You are herecontent / CIA LETTER: DOJ Ignored CIA Leak Investigation Request for 67 Days!

CIA LETTER: DOJ Ignored CIA Leak Investigation Request for 67 Days!

Congressional Dems Request 'Investigation' Investigation on '12-Hour Gap' and '67-Day Gap'!
(Includes Copy of Original CIA Letter)

Many are now speaking of the '12-Hour Gap' between the time White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez was told by the Department of Justice about the official investigation into the unprecedented outting of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame and the time he "officially" notified the White House to preserve all documents relating to the investigation. (He told Chief of Staff, Andrew Card the night before.)

Yesterday it was revealed that, in fact, the White House likely had a full '3-and-a-Half Day Headsup' since MSNBC reported on the matter a full 84 hours before Gonzalez gave "official" notice to the White House.

But today, however, we're now reminded, vis a vis a letter from several Judiciary Committee Democrats, that the DoJ had actually spent a total of 67 days before answering the official CIA request for an investigation into the matter!...

Full Story & Copy of Original CIA Letter outlining DoJ Delays!:


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You know, you have to wonder who these @#$%# really think their serving.

They don’t yet seem to have the fear of us. Maybe they think they’ve already got us beaten. Let’s hope they’re wrong.

are you kidding? they're laughing at us...LAUGHING! not only have they been getting away with this crap and making HUGE amounts of money at our expense, we turned around and voted him BACK into office!
furthermore,the degree of support he has is directly proportionate to the damage he's done... those who have been hurt the worst by him are his strongest supporters!yes. bizarre. I just don't get it. how anyone can still support this administration is completely beyond me.

Please don't say "we" voted him back into office. For me it is an insult. I can think of a lot of other words that work just as well and the word "they" is the most polite.

How are we going to get him impeached before he does any more damage??????????????

And, in my opinion, THEY did not vote him back in office. This was another stolen election folks. And my beef with Kerry is that he didn't press the issue enough. I for one will never believe bush won the '04 election fair and square.

But we must forge ahead. They count on us having doubt and giving up. I'll never give up and stop fighting. I may take a breather every now and then. But give up? Never!

I agree-the evidence I've seen is pretty solid- but it never should have been even close enough to where 4%,10%,even 40% would swing it towards Bush... and yes, the media is hugely to blame- at this point, I pretty much view them as a PART of the administration! we need to start petitioning to roll back the legislation that empowered Murdoch, et al to control such vast empires!

-my apologies!the "we" was intended to connote the general populace, of which we (meaning us!)are unfortunately a minority! Betty, I always look forward to reading your well-informed and intelligent commentary,and I know that you and many others on this site are doing everything you can to correct the situation! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!

Well-Kerry could bore mud to death, and didn't put up all that good a fight. I think that, if a revote were taken today, even he could now beat Bush. The thing that really failed us in '04 was the media.

Something wasn't right about the exit polls on election day in a lot of polls. Maybe there is a degree of inaccuracy in any poll but on that day, something was seriously wrong. There were more votes than registered voters, some districts had long waiting lines, etc. and then there is coingate. Election 2004 was aided by voting machines and no paper trail, and because the votes were so close it was easy to create a situation where there might be a 3 ot 4 percent tip either way.

And yes, the media failed to question anything. Repeaters not reporters.

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