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New Hampshire Impeachment

Resolution tabled on April 16, 2008: report here.

Rally on April 14, 2008.


The people of New Hampshire have the power to send a petition to the U.S. Congress urging Congress to COMMENCE IMPEACHMENT HEARINGS.

If bill HR 24 passes in the N.H. House, it will be sent to the United States Congress. No vote in the Senate is needed, nor is the signature of the Governor.

Phone your representatives by April 15th and urge them to support Betty Hall's bill HR 24.


Better yet, have a CALLING BEE: Invite your friends to gather for an afternoon of telephoning all of NH's representatives.

Representatives' phone numbers may be found at

We only need 202 votes for passage.

The NH House vote on HR24 is scheduled for April 16th.

You may also send comments of support. Email to: and please include your town and State.

Republican Wants Impeachment and Prosecution

Report on Feb. 20, 2008, committee vote.

Report on Feb. 19, 2008, hearing.

Click for PDF:

Rally and Public Hearing planned for February 19, 2008: Details.

New Hampshire has now successfully joined the list of states with legislatures attempting to pass impeachment resolutions.

Representative Betty Hall's Resolution to the NH House for Impeachment of Richard Cheney
November, 2007


Rep. Hall originally attempted to make this happen in June 2007, when we posted this news:

New Hampshire has joined the list of states where a resolution in support of the impeachment of Bush and Cheney has been introduced in the state legislature. The list includes 12 states: New Hampshire, Vermont (where the resolution passed in the Senate), New Hampshire, Texas, Washington, New Mexico, Missouri, Minnesota, California, Illinois, Wisconsin, Hawaii, and Maine. Similar resolutions have been introduced in a great many cities and towns and have been passed by at least 79 of them. At least 15 state Democratic parties have passed such resolutions as well.


Nicest Bit in the State of New Hampshire's Bill of Rights

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