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Questioning the Next War Before it Starts

Reporters are questioning dubious claims that could be being employed for the purpose of launching the next war, and they are doing so BEFORE the war kills tens of thousands of people. This is a sign of MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT! Don't let up now!

Today at the White House:

Q On another matter, does the White House have an update on the investigation into Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's role in the Iran hostage crisis?

MR. McCLELLAN: Sure. A couple of things. One, it is something that we have been looking into. In terms of the President, we've looked into the allegations that were made, and -- about his involvement in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. We know he was a leader of the student movement that organized the attack on the embassy and the taking of American hostages. However, we are still looking into whether or not he was actually one of the hostage-takers. That's something we continue to look into.

Q Scott, what -- Scott -- just hold on a second. He was a leader of the student movement that orchestrated the attack on the embassy and the taking of the hostages, but you don't know if he was a leader of it? That sounds like --

MR. McCLELLAN: We don't know if he was explicitly one of the hostage-takers.

Q But he organized the attack that led to the hostage-taking.

MR. McCLELLAN: He was a leader, is the way I would describe it, of the student movement that organized the attack and the taking of American hostages.

Q Scott, what more --

MR. McCLELLAN: We're continuing to look into it.

Q What more information do you need at this point, and what are you looking into to try to actually determine that?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, when we have more to say on it, then we can talk about it at that point. But that's the update in terms of what we know at this point.

Q Where is the evidence leading you now? Do you believe that he was involved --

MR. McCLELLAN: I don't know -- I'm not going to go there at this point, John. We're going to continue to look into it.

Q As a substantive matter, if he was the leader of an organization that led to a hostage-taking, what does it matter if he was actually there physically doing it?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, remember, I told you I don't think it should surprise anyone, given the nature of the regime in Iran, that he might have been involved in this kind of activity. But, again, there were people that were actually the hostage takers and carried it out, and we're still looking into that.

Q How do you know that, though, Scott? How do -- is this from photos, or from interviewing people over there --

MR. McCLELLAN: This is the latest update. If there's more to share, we will do so once we're at that point.


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Why did this come up all of a sudden? Call me suspicious, but I don't like the fact that the MSM is asking questions about Iran out of the blue. Why? Are they aiding and abetting McClellan by discussing his talking points, helping to establish the fear factor before the next war? Where is Guckert when you need him?

I AGREE there trying to install the FEAR factor before the next war.
It appears many in the MSM are helping again!

What's worse is the new title for the war - global struggle against violent extremism...isn't that like Iran? Everyone seems to be having a good giggle about the change in the MSM, blaming it on Bush's approval ratings, but I see it as a new title for a new campaign.

Everything else has happened lockstep :
1) 'new Pearl Harbor' and Afghanistan
2) Iraq
3) then wars in many theatres?

I've just come across your site and read the infamous Downing Street memos...this is just unbelievable! So while the petition is being made in America I see NO MENTION of it anywhere in the British news, obviously because of the supposed suicide convenient for all... what is happening to the world? It's like all the conspiracy theories suddenly became TRUTH!

it was in the british news - it was covered about as well as it was in the American news. That's why you haven't heard about it.

One convert at a time.

Tell your family and friends please

This isn't just coming up now! You are just finding out about it now.
Just as with Iraq, where the invasion began months before the "official" launch of the attack, so too, the U.S. is already making war against Iran. And once again, the facts are being fixed around the policy. Listen to this talk by Scott Ritter (remember him? The UN arms inspector?) given last month in Boston:

Q & A:

If for some reason these links don't work, here is the page they are on:

You will here how the U.S. is already committing acts of war against Iran from Afghanistan and Iraq, how the nuclear threat is being invented and how the invasion is planned to come down the Caspian Highway from our bases in that bastion of freedom and democracy, Azerbaijan!

Here is some additional evidence:

"US War with Iran has Already Begun"
(also by Scott Ritter)--Thrusday23June2005 (Al-Jazeera)

"USA Plans to Expand Military Presence in Azerbaijan to
Strike Iran"--Wednesday13April2005 (Pravda)

"Iranian War Ballons"--21July2005
"Third Front"--23July2005
Free Market Network News (

The more this information is deseminated, the harder it will be for the imperialists in Washington to act surreptitiously.

On the surface, it may sound improbable, given the strain on the military from the operations in Iraq.

On the other hand, those 20,000 to 30,000 troops they're talking about removing from Iraq next year aren't being assigned a specific destination, are they?

No, you can't occupy Iran with 20-30,000 troops.

BUT, it's a short and easy truck ride,Baku to Tehran. You look up;all you see is the muscular underbelly of the USAF. Consequently, you look ahead, and nothing is in your way.

You just take Tehran, announce that as with Santa Fe,Nashville,or Tallahassee,the orders now come from Washington. Just follow the directives, and nobody (else) gets hurt.

If this sounds crazy to you, imagine how sane it must sound at the pentagon.

The Bikemessenger

I think the main stream media wants an answer. The Bush administration is trying to plant the idea that the new leader of Iran was part of the hostage taking and the MSM is pushing for a clear answer - was he or wasn't he? I think some of those reporters don't believe the information and they got Scott McClellen to back down.

It's REFRESHING to see the MSM more aggressive lately, but they got to pick up their speed, and not just complacently wait for "opportunities" like WhiteHouse press conferences. They got to start doing more hard-hitting investigative reporting 24/7 on several fronts: Iraq, Iran, Rove, DSM, etc. This is WARTIME , and that pre-empts info-mation (runaway bride, etc.)

Are there any ideas as to what can be done to?

1: Position a movement for effective engagement against the policy of pre-emptive war against Iran?

2: Not have that movement disintegrate after the "9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States" that Mr. Cheney prophetically announced as our "official" (catalyzing) event that will give us cause to attack?

3: Have an effictive structure in place, after said event, to combat the results of the catastrophe?

I know one thing that has to happen. The senate and house need to stop handing power over the the white house.

Are the GOPs that sold on Neo-conism? Are they all bought or all fools? The GOP Rep who declared "Freedom Fries" , he seems very distraught by the situation now.... why are the other ones so stubborn? Will the Republican Party itself ever dis-enfranchise itself entirely from this Neocon cabal?

It really does appear the intent may be to go into IRAN next! i can see how there is a run up to start MARKETING this intent like how the IRAQI invasion was marketed. If you really are interrested in helping to prevent the next war then listen to this.
the US millitary man power level is presently insufficient to meet current obligation's. their below minimum as we speak. if they're actually planning further adventure's into IRAN, they need to initiate a draft, which some preliminary steps have been in place for awhile now. by resisting any draft, by withholding new recruits, they have to defer any intent to invade IRAN. they simply can't do it without a serious increase in their manpower. I'TS SIMPLE MATHIMATICS! you cant have a war without an army. lets deny them our sons ans daughters. those presently deployed will ultimatly be rotated home or they'll revolt! WITHOUT INVADERS, THERE CAN BE NO INVASION!**HUMPHREY**

The whitehouse "press" are mere stenographers.

Am I suddenly supposed to believe they are now real journalists?

History will judge them harshly. They dishonour themselves and betray their children. They gave true understanding to the word "shame".

I can't believe the MSM doesn't find treason and a war on a LIE,News!
As a Republican(former) I thought the gop and the MSM went totally over the edge on going after Bill Clinton-Monica!

We have corruption and covers up's in every dept. of the Bush government and the MSM won't report or investigate.

The Bush administration has compromised National Security,they started War on a LIE,the coverup of 9/11,theres money missing from many depts. of government,and they sit back and do fluff stories.

The Bush administration is currently setting up to start war with IRAN,illegally and the MSM finds this okay.
They are already fighting at the borders,they need Bolton in the UN and they'll start WW111 and the MSM thinks this is okay.
One has to conclued that the MSM is behind this illegal war and is working for Bush 100%
And the New York Times had the odasity to come out after the war started and apologize for not questioning the Bush administration more on there reasons for war in Iraq.
What's there excuse now!

But they found Monica and the stain Newsworthy,
An illegal war isn't newsworthy.
Comproming National Security isn't newsworthy.
Investigating 9/11 isn't newsworthy.
Cheating in National Elections isn't newsworthy.
Missing money from many depts of government isn't newsworthy.
Watching the Bush administration set up to start WW111 isn't news worthy.
Having our Geneva convention violated isn't newswrothy
Having our structure of government and our Constitution destroyed isn't newsworthy.
Knowing this administration has a plan for world dominance,dictatorship(PNAC) isn't newsworthy.
Having the biggest defecit in US history isn't newsworthy.
Having every fracture of our country under funded,schools,library.etc. isn't newsworthy.
Having Israel spy threw out the US isn't newsworthy.
Having Sharone say he's running the US government isn't newsworthy.
Gannon a male prositute working under a false name in the Whitehouse isn't newsworthy.
Plus alot more issues.

But years of Monica and the stain WAS!

We currently have almost 2000 dead soldiers,thousands wounded and thousands of dead innocent Iraq's all because of a War that was started on a LIE and they don't find this newsworhty.
I question the number of dead as this government has LIED about eveything.

I am thoroughly disgusted and convinced the MSM is behind and supports the Bush government behavior.

It's a sorry day in American when so many men support corruption,treason,the killing of people for profit,the destruction of our Constitution and Geneva Convention,the prison abuses,and many othere evil deads.

Why are so many people perplexed by the MSM's "failure" to uncover and report the facts about the whole sordid mess of how this administration lied the country into war and smeared anyone exposing their fixing of intelligence? When everyone recognizes the fact that the czars controlling nearly all of the MSM are part of the same neocon cabal controlling the administration and Bush, then the reason for this "failure" is obvious. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that the MSM will ever become as incensed over. or even interested in, this admimistration's lies as it did over Clinton's attemped cover up of his oval office escapades.

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