit with a rally at the end for the middle of May, the lady kept insisting that i didn't Need a Permit.

Anyway back to yesterday. The judge heard the closing arguments, said he would retire to his chambers to deliberate. He came back after about 7 minutes and said, "Had the officers charged the defendent with Trespassing or disobeying an officer, I would find you Guilty. But because this is a permit violation and I don't have it in front of me the signed request from Simmons Foundation and Halliburton for Police Security, I have to find you Not Guilty"
Pretty cool, huh?


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