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Getting Americans To Spend Minutes On The Minutes

By Mark Drolette

I was heartened by the reaction a group of about fifty of us received the other day when, prior to attending a Downing Street Minutes (DSM) House Party, we all stood at a busy Sacramento intersection for an hour or so displaying signs and banners emblazoned with messages about the leaked highly classified British government papers that prove the Bushies cooked the Iraq war books. Honks of support a-sounded, and I personally had only one official bird sighting. It was encouraging, but there’s obviously a very long way to go before the millions of Americans who are still unaware of the documents finally learn of their existence.

It’s a given the American whoreporate media won’t voluntarily spread the word since they’re little more than the primary White House propaganda conduit and have obviously decided/been instructed that lying America into war isn’t really all that newsworthy.

But, hey! How ‘bout that Natalee Holloway tragedy, huh?

Although the New York Times and other members of Pravda West did briefly do some front-page yelping recently about a real story -- something about Karl Rove engaging in unsavory activity, if you can believe such a thing -- it is helpful to remember this all comes, oh, a mere two years after Plamegate first surfaced on the ‘Net, and still even then only after a federal prosecutor torqued the toes of two toadies, er, stenographers, I’m sorry, reporters (Judith Miller and Matthew Cooper). Because such real journalism is an aberration (involving an incident initiated by one), it’s left to the left to get creative to properly air the DSM.

I’ve been thinking of ways to make the documents more marketable in the U.S. How can we best “package



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