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Kucinich Wins Virginia Democratic Party Poll

By David Swanson

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has won the Virginia Democratic Party's online presidential primary straw poll. Candidates in the poll included the six Democrats who have qualified to appear on the primary ballot in Virginia on February 12.

The party's website said from the start and continues to say that the straw poll voting closed at midnight on December 23rd. In reality, it is still possible to vote and to change the totals. Since the 23rd, the numbers have increased very slightly, though not enough to alter the results. Presumably, this is because most voters are unaware that the voting is still open.

Kucinich supporters, fearing some secret plot to flood the election with votes for another candidate, have been collecting screen shots of the results each day from the website and attempting unsuccessfully to get party officials to explain why the voting is still open.

Here are the results as of December 25th, as shown in the graphic below:
Dennis Kucinich 30%
Hillary Rodham Clinton 27%
Barack Obama 14%
John R. Edwards 12%
Bill Richardson 9%
Joe Biden 9%

To view the current, slightly altered, results, go to:

and click where it says "View Results."

Kucinich spoke at a well-attended rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on December 7th, an event that energized his volunteers and supporters. Video:

Asked about the Democratic Party's poll results, Kucinich volunteer Andrea Miller said what she's been saying for months: "Dennis can win. We just have to vote for him."


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When the Primaries come HE COULD DELIVER AN UPSET!!!

Now that we have proved that Kucinich can win, let's make sure that he does on February 12 (or whenever it is). We need to put forward a real peace candidate. We don't need anymore warmongers, war enablers or war makers. Kucinich is focused on peace and prosperity. That's what the world needs now. Go Kucinich!!!

So I guess the poll, which officially closed Sunday night, is still open. Guess the paid signature gatherers don't have enough email addresses to change the fact that Virginians want Kucinich for president.

CodePink, do we know each other? Am Pink too, in fact most here are though they may not know it.
Thanks, Rain

p.s. to fellow Virginians - Please contact me at if you are willing to collect sigs for the Green Party come January. The state of VA does NOT allow any sigs for Greens before Jan. Want to help change the law here? Did my best for Dennis and want everyone "on the table" come election time. Thanks in advance. Rain

The lack of coverage in Iowa really steams me. Just got a mail that includes updates of 6 dems. Was Kucinich there? No. Was Dodd who didn't even make the ballot in VA represented? Yes. No offense to Dodd who did a damn fine job standing up for the constitution in December by standing up against the immunity proposal for the telcoms.
This is going to sound awful. Do "they" pick early states for a known not to us reason?

One time, a client of the business where I worked alerted me that a strange email, a YAHOO email, was listed as "contact" on her account site of our business. Smart young lady said she would email the screenshot . The screenshot was forwarded to the head of another department where it supposedly was generated. Last I heard, the department head still has not figured out why the contact email was a YAHOO email!


Will you please contact me directly about above? I don't understand. Thanks Yank.

I'm not that techie enuf to know how to contact you via ADS contact site (how do you do that?), but the screenshot thing , a similar situation happened at work, so the client saved a screenshot of something out of the ordinary on her account screen with our business site. She is able to prove something is wrong with her account that way (as is in possibly hacked!)

They are getting people to do the same thing with the Kucinich poll, to SAVE THE SCREENSHOTS of it everyday so you can prove if its tampered with or not.

Something is really rotten in the state of
Denmark... Kucinich keeps winning all these polls and media never calls him a frontrunner!

above in thread if anyone wants to help get Greens on the ballot in VA, or anywhere else for that matter. I want Dennis to be the president and the Greens can't name the nominee until June or July. At every action, protest, I usually am armed with a petition or two. Helped Dennis get on the ballot in VA.
Really appreciate David's Death by Election article. However if we don't help Greens gain prominence, we are stuck with what we have now.
So, email me at if you wish to help Dennis and/or the Greens. I don't see a conflict, though some will.
Impeach for Peace,
Happy New Year!

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