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Thoughts of a Concerned Citizen

by Daniel Patrick Schamle

Recently in my local Kansas paper, a man wrote a Letter to the Editor deriding Democrats for, "carping, whining, crying and having much gnashing of teeth about nothing." (Lawrence Journal World - Public Forum, Friday, July 22, 2005). With a mischievous grin towards former President Clinton, I would respond that this depends on what your definition of "nothing" is.

This man, and others like him, would have us believe that an Iraq war, based on lies, is "nothing." Perhaps you too remember statements such as, "We know exactly where these Weapons of Mass Destruction are." The threat of nuclear mushroom clouds, springing forth over American cities, was trumpeted by President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, Secretary of Defence Rumsfeld, National Security Advisor Rice and others. The Downing Street Minutes show clearly that these were known lies. This Administration lied to the United States Congress, but more importantly they lied to the American People. And yet, the cry echoing throughout our land from a large part of the media is usually something like, "Have you noticed how weird Michael Jackson is?" or "Oh my God, look, it's the Runaway Bride!!"

There is "nothing" (we are told) to the stories about how similar torture techniques were developed and then spread rapidly throughout lands thousands of miles apart, (dang, don't those bad-apples get around quick). "Nothing" to get riled up about (we are told) when Halliburton profits soar 488% since the beginning of the Iraq War. Let's just keep it between you and me that Vice President Cheney happens to own over 100,000 shares of Halliburton stock. Keep it under your hat the number of criminal investigations Halliburton's Iraq Operation is under, and yet they still receive government contracts. Don't even think about how this Administration has achieved everything it wished for in the 1999 Neocon document put out by the "Project for a New American Century."

A list of other elephants in the room we must not look at include: The four reasons put forward for invading Iraq; How the United States is now seen by the majority of people in the world as the biggest threat to world peace; A healthy, growing insurgency in Iraq; Journalist being bought and paid for by this Administration; A massive (and growing) Federal Debt; Unknown number of death, woundings, and scarring of humanity; Little or no jobs created; Big business - deregulated and out-of-control; The ignoring of global warming and environmental issues because it would cut into profits, and profits are the bottom line with this Administration. Let us not forget President Bush's stirring rallying cry in the days after 9/11, when he said to a grieving nation, "Keep Shopping!!" History will no doubt place this next to Churchill's "We will fight them on the beach" speech.

I tend to disagree with those who would say I have no reason to "whine and carp." What would have happened if the Founding Fathers hadn't been a bunch of whiners? I stand opposed to Bush, what he's done, and where he is taking our country. I send out thanks to my fellow Kansan, and those like him, who continue to strengthen my conviction that we need to get these criminals out of office and into prison where they belong.

Daniel Patrick Schamle
Lawrence, Kansas



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I have been writing my sister who lives in Kansas about the terrible situation our nation is in with Bush at the wheel, she is a staunch Republican and watches Fox News religously every night hence her reluctance to see the truth about Bush and company, his lies and corruption. I mentioned to her that I am involved with the fight to impeach Bush. First she lashed out at me that I must have lost my mind, then today her e-mail said "Would I stop sending her this dribble and lies, who made me the arbiter of truth"! So you see, that is Kansas!

I told her last night in an e-mail that there is an eleventh commandment out now, "Thou shalt not think"! So lets just watch Fox News and let them think for us!

I hope you get credit for that line , 'cause that is an eye-catcher for a bumper sticker. I keep saying our car bumpers are better than MSM's headlines>>> our bumpers have captive audiences at those pesky red lights>>>even people who don't think will stop for a red "STOP" sign>>> your sister DOES stop for red lights , I hope ;o)

Most media is financed by advertising thus by corporate America. Corporate America backs the war in Iraq so therefore the media isn't going to report on stories that might hurt their financing unless they have to. If it becomes obvious to the media that enough people are concerned about an issue then they have to report on it but if enough people aren't concerned about an issue because they either haven't heard enough about it or they don't believe what they have heard because they've been brainwashed by their regular source of media then the media isn't going to report it. I'd say we have a big catch 22 here. The only way for this information to get out will be a ground roots effort which I believe is just starting to take hold so I appeal to all of you who have been laboring for a long time get the truth out to not give up and stand strong because as John Kerrys' campaign slogan said " Help is on the way ". Thank you for telling the truth.

It's actually a lot worse than that. Almost all media is OWNED by large corporations these days. I remember reading forecasts that this was coming many years ago, and here we are. What's more, I've seen journalist after journalist talking in their off hours about the pressure they get directly from the White House to report only certain things and only certain ways (including Christian Amanpour, who I admire greatly, and who at least tries to be defiant in the face of all the pressure).

In fact "embedded" reporters are given an indoctrination when they get overseas and given a list of unmentionables, not the least of which is the military's use of depleted uranium weapons, the greatest and most under-reported crime against humanity of our time. Ever wonder why (or even know that) half of the people that fought in the first Gulf War are now chronically ill...or dead? That was (I believe) the first time these weapons were used in the field, and they were used in much smaller quantity than in the current war, and mostly in the desert. Just wait until these veterans get home, or try to have kids, not to mention the poor Iraqis that will have this stuff floating around on their land for centuries to come. ONE COMMAND from Rumsfeld or Bush could stop this atrocity in its tracks.

Back to the main subject -- of course, FOX, under Ruppert Murdock, doesn't even need any pressure, they're mere mouthpieces for this administration. Ruppert and GW should just go ahead and get married! At least they'd have to let up on gays then.

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