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Iraq-Niger: Cheney and the Forgery

July 25, 2005
By Ray McGovern

By now it should be clear that the White House assault on former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife had much less to do with personalities than with the “particular lie


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"60 Minutes" was going to do a story on the forged documents about uranium in late September 2004, and bumped this more important story for one about Bush service in the guard. That was the ill-fated story with the unverified memo's that ultimately put Dan Rather in disfavor. One has to wonder why "60 Minutes" dropped a potentially much more damaging story, for one about the past. In a era of forged documents, one has to wonder if the unverified memo's about the guard service, were not a "Rove" style distraction / dirty trick. The results benefitted the Administration in 2 ways. The story about the forged documents regarding uranium were never aired prior to the election, and the so called liberal media took a hit, resulting in Dan Rather apologizing and losing his anchor job. CBS is owned by VIACOM, whose CEO supported Bush, purely based on pragmatic reasons.

I think Fitzgerald and the grand jury are going to have to have alot of people testify under oath.
What does CBS know!

I think a lot of people have already testified and I suspect Fitzgerald has a strong case well up in to the administration. He’s taking his time and doing a thorough job. This will be explosive and completely enjoyable.

I sure hope that Fitzgerald's investigation doesn't let us down. If we are ever to begin to recover what has been lost due to the nefarious actions of this White House group, all of this is going to have to come out with plenty to back it up. The MSM will have to be forced to acknowledge their role as spectators rather than journalists. The Republicans will have to admit their roles in the coverups and defensive arguments. The religious extremists will have to face up to the lies and corruption.
All of this is too much to hope for -- I desperately want it to happen, but I am not holding my breath.

I agree with you. It is going to be explosive. I heard only one reporter say from sources close to Fitzgerald that when the reports come out it is going to be very messy. I bet there have been many times when more info. came to Fitzgerald pointing straight to Cheney..he had to have said "Holy Sh--"

I have to believe he has a good case or I would cry..I have often for this country. I want to see all of these Republicans who are going on cable and supporting Rove have the smug smirks taken right off of their faces..Bush too. He is the worst.

I think he has info. all the way to Bush and Cheney...Cheney is behind everything..has been for years. He is one scary man.

I have shared your thoughts on the CBS tale as well. There are too many questions that no one has followed. The AWOL story was accurate, but not as hot as the one CBS squelched. Meanwhile, Rove got just what he wanted. He always does.

The skulduggery is amazing. This is proving to be the mystery case of the year - no the century. We all know of the handiwork of Rove, who learned at the knee of Lee Atwater. We all know that Cheney has never been honest. We all know that the Iran/Contra cabal got off scott-free. We all know that many of them now work in the White House. We all know of the political mindset of Wolfowitz, Perle, and the others. We all know that Bush is a puppet, too unintelligent to function as president, but savvy enough to know how to play the political game, and is being carried along by this nefarious group. This is just another piece in the puzzle of how all this fits together and to think that this is possible in the U.S. is frightening.

The politics in this country are beginning to read like a good suspence novel, I can't put it down!

It is interesting to note the connection of the names you put in your post with the PNAC.
Frankly I don't think enough attention is given to the Project for a New American Century.
They are the ones writing the script that Bush is following. It is the PNAC's agenda that W is forming into the country's agenda - bringing "Democracy and Freedom" to Iraq and the mid-east is a smokescreen. Read their whitepaper: "REBUILDING AMERICA'S DEFENCES" (available in pdf from

I can understand the average American not knowing the PNAC, that means they are not blogging. But I spoke to a very nice Codepink lady on DSM 3rd Anniversary Day, and she was unaware of PNAC... I immediately wrote down "Google PNAC" on a scrap piece of paper so that she could research it that night. I rattled off the names in it to her : Cheney, Wolfy, Rummy, Bolton, JEB and she said she didn't know that and would DEFINITELY look into it. It's like marching against Hitler and not realizing he's in the Nazi Party !

We have to be more vocal about PNAC ... I think bloggers are afraid to sound Orwellian in public, but we are the messengers NOT the cause, so we have to find a way to not be shy about informing our fellow Americans about PNAC>>> Maybe flyers put in public places until we feel comfortable discussing it with people openly.

I agree that Joe Public should be made aware of these documents. I think I will photcopy some each week and give them out to as many people as I can. Maybe we can all do a little bit more to stop this madness and make a date in the very near future and synchronize our actions. the vibrations will be amazing. If anyone agrees please post a date and I promise to abide by that date. All are welcome to synchronize

We are all being manipulated at the will of the lords of the land. they just piss off different groups, generally of minority in number, so that there is always tension and mistrust at every turn, with the added benifit of keeping us divided. They are well aware of the term divide and conquer. Everyone group, has their own view, when in reality they share many of the same. A vast merging of these like minded groups, would surely be a voice that could not be ignored. We need to pull together, THATS where the true power is. Just look at Iraq, for all our fire power and military muscle, we have the same chance of winning there as in Viet Nam. GET some balls

President Bush put VP Cheney in charge of WMD & national preparedness, in May 2001 (9/11 Report) ! The next month , the "aluminum tube's" are rejected by the Oak Ridge Expert's, as unsuitable for a Nuclear Program. Who would have shopped that story around, until they received an answer to their liking ? Who would have been interested in the CIA program, that was tracking WMD ? If Karl Rove wanted to know if "Agent" Valerie Wilson was working on "WMD", & needed to be protected, who could Rove have called ? Why didn't Cheney directly send someone to Niger? Because he was happy with the Report he had ! If Wilson's trip proved the White House belief's about Niger, why sent 2 more American's to investigate ? If Joe's debriefing had said, Saddam was buying Uranium, "Scooter" would have interrupted Cheney heart-transplant, to have given him the new's! See : Straw Defend's UK Uranium, July 13 2003. MI6 is now quoting the Iraqi National Congess("fraudster",DSM ) as a source of Intell ("..scientist's had been recalled to the Program (Iraqi Nuclear) in 1998" ! Is the WH, MI6 & the INC, now "fixing Intell" together (UK Dossier, Sept. 2002) ?

Ray McGovern, Larry Johnson, as well as the other former intelligence officers who have come out recently to substantiate the incredulous character of the conduct of the Bush administration are gleaming beacons of light pointing to the truth.

As Ray and the others calmly explain standard practices which the administration ignored and administration pundits spew out lies on top of the original lies, these men simply continue to calmly speak the truth. They are consistent and articulate. When you analyze all the pieces, the picture gets clearer and clearer.

The right wing repulsive, repugnant republicans (again lower case r intentional) continuing to stonewall an investagation into the truth reveal just what is important to them: Power, wealth, greed and control. Where is their sworn duty to PRERSERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution of the United States? I'll tell you that the last duty they feel they have is the Constitution and WE, THE PEOPLE!

The republicans only feel a duty to the wealthy and to the Fortune 500 corporations. They do anything to court favor with the wealthiest segment of our society and the rest of us be damned. If you don't believe that then you better get your head surgically removed from your butt!

Thank you again Ray. Keep inspiring us with the truth about these low life forms in the Bush administration.

Most people forget it was the Chemical, Media, Banking Corps and So MANY OTHERS used Mad Men to run all the WARS of the Past and continues Today. KBR and all the War Machines in place today have an BIG VOTE on our Future.

Our Country was founded with people of Courage, too face the truth, too DEMAND a FUTURE. A Future where our Government would NOT be taken over by TYRANY.

Our Country HAS BEEN GUTTED, WIDE OPEN and as we bleed to death the years of work and love for this country, only the internet tells the TRUTH.


RE: June 10th 2003 State Department memo carried around by Colin Powell on Air Force One July 7, 2003 trip to Africa. Only one paragraph discusses Valerie Wilson the remainder of memo explains reasons why State Department didn't support sending Joe Wilson to Niger. The State Department thought there was no need to send Wilson because the uranium claim was so bogus that it was a waste of time! Let's get the rest of that June 10th classified memo exposed and discussed and the State Department positon thoroughly aired. This will be prima facie case of how administration "fixed" intelligence as discussed in DSM. Follow this with a drive for action on pursuing who forged the Niger documents. Follow this with a Senate Intelligence report on how intelligence was manipulated. Followed this with an impeachment trial.

Since Italy is getting pretty fed up with GWB and his hurtful shenanigans (many coming to rest with Italian blood) I wonder if someone in the Italian secret service might do us the same kind of supreme service as the leaker in Britain of the Downing Street Minutes: give us the provenance of the Iraq-Niger forgery. Wow, what a discovery that would be.

Israel has been whispered as the other possible source. Not bloody likely they're going to leak anything.

MH said, "All of this is too much to hope for -- I desperately want it to happen, but I am not holding my breath". That is exactly how I felt when I went to bed on election day. So much of this info was out there in November. The essential swindle they pulled conning us into war was common knowledge. So how come voters reelected him? How could they? Didn't they know the truth?

I desperately want the much maligned MSM to pull up their socks and nail the truth to the wall! That the majority of people in the US still believe that key part of the swindle - Iraq had a part in 9/11 - is evidence of a massive failure of the MSM. Maybe they can redeem themselves this time. They should tell this story in kiddy-cartoons if they have to.

I want it to happen, but as usual I'm not holding my breath...

"...the swindle was common knowledge"

Certainly for those of us who get their news from other than Big Media it was common knowledge. Sadly most voters are only exposed to what they catch on Fox or the other major networks - tainted by pro-administration and patriotic spin. This may be the "Information Age" but for most folks it ain't caught on yet.

" come voters reelected him?"

Because even the doubts that the most uninformed voter must have had were overshadowed by their panic over abortion and gay marriage. Perhaps one day these hot-button issues will fall down on the grand list of what's important to somewhere they belong (near the bottom).

"So how come voters reelected him?"

They didn't. There were voting problems nationwide, not just in Ohio and Florida... why can't 'the left' put it all together?

Bush-Cheney stole Florida in 2000
Cheney had maps of Iraq in his march 2001 'energy task force' meetings
9/11 allowed them to invade Afghanistan and build their pipeline
9/11 allowed them random searches, gov't spying, police state
9/11 allowed them to invade iraq
Iraq, Depleted Uranium, etc equals monstrous War Crimes

OF COURSE they stole election 2004- and it wasn't just for Bush. They stole Senate and House seats as well- if they hadn't Bush and Cheney would be in prison by now.

TV News Lies has said all along that Cheney was the key to all the issues.

To the commenters about "how could duhbya be re-elected?" The answer is two-fold: 1st -- he wasn't elected to begin with in 2000, he was appointed; 2nd -- Kerry won the 2004 election. He was well ahead in the historically very accurate exit polls, and many people "voted" on Diebold and E.E.& S. vote-stealing machines. Also, of course, many minorities (read Democrats) were kept from "voting" by manufactured shortages of "voting" machines. Bush lost the election, but the bush crime family nonetheless pulled it out for their corporate controllers.

Get the scoop at:

So, YES, bush and cheney and rove and scooter, and probably bolton and rice have committed treason -- and may actually receive some retribution because of it -- but don't imagine that we will "vote them out." Ain't gonna happen unless there is a new Boston Tea Party that throws these vote-stealing machines into the nearest dumpster so that we can vote on paper, hand-counted, ballots like the rest of the civilized world (where votes are actually counted).

Good luck everyone.

Paper Ballots, Hand Counted.

When they put countless restrictions on your voting rights, it should become quite clear, that an accurate count of the public vote is not the intended concequence of those in power. Technology has brought many wonderful things into our lives here in America, unfortunately, that same technology, has allowed us to act more lazily. Yep, a hand count may take a while to say who the winner was, but you can rely on it to be a more honest count. If you truely want a sovern republic, I think it is way past time to rein in on congress, and the steady perversion of our civil liberties. And that means an honest vote count. If for no other reason than to give confidence in our voting system. Without a honest say of how most Americans feel about various issues, the freedoms that we have inherited, who gave their lives to secure and give birth to a nation of sovern men With Rights. And the right to vote is being stripped away from us RIGHT NOW. If we cannot vote the lords out of office when they destroy our liberties, if we are held accountable for our every action, and those in power are NOT, What kind of system is this? I get flashes of the same kind of government that back in the cold war days, our government was portraying Russia as being. Demand truth in voting, Demand an honest AND accountable government.

help stop this country from becoming a fundamentalist theocracy aiding and abetting a kleptocratic war profiteering police state that continues to remove civil liberties from americans on the premise of fighting a never ending war on a transitive adverb ø¤º°°º¤ø¤º°°º¤ø¤º°°º¤ø¤º°°º¤ø¤º°°º¤ø


The LaRouche Political Action Committee in the United States today issued the following release:

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