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Senate Joint Resolution 5 (resolving to petition the U.S. House to impeach Bush and Cheney) was introduced on Jan. 23, 2007, by eight Senators. It has made it through a number of Senate committees and is headed to the full Senate floor. Ask them to pass it here.

Watch the introduction press conference:

It was approved by the Senate Rules Committee on February 16th. No Republicans attended the committee hearing. Every Democrat attended and voted Yes. A huge crowd spilling out of the room and forming a long line through the hallways outside provided several hours of testimony in support of the bill. Eventually committee members had to cut the event short. These are the heroes who voted Yes: Senator Linda M. Lopez, Chair; Senator John T.L. Grubesic, Vice Chair; Senator Ben D. Altamirano; Senator Dede Feldman; Senator Cisco McSorley. Here's an audio report on the Rules Committee hearing by Desi Brown, a legislative aide in the office of New Mexico State Senator and SJR5 sponsor Gerald Ortiz y Pino. Here's a media video:

Here's the full coverage. This is the one to watch!

2-25-07: New Mexico Senate Joint Resolution 5, calling on Congress to initiate the impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney, passes Public Affairs Committee, 3-2, moves on to Senate Judiciary Committee (Impeachment Channel #24)

2-25-07: Report by Anne Kass

If you are a resident of New Mexico, please politely urge these two Democratic Senators to speed the resolution through the Senate:
Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez 505-986-4727

President Pro Tem Senator Ben Altamirano 505-986-4733

If you live outside New Mexico, please forward this to everyone you know in New Mexico and ask them to send it to all of their local friends:

ALSO: Call local talk shows to discuss the urgent need for New Mexico's legislature to start the impeachment process by passing Senate Joint Resolution 5.

The key point to stress is this is not a matter of a state stepping inappropriately into a federal issue. This is a state following a procedure that is laid out in the Jefferson Manual of rules for the U.S. Congress, a procedure that has been used successfully in the past to remove judges and other officials from office. And impeachment is the official position of the New Mexico Democratic Party.

Sign up here to watch the bill's progress.

How a state legislature can compel the U.S. House to begin impeachment proceedings: Explanation.

Jan. 29, 2007, update.

Senate Joint Resolution 5 introduced on Jan. 23, 2007, by eight Senators:

For bill status, go here and click on Bill Watcher.

The Land of Enchantment and Impeachment: article.

Impeachment on the Cross of Procedure: article.

Albuquerque Journal article.

New Mexican article.

Listen for coverage at

CNN coverage discussed in The Nation.

Ask your local paper to print this Associated Press article now!

Text of New Mexico resolution: PDF.

Cosponsors: Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino, Senator John Grubesic,

Video of State Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino: Video.

If you're from New Mexico, you can sign up to get involved by...

If you're from anywhere, you can sign up to stay informed, contact your U.S. representative and senators, and add your voice to a national call for impeachment by...

signing this petition for impeachment.

Please call and thank:
Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino:(505) 986-4380,

Or his aide Desi Brown: (505)256-0668,

Sen. John Grubesic, Rules Committee Vice Chair: (505) 986-4265,

Sen. Linda Lopez, Rules Committee Chair: (505) 986-4737,

Sen. Cisco McSorley: (505) 986-4485,

Sen. Dede Feldman: (505) 986-4482,

If you live in New Mexico, please send state Senators a message something like this (change and expand as you like):
I'd like to encourage you to please cosponsor, along with Senators Ortiz y Pino and Grubesic, the resolution to petition the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney. If we go into the next presidency having established that a president can lie us into war, spy on us in violation of the law, detain without charge, and torture, we will be throwing away the democracy we've struggled to keep and expand for over 200 years. We all have a solemn duty to work for the impeachment of men who have made our executive branch of government into a monarchy. You are in a position to play a key role in making this happen. Please do the right thing. Make the choice you would want your great grandchildren to be proud of.

Additional contact info is here.

This campaign will not succeed without financial assistance. You can send money via paypal to or by check to:
Leland Lehrman
163 Old Lamy Trail
Lamy, NM 87540

Leland is leading this effort. He is the editor of the Sun News and publisher of Mother Media.

Leland Lehrman can be reached at (505) 982-3609.

You can also contact Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino's aide Desi Brown: (505)256-0668,

Introduction in Senate on Jan. 23, 2007

AUDIO: 2-21-07: Republican New Mexico State Senator and Public Affairs Committee Ranking Member Steve Komadina denies validity of charges against George W. Bush for four allegedly impeachable offenses (Impeachment Channel #22)

3-2-07: "If we can get all the Democrats to show up, I think it has a reasonable chance of passing," says New Mexico State Senate staffer of Senate Joint Resolution 5, "petitioning Congress to commence the investigation of and impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard B. Cheney" (Impeachment Channel #28)

A New Mexico blog covering this story:


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