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Photos from Protest at NBC in New York

The photos from the NBC protest are on my blog:

There are none from the afternoon rally at Ethical Culture, because I couldn't get in.

So congratulations are in order I expect.

With all those people there are probably lots of photos of the rally, so you don't need me and my little blog for that.

Let me know what else is happening and what I can do.

Dan Cohen


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and he spoke boldly this morning on his NBC Chris Matthews Sunday morning show at the end when he closes his show with his comments. He succinctly connected the dots with the CIA outing and Joe Wilson and lack of Niger uranium and other CIA reports that were going on before the war that panned out NOTHING in the way of Sadaam's mushroom clouds, and yet Bush & Cheney were constantly repeating the opposite of all the multiple legitimate reports that said NO WMD's. I'm paraphrasing here, but Chris Matthews said this is all pointing to "bogus" (HIS word!!!) reasons for going to war. I gotta believe the NBC protest yesterday helped push the truth out... Thank you!!!

NBC protestors ROCK ! Chris Matthews ROCKS !

I want to know the name of the show so that I can write NBC thanking them for airing it and supporting more such shows.

I catch it in my area on Sunday morning, so you need to check your TV listings since its syndicated. However, he is the same Chris Matthews that does Hardball> Finally, there's something to play hardball with all the "-gates" going on. There was someone else on the Matthews' Show panel that was making a valiant effort to connect dots, but I did not catch his name ... I'm going to write NBC a big thank you for Chris Matthews outspokedness(sp?) on his Show to connect dots and tell the mainstream public!

George S. tried his best to make an honest man out of John McCain this Sunday morning on THIS WEEK. I'm Paraphrasing here>>>Over and over again John McCain says he trusts the President to do the right thing in the Karl Rove case, and yadayadayada about whether or not Karl Rove really intended to out the CIA agent, could be honest mistake blahblahblah John McCain is OBVIOUSLY defending Karl Rove and feigning Rove's ignorance that Karl just didn't no any better until it even got George Stephanopolous agitated (of course I was off my couch yelling at the TV by then).

Paraphrased>>>George S. basically stopped the B.S. in its tracks and basically said to John McCain that even before the case is done its obvious that Karl Rove already broke a non-disclosure agreement that ALL White House employees that have security clearances sign at the beginning of their employment>>> and George S. then READ the non-disclosure agreement which even indicates possible termination immediately upon an employees' dislosure of classified matters .

I do NOT trust John McCain , POW hero or not. He has a hidden agenda, he is on the Armed Forces Committee and he smells corrupt and rotten to me, with the flag draped all around himself of course.
McCain is a HAWK and he will be a HAWK with or without lies or truth to war....PERIOD.

is a GIANT disappointment. He is either a hawk, or is being extorted. I cant believe he follows the rabid right so keenly especially since Bush's filthy tactics caused him the Republican nomination. SHAME ON YOU MCCAIN. you have let us all down, and It no longer matters if you were a POW or not. ANTI-American!!!!!!!!!!

and at this point, I also think his Republican nomination meant more to us than it ever did to him. Something caught my eye a few weeks ago, and I've threaded together a John McCain I would NEVER trust with my life...he makes me smell a BIG FAT TWO-FACED RAT. Read the links and weep:

John McCain was a president of the New Citizenship Project(NCP) :

The NCP initiated the Project of New American Century (PNAC):

The PNAC is the infamous thug tank of slimeballs with dreams of a "new Pearl Harbor" (link not working> cut n paste put in your address bar):

John McCain just LOVES John Bolton (PNAC puppet-member for UN):

Ok, you can all stop holding your noses now so that you don't puke.

This question was on NBC's website today on the Hardball page:

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Live Vote: Do you agree with Pres. Bush's handling of the CIA leak investigation?

If you, like me, rush to answer with a resounding NO!!!, watch your step, because the question actually is Would you be willing to be searched?

There is a comments section below the voting area in which I expressed my disappointment that they'd changed the question. is the url for that page with the original know, the one I wanted so badly to be asked and answered by the American people.

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