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Oil and Blood

New York Times
By Bob Herbert

It is now generally understood that the U.S.-led war in Iraq has become a debacle. Nevertheless, Iraqis are supposed to have their constitution ratified and a permanent government elected by the end of the year. It's a logical escape hatch for George W. Bush. He could declare victory, as a senator once suggested to Lyndon Johnson in the early years of Vietnam, and bring the troops home as quickly as possible.

His mantra would be: There's a government in place. We won. We're out of there.

But don't count on it. The Bush administration has no plans to bring the troops home from this misguided war, which has taken a fearful toll in lives and injuries while at the same time weakening the military, damaging the international reputation of the United States, serving as a world-class recruiting tool for terrorist groups and blowing a hole the size of Baghdad in Washington's budget.

A wiser leader would begin to cut some of these losses. But the whole point of this war, it seems, was to establish a long-term military presence in Iraq to ensure American domination of the Middle East and its precious oil reserves, which have been described, the author Daniel Yergin tells us, as "the greatest single prize in all history."

You can run through all the wildly varying rationales for this war: the weapons of mass destruction (that were never found), the need to remove the unmitigated evil of Saddam (whom we had once cozied up to), the connection to Al Qaeda (which was bogus), and one of President Bush's favorites, the need to fight the terrorists "over there" so we won't have to fight them here at home.

All the rationales have to genuflect before "The Prize," which was the title of Mr. Yergin's Pulitzer-Prize-winning book.

It's the oil, stupid.

What has so often gotten lost in all the talk about terror and weapons of mass destruction is the fact that for so many of the most influential members of the Bush administration, the obsessive desire to invade Iraq preceded the Sept. 11 attacks. It preceded the Bush administration. The neoconservatives were beating the war drums on Iraq as far back as the late 1990's.

Iraq was supposed to be a first step. Iran was also in the neoconservatives' sights. The neocons envisaged U.S. control of the region (and its oil), to be followed inevitably by the realization of their ultimate dream, a global American empire. Of course it sounds like madness, which is why we should have been paying closer attention from the beginning.

The madness took a Dr. Strangelovian turn in the summer of 2002, before the war with Iraq was launched. As The Washington Post first reported, an influential Pentagon advisory board was given a briefing prepared by a Rand Corporation analyst who said the U.S. should consider seizing the oil fields and financial assets of Saudi Arabia if it did not stop its support of terrorism.

Mercifully the briefing went nowhere. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said it did not represent the "dominant opinion" within the administration.

The point here is that the invasion of Iraq was part of a much larger, long-term policy that had to do with the U.S. imposing its will, militarily when necessary, throughout the Middle East and beyond. The war has gone badly, and the viciousness of the Iraq insurgency has put the torch to the idea of further pre-emptive adventures by the Bush administration.

But dreams of empire die hard. American G.I.'s are dug into Iraq, and the bases have been built for a long stay. The war may be going badly, but the primary consideration is that there is still a tremendous amount of oil at stake, the second-largest reserves on the planet. And neocon fantasies aside, the global competition for the planet's finite oil reserves intensifies by the hour.

Lyndon Johnson ignored the unsolicited advice of Senator George Aiken of Vermont - to declare victory in Vietnam in 1966. The war continued for nearly a decade. Many high-level government figures believe that U.S. troops will be in Iraq for a minimum of 5 more years, and perhaps 10.

That should be understood by the people who think that the formation of a permanent Iraqi government will lead to the withdrawal of American troops. There is no real withdrawal plan. The fighting and the dying will continue indefinitely.


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THANK YOU for putting value on human life.
Thank you for calling this LIE(con) from many of the Bush administration.
Thank you for helping the many victims of this war start healing.
Thank you for saving our America from men who appear to be following the path of Hitler
Thank you for saying what needed to be said.
Thank you


I hope others follow your lead,for it is good,right,brave and honorable.
So many have suffered under the signature of GWB
So many tears
So much pain
So much senseless death

If we do not cherish life we are nothing.
I died a million deaths because of this administration,and I discovered how much I love my country.
Thank you for loving my country to.


It's a fact that the U S Government is building bases in iraq, near oil facilities that are evidence that the statement's relating to withdraw beginning next year are a deception aimed cleverly toward the american population at large. This is their short term solution to shut us ALL up for awhile AND BUY THEM ADDITIONAL TIME! nothing more. But it's based on the principle that the American People lack the ability to see the meanning of these base's.

This whole stratigy you refer to is pretty accurate. Im wondering however what there is to gain from becoming a dominate power throughout the middle east. I think the American People won't benifit at all from this stratigy. This is all about the continuence of
power for the same old bunch, and for massive profit for the same blue bloods. If this crap going on in iraq really does create more likelyness for additional act's of terrorism here, these people who gain from all this may see further domestic terrorism as just the price of doing business, AND FUTURE VICTIM'S of pending terrorism
"us", and "our" losses as nothing more that collatoral dammage! 50,000 of us out here being killed won't really effect them. They'll send condolonce's, but what would that really be worth? When you add it all up folks, we're past the stage where talk is effective. It's time for some serious citizen action.

By the way, where's our militia? We need an emergency organization of some sort. Our national guard has been pre-empted (on purpose?) to fight this illegal action. We have no organizations at home to help keep us on track in time of emergency. We also have a bunch of "closed" bases. Where better to train?

I have so many friends, with whom I have been in complete agreement with over very many years that just seem totally complacent and willingly ignorant of the state of current world politics. They argue with me that the universe knows what it’s doing and that its forward motion will continue, regardless of things that happen within our lifetime.

Now I agree completely with them about the future of the universe at large, but frankly, I have a few more years to live out on this planet -- and I also have a daughter and grandchildren whose future I worry about a lot. Do I want them to be a citizens of a nation that is ignorantly turning into the biggest threat to life on Earth that’s ever been known? Do I want them to live in a world where energy is scarce, and the remnants of my generation’s gluttony have destroyed the environment and stripped the resources off the surface of the planet?

The power and military might that the US commands is unmatched in the history of the human race, and it is being taken over by greedy, self-righteous shills. I am not an activist by nature, and I hate the fact that I feel the need now, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. I can only call it willful desecration of the planet, and anyone who is not like “US.

I honestly feel we are doomed (qualifier: yes, the human race is is insignificant on the cosmic level) unless everyone who recognizes this extrordinary challenge is willing to put aside mundane diversions and actively, ardently, work for the cause. I don't feel as though I'm exaggerating: the threat is imminent. Our choice is to remain passive, reap the terrible consequences (on every level), or to act boldly--REBEL!! What is required is a revolution of spirit. Democracy, the only viable (and humane) tool available to effect the change we need, is being threatened. Dedication and a heightened sense of duty is required of us all. Urge your friends to understand that while we are indeed specs in the universe, our actions and responsibilities are, in fact, real. May our passion to change the course of history reverberate through the space-time-continuum. Peace, Shalom, Salaam

There were several steps in the process of finding like-minded people who knew what I now know to be true. The first evolution was on the leftist blogs, then the blogs that sprung out of the Downing Street Memo leaks, then in person with a very few after that, then groups of likeminded on 3rd Anniversary of DSM day >July 23rd, 2005. The evolution of likeminded individuals knowing the truth between May 1st, 2005 (day of released DSM leaks) and now has been very encouraging, even angry Republicans have popped in lately, and they are likeminded NOT trolls . So we gotta get a bigger base faster, with more bumper stickers and more flyers placed strategically around our hometowns (bookstores, coffeeshops, restrooms etc). Constantly emailing the same friends over and over again does not broaden our base, so we gotta go public and encourage them to search the truth. I would like to see bumper stickers and T-shirts that say :
"Down with PNAC, up with Truth"
"What is PNAC?"
"The world does not want PNAC, it wants PEACE"
We gotta make PNAC a household word , so that we can stimulate the "sleeping citizens" to be curious and start asking questions so that they will want answers. When you work in a bureaucracy you know what drives the staff crazy?> people don't know what the correct questions are to be asked , because they don't know what caused their problem. When you tell them the particular SOURCE of their problem, believe me, they start asking questions about how to CURE the source.

Winston Churchill,
Illuminati - London
Bombing In Perspective
By Henry Makow, PhD

If the 1940-41 London Blitz is any indication, the recent terror bombings are contrived.

The first air raid on London by the Nazis took place Sept. 7, 1940 and killed 306 people.

After touring the ruins, Winston Churchill remarked, "They cheered me as if I'd given them victory, instead of getting their houses bombed to bits." (416)

Churchill is telling the truth.

Unknown to Londoners, he had rejected Hitler's proposal to spare civilian targets. Quite the opposite, he goaded Hitler into bombing London by hitting Berlin and other civilian targets first.

Churchill told his Air Marshall: "Never mistreat an enemy by halves" and instructed his cabinet, "bombing of military objectives, increasingly widely interpreted, seems our best road home at present." He blocked the Red Cross from monitoring civilian casualties. (440)

Before the end of Sept. 1940, 7,000 Londoners including 700 children lay dead. By the end of the war, more than 60,000 British civilians and 650,000 German civilians died from "strategic" bombing.

In 1940, Churchill had to divert attacks from RAF airfields but he also wanted to start the bloodletting. A year had passed with little action. It was being called the "phoney war." Hitler was making generous peace offers that many Englishmen wanted to accept.

If England had made peace, there would not have been a Jewish holocaust.

Churchill described the Second World War as the "most unnecessary war in history." But he served bankers in the City who had made good his stock market losses and saved his beloved Chartwell from foreclosure. A manic-depressive, he thrived on the rush of war and cared little for ordinary people.

I realize this is not the saccharine history we are spoon-fed. What we term "history" is mostly propaganda, i.e. a cover-up.

My source for the above is David Irving's 'Churchill's War' (Avon Books, 1987), which cuts through the sycophancy that characterizes most accounts of World War Two.

What light does it shed on the recent bombings in London? The Second World War was a big step in a long-term program to enslave humanity in a world dictatorship run by the Illuminati (London-based monopoly capital.)

The Illuminati start wars to increase their wealth and power and to control, reshape and brutalize society. The "War on Terror" is intended to make us forfeit civil rights and engage in yet another unnecessary war, this time against Islam.

Most politicians (Churchill, Bush, Blair etc.,) are flunkies, con men, traitors and criminals, packaged and sold by (banker-owned) mass media and universities.

Yep! It's gotten predictably worse in recent years. Check out Painful Deceptions at:

I oversimplify it, but of course you are correct. It doesn't matter if we are American, or Afghan, or English, or Iraqui, if we are peons we are in the way, OR used as tools of the elite in the grand scheme of things, which has nothing to do with being a public service to the constituents. We are free to vote for the elite that kill us, because only the elite run for office. When was the last time your next door neighbor ran for President?

This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Osama bin Laden. If it did , then we would be hunting down none other than> Osama bin Laden

What is missing in the movement opposing the war is the fervor of young people--the core of the Vietnam protests. Solution? Reinstitute the draft. Now, I have a 21 year old son whom I'd urge to file for C.O. in the event of a draft. Here's my reasoning: the burden of war rests on the shoulders of a few; in the name of fairness and equity, if this war is a sacrifice our President feels our nation must bear, it must be borne by rich and poor alike. Draft legislation based on this premise would set debate about the war on fire, young people would be forced to take a stand. Now of course, Republican leadership understands that the question of a draft would be a political liability and so sponsorship of such legislation would be a rhetorical tool. . . . . If this is a worthy sacrifice, lay the lives of ALL of our young people on the line.

If their all-volunteer recruitment strategy is failing -- and it is -- why would anyone want to provide them with more cannon fodder.

Many of those who currently continue to sign up do so only because they see no alternative route out of poverty. The obvious answer is to improve opportunities for higher education and social progress amongst disadvantaged young people. Sending more of them to face Sgt Benderman's stark choices (join the slaughter or be court martialled) can hardly be regarded as a humane solution.

It was that you could only volunteer at 35 or under, so they are getting desperate if they want middle-aged folks to join Uncle Sam (no offense intended, I am older than that myself). This is total evil insanity... no one should be in Iraq. The troops should be over here guarding our country America , but they are spinning their wheels being mis-used as goon sqads to guard Bushco's oil regime.

Even though my point was apparently unclear, it prompted valuable responses; I agree with all of the rebuttals. My point was that currently so many youth don't understand the injustice of the war on a personal level. Introducing legislation provides a means for debating the war. Yes the war is illegal, unjust, and inhumane. Such legislation would serve as a tool to examine the real cost of war.

Reinstate the draft and register as a C.O., not so fast!

As a conscientious objector in the Army 1967-69 I do not quite understand people thinking this will get them out of going to Iraq. All being a conscientious objector does is it allows you to serve in the Army without bearing arms, it does nothing to keep you out of a combat zone. Most conscientious objectors are trained as combat medics, as I was, and I had every expectation of going to Vietnam, although I lucked out and was state side the whole time in the Army, but that had nothing to do with being a conscientious objector, it was pure luck. Most fellow conscientious objectors that I had trained with ended up in Vietnan, and many died there right along with regular combat soldiers; imagine going into combat unarmed, it wasn't cowardice but principle that motivated us.

The conscientious objector provision was implemented primarialy for drafted soldiers, not a volunteer Army. If you voluntarly sign up you are pretty much SOL in refusing combat duty. Your only real alternative, if you oppose an unjust, illegal, unconstitutional war is to flee to a neutral country and ask for political assylum or stay here and face the music.

If I had known then in 1967 what I know now about the Vietnam war, I would have headed to Canada. Even serving as a conscientious objector you are still supporting an illegal, unconstitutional war effort, and are therefore part of the problem.

I encourage everyone who is opposed to this illegal, unconstitutional war to refuse military service and if they bring back the draft then seek political assylum in a third neutral country. "What if they had a war and nobody came", they can't do this atrocity of war without our cooperation, stand up and fight the murdering bastards, yes I mean you little George!

Remember, I referred to the "legislation" as a rhetorical tool to fire up young people against the war. Thanks for clarifying about the C.O. Catch. You're right,the best moral stance is resistance.

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