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Bush, Blair, and Bumiller

By David Swanson,

The corporate media today began its coverage of the Downing Street Minutes, moved to do so by a visit to Washington by Prime Minister Tony Blair, and by the pressure all of us have applied.

And, while most newspapers simply reported what Bush and Blair said, the USA Today, Houston Chronicle, Boston Globe, Columbus Dispatch, and Salon called for comments. The articles are posted and linked to on our site.

And the Washington Post provided a lengthy and quite interesting chat on its website with staff writer Jefferson Morley, also available via

But the Post's Dana Milbank declared the story over, having apparently mistaken a starting pistol for a fatal shot.

Here's what he wrote:

Here's how to politely tell him he's mistaken:
[We've removed Milbank's Email address at his request. He claims that he meant the silence was ending, not the story. Read his article and judge for yourself.]

The New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller published the following piece of stenography:

This puts into new light Bumiller's famous comment that "You can

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Way to go!
Keep the pressure on and work with the good reporters!

right down the middle of the page, and on further pages indexed at the bottom

Event the notoriously inept and largely irrelevant San Francisco Chronicle
could not avoid using the words "Downing Street Memo" in today's cat-
box liner. It was just Blairs defense of Bush in a reprint from Jim VandeHei's article in the Post, but maybe it's a first crack in their wall of
silence. "Dizzy" Dean made the front page, of course, no surprise there.
Also had contact with Editor of >< yesterday, the daily
online alternative to the Chronically Cowed. While they generally focus
on local issues he said they plan on running a piece tomorrow. For those
interested in the nitty gritty of our ongoing struggles with the powers that
be here in our lovely loony lefty Baghdad by the Bay ><
is a good source of info.
Peace and Power. Patrick Monk.RN. San Francisco.

Re previous comment, Beyond Chron just posted today's edition
including piece on "Downing Street Memo", also may be interested
in report of Founding Convention of "SF Peoples Organisation that
is taking place this weekend
Links.; ><
Patrick Monk.RN. SF.

"The articles are posted and linked to on our site."


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