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Gonzales Warned White House

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Alberto Gonzales Told Andy Card

On CBS’s Face the Nation, host Bob Schieffer brought up the Frank Rich column:" took Mr. Gonzales 12 more hours to inform the White House staff that it must “preserve all materials


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I'll bet their shredders were busy. Wonder how they destroyed their hard drives?

More questions that will never be answered.

Don't be so gloomy. One characteristic of electronic stuff is that it tends to reproduce itself. Be aware that there are plenty of copies of everything, as well as an official backup. Plenty of little people will be biding their time, knowing they have a "get out of jail free" card. Don't rule out patriotism, either. It's possible.

Congress is permitting the president to say or do anything he wishes.
Congress is elected by the publicbut the middle class public is too busy supporting a family's cost of living, while the upper 5% applaud the congressionally approved maneuvers.

I disagree that Bush pulls his support from the "upper 5%." The Republican political machine has been so effective that many middle-class americans are not comprehending the full meaning of a one-party dominated legislative, executive and judicial branches. Many people can't even name the three branches. The key is education and information.

I clicked on Crooks and Liars and thoroughly enjoyed Ben Stein’s advice to the president. He encourages Bush to support Rove. Rove after all is his trusted adviser, the “architect


Yes, he did; but it seems increasingly unlikely that he will be held accountable. With Bush's new qualification that he will fire anyone found to have committed a crime, there is little to no possibility that Rove will be called to task.

Bush will do nothing to Rove because Rove's crime pales in comparason to lying the country into a war for profit!

Do you want a bet? The story around Rove and his boss is getting deeper and deeper.New allegations surface everyday that the White House and everyone of Bush's gang knew and did what we all know today.This is a serious offence and if you want it swept under the rug,then you are ignorant of the facts. Read more to educate yourself
and open your eyes to all that is happening around us.

Disagree. It is beginning to look as though the whole bunch will soon be exposed. The MSM finally has something they understand-attacking some one's wife. It' not exactly a sexual story, but, for them, it's close enough. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

I know.

Karl Rove lied and so did President Bush when he replied that he did not know who in the White house had leaked informations. You mean to tell me that he does not know what happens in his cabinet? Baloney.
Notice how they have kept quiet lately! They are at an indisclosed location which include Rove, Cheney, Tenet. Soon they have to face the facts and answer to the investigation and the American people.

As the English say, "What goes around comes around", and, "What you gain on the swings you lose on the roundabouts". I'm sure ol' W is too dense to figure out the meanings, but we should take delight in the fact that the time is drawing down, and his closing time is coming on as sure as tomorrow.

Rather than arbitrarily bashing the Bush administration, why not use facts and events to thrust our knife of discontent? Are there not enough examples of unethical and criminal conduct by top executive officials to fan the flames? Why must we resort to middle school witicisms to further our point? Repeat after me: WMD's, Valerie Plume, "facts fixed around intelligence"...

Keep up the pressure on the MSM!
Obstruction after obstruction.

Gonzalez had to answer truthfully because of the grand jury. Otherwise, he may not have disclosed Card. I can only picture a truck load of computers disappearing that night and the White House security guard laughing noticing business as usual.

As time goes on it seems there is more to the Plame-Wilson outing than Rove and Libby.
I'm thinking that everyone on Air Force One during the trip to Africa should be under some degree of suspicion (Sorry, that means you too, Colin), and be called by the Grand Jury.
I am sure everyone there saw the memo that Powell brought on that named Plame as a CIA agent, regardless of if they had or hadn't the security clearance to do so. I can imaging the joking that must have gone on: "Oh, boy, we got Wilson now! Hey, Ari, have you seen this?"

A little noticed item in all of this-Colin Powell has already been before the grand jury. We may soon be able to infer his testimony from what comes public. Sweet revenge.

Everyone in White House including Bush should be questioned about Karl Rove disclosure of Valery Plame. They are all behind this mess and that is why there is a big cover-up. This is a serious offence that calls for impeachment.

I asked about Colin Powell last Saturday at the After Downing Street picnic I attended. Colin, where are you, and why don't you take a courageous step forward and redeem yourself. Admit your participation, extricate yourself from the cover-up and possibly reclaim your once stellar reputation for integrity and competence. America needs you General Powell. Step forward again sir and report for duty.

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