You are herecontent / Congresswoman Maxine Waters Addresses Crowd over 1200 at Downing Street Town Hall

Congresswoman Maxine Waters Addresses Crowd over 1200 at Downing Street Town Hall

Press Release from Congresswoman Waters

Inglewood, CA – Supported by veterans, activists and concerned citizens, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-35) addressed an overflowing audience as the featured speaker at the Downing Street Town Hall coordinated by the Out of Iraq Coalition—Los Angeles last Saturday, July 23rd. The four hour event, one of over 300 national events organized by Rep. John Conyers and, was held at the Convenant Worship Center in Inglewood on the third anniversary of the Downing Street Memo. The phrase ‘Downing Street Memo’ refers to the minutes taken at a meeting between Prime Minister Tony Blair and his senior aides where the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service said that he felt that war was inevitable, and that President Bush was ‘fixing’ the intelligence to fit his decision to go to war.

Congresswoman Waters electrified the standing room only crowd of over 1000 people inside and another 200 plus people outside, who listened to the Congresswoman via loud speakers used for the event. She opened the rally with a chronological account of the War in Iraq and issued a rousing call to build the movement against this war and to turn up “the street heat


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This statement is from Bill O'Reilly from Fox in is "Talking Points" memo today.

I thought it was funny!

More Trouble On The Left....

"Finally, anyone who watches "The Factor" knows we scrutinize all sides. We have heavily criticized the Bush administration for its weak border policies and its terrible energy strategy. "Talking Points" will also hold Mr. Bush accountable for Iraq. He got us into that conflict. Now he must do everything he can to win it. To lose in Iraq is simply unacceptable and would put all of us in even more danger."

Dan D.

Clinton TWP , MI

Did he explain how they are going to hold skippy (bush) responsible for this war?

Maybe he is going to join the Downing Street Memoes bandwagon. Now that's a novel idea. Welcome aboard Bill!

....You know sure as hell the Bush admin is in trouble. The conservatives and O'Reilly followed the Bush admin into the war willingly and with a lasting intent to spread democracy, and found themselves duped and raped by neocons.

If it was hell for liberals, libertarians and everyone else just imagine what hell it caused for conservatives!

To find out they were completely bamboozled by the neocons. And now the neocon crooks have no clothes, and the law is catching up to them!!!!!

Get everyone the hell out of Iraq, and put the traitors behind bars.

Doug E.

It's wonderful to read about all the many meetings across the U.S. marking the third anniversary of the Downing Street Memo. But, I'm damned impatient. I want to see street mobilization in the spirit of the pioneers who championed the cause to overthrow British domination leading up to 1776. We need now a growning, grass-root movement, led by the speakers at the 300 or so DSM meetings on 7/23, to arouse the sleeping American populace to loudly proclaim the need to rid the Bush Administration through impeachment. As noted by many of the contributors to this website, the Valerie Plame Wilson leak by Rove, Libby et al. is intimately tied in with the lies of the Bush gang and the illegal war of occupation of Iraq. Let's see some real follow-up now to those wonderful DSM rallies!

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