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What Did the President Know and When Did He Know It?


GERGEN: 'What did the President know and when did he know it?'

Even David Gergen asks 'The Question' on ABC's This Week!

'I think this is a big, serious story,' says the advisor to three Republican Presidents (including Nixon)

Wow...Even Gergen is asking!

Picking up on my previous post about the "the question" -- What did the President know and when did he know it? -- on the virtual lips of folks across the net this morning, it seems that it was also on the lips of David Gergen, advisor to four Presidents (three of them Republican), on this morning's This Week with George Stephanopoulos on ABC...



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The 300 billion dollar question; who is the greatest threat to our life liberty and freedoms, George Bush or the terrorists?

Body count to date:
George Bush 100,000 dead.
Osama bin Laden 3,000 dead.


>"The 300 billion dollar question; who is the greatest threat to our life liberty and freedoms, George Bush or the terrorists?"<

Bingo! This has to be one of the most corrupt administrations ever! I ask, what does this say about Democracy? Libery and Freedom is not a license to create empires on the backs of exploited human beings! The Bush Dynasty is indicative of how "politics" works in this country. The fact that the large majority, for whatever reasons, do not participate in the so-called "democratic system" is unquestionable proof that corporations and money dictate our so-called Democracy! As a military man, I know for a fact that this war has been sitting on the DOD shelf for many, many years! The Military Complex Inc. couldn't wait for the opportunity to unfold it! Bush Sr. either didn't have the guts or was wise (depending on who you ask)in not going after Hussein in Gulf War 1. 9/11 was Bush Junior's ticket to unleash "the program."
My God people, as taxpayers, each of us are implicated in this global disaster! Together as a nation, we have allowed and financed this incredible and, sadly, historical tragedy upon the human family. Who will stop this hijacking of the human story? To paraphrase, the greatest evil perpetuated upon humanity was when good people witnessed it and did nothing!

You can thank Bush and his "Born-Again Christian's" for the most horrendous crime against humanity of the Century. "Thou shalt not kill" doesn't mean a thing to these hypocrites. You Christians have the blood of over 1700 Americans and thousands of Iraqi innocents on your hands. How can you sleep at night? Satan has truly found a sanctuary within your unholy walls. Have you not the insight to question the bloodshed? This is Satan's work at its best and you idiots don't even question it. I hold you accountable for the most horrific crimes against God. And I was brought up Christian, but, I honor the commandments and know Satan when I see it.

He knew from the beginning just as Nixon of the reasons we never see anyone held accountable, anyone fired I believe is that someone new might learn the truth about all of them...and what they have done to this country and then tell in such a way that the usual Rove politics won't work..and let's hope it won't work anymore anyway now that it is truly out in the open....

How bout that McCain even defending him...pretty sad...

I've never had any respect for Bush, to me he has always been a cowardly liar and couldn't understand why anyone thought otherwise. I did however have respect and high regard for John McCain, this is no longer true. I believe McCain has demeaned his reputation severley in the name of partisian hipocracy.

McCain has sold his soul to the devil...(Rove) McCain staff even happy Rove may help them if McCain runs in 2008.

I too have lost all respect for McCain. All that talk about how the American people want to hear the truth and he joins the lockstep!

McCain gets a pass, I suppose, for not hooking up with Dems in 2004. But he shot himself in the foot for actually campaigning for Bush. After what Bush did to him in 2000 in South Carolina, any support he shows is purely political opportunism. And now he totally disgraces himself with support for Rove. He has proven without a doubt he cannot be trusted to put America' interests first. What a disgusting phony.


McCain is a pathetic, ass kissing excuse of a politician. His support of Rove only reveals his lack of ethics and his willingness to further slap the American public's face. These con artists forget that they are servants of the people, not the other way around. McCain needs to be recalled. Get his weak-ass out of Congress and put in a real man. One who has ethics, and respect for his fellow man. We need to get American back before these cons take it down further. Act people!!!

For a politician, that's about right.

I've never bought McCain as a hero, but this incident may well seal his political fate. We wonder, does Bush have something on him?

They lied, obviously because they thought it would never come out. They all believed the media were so frightened and corrupted that they would go to jail before releasing the source and in part, that turned out to be true. Thank goodness for Time Warner.

This is the first time I can ever remember an administration hijacking democracy in this way. This has been in the planning stages for years and would have happened along time ago if not for the 8 years of Clinton that delayed their plan. Some of these neocons even wrote a thesis on how to commit a terroist attack to bring the people into line. I'm still researching the 9/11 connection and am finding some interesting info that may not make it such a far stretch that they may have orchestrated it. When Hitler took power and began conquering countries to free them from oppression (as they claimed) the German public was oblivious as to what was going on. People have said that could never happen here, but it is happening. It's happening right now under all our eyes in the name of security. Our freedoms are slowly being taken away and we may be just a few years from a strictly controlled military state. Through out history empires have popped up and have always fallen and we are now in the throughs of the American Empire. If we the people don't wake up soon to stop these facist thugs, then the mushroom cloud may very well be the end of America, and the world for that matter. I'm not overlly religious but some have suggested that what is going on is in Revelations. I'd like to think that's a bunch of nonsense but so far everything I see suggests they may have some merit to that argument.

One of the first things the Nazis did when they conquerred a country was raid the central bank and send the money(gold) back to Berlin. When the U.S. got to toppled Saddam, one of the first things we did was to get Iraq's oil payments based back on the dollar from the Euro.

Have you gotten as far as the IG Farben and Prescott Bush connection.
and the Nazi's brought over and given Amnesty by John J. McCloy. if not look at the whole of the Bush Family.

that's my version of "homeland security". Then I won't have to worry about voting for false flags and phony wars in the future.

As the Rovegate is connected to the DSM,and the GOP in Congress is blocking an investigation.
My question is: If one or several gop in Congress is found guilty of connection to the Rovegate or DSM can the FBI over ride there power and authorize an investigation into DSM.

It looks like the GOP congress may be guilty in this crime,and it would explain why there stopping investigation into treason.
They do work for the American people,we do pay there salary,and there not doing there job!

these people who are blocking investigations and spinning truth in order to cover up for the bushies are more loyal to the party than the country and apear to be consciously asleep or are they just sheep?

I watched the show. Another statement Gergen made was about Fiztgerald. He said the procecutor is tough. He said Fitgerald is the procecutor who went after the Daly of Chicago people.
This really hit me because when I was Chicago in June the arrests were starting and they have not stopped yet. Fiztgerald has been going after that administration from top to bottom. If I was Rove I would be very, very worried.


That liar is a man of tefelon! But, the coating is about to wear thin.

and then every time you wash it, a little bit more and more Teflon erodes... that's the way it is with Teflon politicians> the more they whitewash, the more they erode their own credibility because they keep whitewashing and eroding their Teflon. So a scratch on Teflon is very serious, it eventually leads to pan of sticky mess.

Bush should be held accountable regardless of what he knew because he is the Executive in Charge and needs to be held responsible for the actions of his subordinates. Otherwise, the president of the U.S. could just be a puppet for those below him.

This is an amazing phenomenom in today's America, no one is responsible for anything they do. I totally agree with the idea we must make Bush take responsibility for his actions, I'm not sure how to accomplish it though. There seems to be very few spines in our elected officials , and I tell them so regurarily in an attempt to shame them into action. I have found it very hard to shame politicians. Look at the shameful ass kisser that McCain has become.I am in favor of a billboard campaign ie; Bush , your a liar and we don't believe anything you say. Stop butchering in our name.Be a man and own up to your mistakes! I know not many people agree w/ my approach so if anyone has an idea lets hear it.

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