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Thousands Across the U.S. Mark DSM Day at 300+ Public Forums


By David Swanson, PDA Board Member, Co-Founder

Overflow crowds packed public forums today at more than 300 events organized by Progressive Democrats of America and other members of the AfterDowningStreet coalition to mark the three-year anniversary of the Downing Street Memo.

Hundreds of people were turned away at some of the larger events as capacity crowds sought to discuss the Downing Street Memo and related evidence that the Bush Administration fixed intelligence to systematically mislead the nation to go to war in Iraq. Distinguished members of Congress such as John Conyers (D-MI), Maurice Hinchley (D- NY), Barbara Lee (D-CA), Jim McDermott (D-WA) and Maxine Waters (D-CA) hosted standing-room-only town hall meetings in their home districts of Detroit, New York City, Oakland, Seattle, and Los Angeles. PDA co-sponsored the events, and PDA chapters played a key role in organizing people for these and hundreds of smaller forums around the nation.

For the second time in the two months since PDA helped to launch the campaign, we have been overwhelmed by what we've tapped into. From the first time we put up a website about the Downing Street minutes, demanding an investigation into grounds for impeachment, PDA has been gratified to see such a strong a coalition grow so quickly. The website consistently receives a high volume of traffic.

PDA has collected the interesting details from various events around the country to share with you, but first, acknowledgements are in order for a few folks who really pulled out the stops. This is by no means the entire list of folks who deserve credit. There are literally hundreds who made today's forums a success. The larger town halls, however, required some extraordinary organizational efforts: Marcy Winograd, Lora O'Connor, and Michael Jay in Los Angeles; our new friends in Birmingham, Sharron Williams and Ben Mazzara; in Seattle, Judith Shattuck and Jim Mullins; in Detroit, many thanks to Paul Stevenson, Mike Short, and Tony Trupiano (PDA advisory board member); in Vermont, Bruce Taub and Nicoli Bailey; and in Northampton, Massachusetts, Les and Susie Patlove and Kathleen Bridgewater. We'd also like to acknowledge the speakers from PDA and thank them for the eloquent speeches they made: Tony Trupiano in Detroit, Steve Cobble in Oakland, John Bonifaz and PDA national director Tim Carpenter in Northampton, David Swanson in Maryland, and William Rivers Pitt in Vermont.

Now to the report:

Throughout the nation today, we saw crowds of people in red and blue states chant "Impeach Bush!" at events with political leaders not yet ready to use the "I-word." It would seem that the much-maligned American Public is way out ahead of many political insiders.

Crowds at the event in Montgomery County, Maryland asked, "Why is it so hard to get a Democrat from a solidly Democratic district to introduce articles of impeachment? What are they waiting for?"

In fact, since the Downing Street Memo was leaked to the British press in early May, PDA has stood side-by-side with Congressman John Conyers and other key members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to put the wheels of impeachment in motion. PDA was the first progressive organization in the nation to support the letter Conyers authored and co-signed by 133 members of Congress demanding that the President address the troubling issues revealed in the Downing Street Memo. PDA generated the first 100,000 citizen signatures on the petition supporting the Conyers letter and enjoined its allies and partners across the progressive political spectrum to create a coalition of support. Just this week, Congresswoman Barbara Lee submitted a "Resolution of Inquiry


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As I drove past on the main street in downtown Highland Park, (right near the New Brunswick, NJ border) I saw a good-sized enthusiastic crowd gathered on the sidewalk right out along the street. As I walked to join them, I could hear them from a distance. There was such a strong feeling of solidarity and passion, with speakers, music and rousing cheers and chants. Afterwards, a lot of the crowd headed to a house party to share food, conversation, watch political videos and I felt bad that I had to leave early. How exciting to know that similar events were being held all over!! What a powerful movement we are building and we need to keep it growing! We WILL prevail!!

I had other commitments and was sorry that I couldn't participate. I hope that the momentum keeps up. Something needs to be done with this administration!

I live in Southeast VA (99.9% Conservative)and I just returned from the DC Emergency Truth Convergence. Ray McGovern spoke at the rally in Lafayette Park on the DSM. I was disappointed with the public attendance, however, there seemed to be as many people from the press as there were attendees. We had DSM signs and we had our picture taken at least a dozen times by independent press. After the rally everyone marched to the White House. There was a large group of boyscouts in front of the WH and when they saw us coming with our signs they started to chant "4 more years". We walked amongst them and started chanting "impeach". "4 more years", "IMPEACH", "4 more years", "IMPEACH", it was great. We were much louder than they were and we walked back and forth in front of the camaras holding our DSM signs high. The energy was awesome. We were so energized we marched with our signs for five blocks back to our hotel. After the rally there was a workshop at American University and Ray McGovern spoke on the DSM there also. C-Span taped it. We also had signs posted on the back of my van including the Afterdowningstreet logo and web address in large letters. Since we drove over 200 miles each way and we drove around DC for two and a half hours looking for a parking place, I feel like we got some exposure. We only had one negative response (in SE VA)when a man stuck his arm out the window and gave us a thumbs down and hollered at us. We were cheered by two drivers, one in Nortern VA and one in DC. The rest of the people were probably clueless but at least they read our signs.

We had more than 30 attendees crammed into our 1,200-square-foot house in Riverview, FL (near Tampa); our guests included a journalist from WMNF and two candidates for two different U.S. Congressional seats in the Central Florida area.

We watched the DVD and listened in on the GREAT conference call; afterwards, we mingled and discussed future action items to bring about public awareness of the Traitorgate and DSM issues and how they both link together to expose this administration's culture of deception and corruption.

See pix here!

carry on.all of us are with one can hide tuth to be out fpr ever.

Well done true american deserve better

Bush not only be impeached he must answer to the 9-11 attack on US and other citizens
He must pay for what's doen to Iraq from 1991 onwards also afghanistan and he must answer for his support to israel and the billions US gives to Israel

USA is going down fast true american should stop this dangerous slide the world needs america and vice versa but america that stands for justice not favouritism and individual interest

Good luck guys keep up the good work

May God bless

I am a Muslim from Singapore. I pray, that, Jesus (peace and salutation be upon him), in his second coming, God would protect him from evil leaders. His mission is totally opposed to the current "righteous" policies. They lied in order to justify wars, and I fear, they would lie again to get Jesus killed. All in the name of political expedience.
May God have mercy on us all.

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