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Reports on May 18th Rally at White House and March to Rumsfeld's House

Dont Attack Iran Petitions at White House, May 18, 2006 By William Hughes

Sites With Video Posted:
Politics TV / Windows Media / Quicktime
Another from Politics TV
William Hughes
Traprock Peace
Photos of Rally and Petition Delivery
Photos of Petition Delivery
Photos of Rally
Audio of Rally
Report from Activist Arrested at Rumsfeld's
The People's Voice
Associated Press on Rally
Associated Press on Rumsfeld's House
Sites Where We Expect Extensive Video Coverage to Be Posted:

Delivering DontAttackIran Petitions to White House May 18, 2006 By Charles Jenks


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Where are we going today---cant anyone on this sight report to the daily dying signs before it is too late. We are heading for a doomed society if we sit back and let bill after bill be passed by "congress" with no comment by the people. Where are true leaders? Where are the
marches against a "bought out congress"?

Are we letting the military take over the CIA? Where are the arguments against this Hitler trained military man who could care less about we the people. He is in the "mind control" of the Bush team dead set to destroy America. Not a whimper about this on this sight.

What about the bill for weather modification in Congress now? Are we
too afraid to see what is taking place with the weather--which is a
excellent tool to destroy our economy.

Thanks for allowing me to speak my thoughts. alcyone

The related story about military murder has already scrolled off the front page here, but it should not be allowed to pass so quickly. So I located these pix on Chris Floyd's web site to ponder for a while.

"A Pentagon report on an incident in which U.S. Marines shot and killed more than a dozen Iraqi civilians last November will show that those killings were deliberate and worse than initially reported."

"There was no firefight. There was no IED (improvised explosive device) that killed those innocent people," Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said during a news conference on Iraq. "Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them. And they killed innocent civilians in cold blood. That is what the report is going to tell."

Because of the pressure on them? Support the troops? There's always some excuse for whatever America's own military does, isn't there?

When the Nazis did it, they were just plain old war criminals and baby killers. And the pressure on those people trying to evict the occupiers from their own country is certainly no excuse for them. They're just nasty "insurgents" and "terrorists" to be locked up indefinitely and tortured in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.

Sometimes the self-justifications are just too damned much!

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