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Thompson, dems seeks information around Downing Street memo

Eureka Times-Standard
By James Faulk

North Coast Congressman Mike Thompson is among a group of congressional representatives demanding answers on whether the Bush administration manipulated intelligence to make a war with Iraq seem inevitable.

Thompson, a Democrat from St. Helena, signed a letter dated June 30 that was sent to the heads of four congressional committees.

"We are writing to request that your committees hold hearings to investigate reports of a pre-war deal between the United Kingdom and the United States and evidence that pre-war intelligence was intentionally manipulated," the letter reads. "On May 1, 2005, the Sunday London Times published a leaked document with the minutes of a secret meeting from highly placed sources inside the British government."

The document indicates that intelligence and facts were being fixed around a policy centered on the invasion of Iraq, the letter states. War was seen as inevitable rather than as a last resort, according to the letter.

It also indicates that British officials believed the case for war was thin and that Iraq had less potential for weapons of mass destruction than Libya, North Korea or Iran.

"In addition, since the May 1 story in the Sunday London Times, seven additional documents have been leaked to the press," the letter reads. "Collectively, the documents present serious questions as to whether intelligence was manipulated and whether officials in both the U.S. and Britain misled the public as to whether military action in Iraq was really the last resort as both nations purported to be the case."

The letter then points to the "Raw Story" website, which shows that allied bombings of Iraq spiked before the invasion, and before the U.S. Congress had given its permission.

"These raids -- reportedly done to 'lay the foundation' for future military action -- may have gone beyond the scope of maintaining security in Iraq's no-fly zones and, consequently, may have been illegal," it reads.

In a related document, Thompson also signed a Freedom of Information Act request asking for a broad swath of documents related to the Iraq invasion from when Bush took office leading up to the start of the war, including handwritten notes, formal correspondence, e-mail messages, intelligence reports and other memoranda.

The letter and the request are dated June 30, 2005. Thompson joins 51 other congressmen in signing the letter and the request.



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Thank You Congressman Mike Thompson!!!

If you see my congressman, Mike McIntyre (Dem-NC), can you please
try to wake him up for us? Despite our daily phone calls and letters to his various offices, he hasn't responded to our requests to support the efforts of this forum.

To make things worse, I heard a horrid rumour that while he was asleep last week, he not only voted to make permanent the treasonous
"Patriot Act", but also voted to "legalize" the torture of his brothers and sisters. I heard about this rumour from the Main Stream
Media, so I am not sure how much I believe it . . . I hope that these
horrible things aren't true.

"Say it ain't so, Joe, Please say it ain't so.
We put our trust in you, Joe, please tell us it ain't so."
- Murray Head.


Well folks, welcome to the great (failed) democrat experiment! We have the best government money can buy! We have three branches of government controled by Corporate Republicans! These same corporations run our airwaves and daily rags! The world poster child of corporate success is Wal-Mart! (if nothing else...that should scare ya!) We are taxed (unless you are wealthy with loop-hole making lawyers and accountants) without representation and see it all spent on illegal wars with profits amuck going to Halliburton, etc!'s it feel Mr. and Mrs. Consumer? Enjoy our country! It's exactly what we've paid for!!!

We ain't dead, yet.

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