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Downing St. Memo fuels grassroots anger

People's Weekly World Newspaper
By Rosalio Muñoz

Overflow meetings urge action on Iraq withdrawal, Bush lies

LOS ANGELES — A fiery Out of Iraq Town Hall/Teach In drew a standing-room-only, overflow crowd of 1,000 to Inglewood’s Covenant Worship Center here July 23. The multiracial crowd packing the church cheered calls for a stepped up struggle to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home “sooner rather than later.


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My Grandfather, Stuart Hedden, was Inspector General of the "first" CIA.

He never forgave Roosevelt for allowing the attack on Pearl Harbor, despite having intelligence warning of the fleet's approach.

The move by Roosevelt was calculated to provide a "Pearl Harbor" like event, in the first degree. Bush agrees that "his" event, 9-11, was "another Pearl Harbor", so technically he didn't lie in this statement. The real meaning is; Another media feeding frenzy of racism and hate.

This is the simple truth of 9-11, and the subsequent enactment of a pre-existing plan for war with Iraq.

We needed to drive up the price of Oil before we announce that unlimited supplies of natural Gas are welling up from our elemental core.

Don't look at the problem with a microscope, that way lies madness.

Of course the whole 9-11/iraq/yellowcake is a contrived, tangled CIA web of lies covering up a huge corporate boondoggle. Just like Guatemala in '54.

Look at the net effect: Fascist Security for the Wealthy, namely, US. What better business environment for the "favored" nations?

"Of course the whole 9-11/iraq/yellowcake is a contrived, tangled CIA web of lies covering up a huge corporate boondoggle." Thank you for your INSIDER INSIGHT>>> Whew, scary!!!

When our own greedy leaders ARE the evildoers and the enemy of their own American people, and friends only to their cronies in the huge corporate boondoggle, what is the average American John & Jane Q Public to do??? Impeachment is great, but I think we need to re-enforce it with International War Tribunals as well. We gotta be as TOUGH AS TEXAS>>> we gotta send the message to let future thugs know We the Sheeple will NOT tolerate this behavior AT ALL, ANYMORE, EVER AGAIN. They need the whole enchilada of national and international law enforcement and sentencing. Our leaders are NOT above the law, especially mass murder laws.

The founders attempted to form a government of checks and balances with three co-equal branches that would jealously keep in check the other two in order to preserve its own powers. Unfortunately the founders never counted on the formation of powerful political parties. If one party controls all three branches of government then where are the checks and balances? Compound this with party influence if not control of the MSM, the major corporations, and the military officer corps and the result is fascism. Anybody who does not understand that our government is now controled by a fascist cabal of criminals is not paying attention.

The only question now is have we gone so far down the road to fascism that the remaining instutions of democratic government are incapable of throwing out the criminals? If the criminal fascist see that they are about to lose power will they resort to police state tactics (read Patriot Act) to preserve there power once and for all?

I am afraid we have gone so far down the road to fascism that civilised responses to this outrage will not be enough to turn the tide. We are very close to needing more agressive resistance to fascism, such as civil disobedience, nation wide strikes, etc and eventually armed resistance, I hope I am wrong.

The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!

When this is all sorted out and if we are succesful in throwing out the fascists, serious thought needs to be given as to how to prevent one political party amassing such power in the future. There is no doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party is just as capable as the Republicans of abusing there power if they should gain control of all branches of the government.

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