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Mother seeking support cursed at for questioning war

It's "Old News" and thus not news worthy to point out that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9-11, yet when military families point that out, the results can be pretty ugly:

One mother's war: Mother seeking support cursed at for questioning war; Son escaped suicide bomb
By John Byrne


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What an amazing story.
What a courageous mom. A true patriot. I can't believe the response she received from a seemingly nonpartisan group like Blue Star Mothers in Ohio-- she received an "F- you".

Well, the prez just did THE EXACT SAME THING. He flipped off the press yesterday. Is that what its come down to? Is this administration saying: If you don't agree with our criminal policies, if you don't agree with our criminal invasion, if you don't agree with our criminal abuse of law, and if you even question the worst presidency in the history of the union, then "F- you?"

Is that all they have to say for themselves?

Here's the video. Its real. Its the prez flipping off every you and every military family in this country. See for yourself.


Remember when Cheney told Leahy to F-off! It's obviously the policy of this administration when you don't agree with them. Remember Candidate Bush who talked about bringing back honesty and integrity. The evil Clinton "lied" about sex. However "lying" about going to war is perfectly ok. As I like to say no one died when Clinton lied! So in keeping with the administration similer to the scene in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, I would like these F'N jerks impeached right F'N now!! But because it probably won't happen until the public and congress wakes up, the next line fits too, we're F'ed!

Here we have a clear example of the ethics and morals of the White House. church going people aren't they? Where's Ken Tomlison when you need him? Where's the FCC. Michael Powell where are you? Hello!
Oh wait a minute. He's joking's ok.
Yeah right. I didn't vote for the lunkhead.

So what? Who do these bastages have to speak to? The whole "check and balance" of government is a sham! Read "Habits of the Heart." (Not the movie!) It is a sociological study into the American morays of our culture. It says it all. As predicted in the 1820's, the society at large is no longer connected in any real way to the government! Millionairs call the shots. Corporations call the shots. The only way we, as a country, will get control of matters is nothing less than a social revolution on a grand scale. Face it... it ain't gonna happen. We don't have the backbone to do such a drastic thing and Bush Inc knows it! They know as long as they can keep us dependent upon their oil and other Corporate goods (i.e. Wal-Mart)to maintain our "lifestyle," then we will not revolt. Oh yes, we'll bitch and complain, maybe even start a few blogs and whatnot, but to truly begin real social and political change is not in our nature. 9/11 proves we are too afraid for real change! So we keep driving our cars, buying crap at Wal-Mart, going to dead end jobs hoping against hope that "someone" (not me, I aint got time, money, energy, etc) will do something! Hold your breath. Doing so will give you a better chance...

I walk to work, don't shop at Wal-Mart, and don't have a dead end job( I develop cryogenic surgical devices)I do log on to blogs but I also physically protest so can I revolt against the Administration? I'm not good at holding my breath I would rather join the call to action.

Naples Daily News Bans Local Citizen from Writing to Paper!

Another example of how the media is being controlled!

I have been banned from my local news paper, The Naples Daily News, from writing any more letters to the editor.

To date, I have had four, very successful and powerful anti-war and anti-Bush letters published. Yesterday, the editor of the paper banned me from any more letters.

His entirely feeble excuse was that I used excerpts from a web blog within my letter, to further my own thoughts and ideas and therefore failed to credit the author.

The failed component in his flawed reasoning is that I had FULL permission to use the quotes without credit or copyright violation. In short, it was public domain information from a "talking points" memo that may be freely used by anyone!

After a long, back and forth email exchanged, which included a direct letter from the original author, stating I had permission to use the material, I was still banned from the paper.

Oddly, this all came about exactly three hours after the paper received nationwide, negative coverage on the Neil Boortz show, with reference to my letter and how the Naples Daily News had a decidedly liberal slant!

My final email to the editor was that I would continue to not only express my views in other mediums but would reach out to the entire democratic community and ask for their support.

I am calling for a ban on the Naples Daily News for its oppressive, unfair editing tactics and ask that your write the editor, if you agree with me, expressing your disappointment in such obvious control strategies.

Email the Naples Daily News:

Thank you in advance for your support!

Fair and balenced. I think I was sort of shuffled off to the side too by the Pioneer Press in St. Paul. I don't take the paper anymore. The media is losing its audience because they don't allow two sides. What do they fear? What's going to happen? A discussion? Yikes!

J Smith; I see you used to get the St Paul paper,my wife and I live in Minnetonka and belong to several groups with up comming events against the war if you are intrested.

I'm on the other side of the moon from you - New Brighton - but can you give me some info?

I will get a list and post it ASAP, Lisa LIpscomb is speaking @ Black Dog Cafe in St. Paul Fri. & Sat. 7:00 pm Sun. 1:00 pm. Lisa is w/ MFSO and is the mother in Farenheit 911. There will be people attending that are organizing other events also.

And some people call it the Minneapolis "Red" Star Tribune. I don't take the papers anymore and I don't listen to the radio. Why listen to news that is mostly business reports and stock quotes-like anyone is going to make investment decisions based on "tip" you got off the radio. Get rid of your television too.

There is a passage in the email that should be read by every American. These soldiers are training for the moment when their base could be overrun. We have our soldiers in a situation that is so dangerous it I can't imagine it. They need to be out of there. The newly elected parlament wants us out of their country and we need to leave.

It's the last resort of cretins when unable to formulate any coherent response.

In this case, I suspect that they simply ran out of supplied "talking points" and, frustrated by their inability to put forward any intelligent argument of their own, could only stoop to Dick Cheney's level of rebuttal.

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