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Maine Impeachment Movement

Rep. Michaud has written to Chairman Conyers calling for Cheney impeachment hearings!


Report and photos from 9/25/2007 Sit-In at Tom Allen's Office.


Portland, Maine, City Council to Hold Second Vote on Impeachment on August 20, 2007: Be There!


The Maine Campaign to Impeach decided to organize two very important events on September 25 (Portland) and 26 (Bangor).

Because the House of Representatives has responsibility for investigating impeachment it was decided to ask impeachment supporters around Maine to join us in a citizen Serving Charges of Impeachment to our Maine Congressmen.

Because both of our two Democratic Congressman in Maine are now refusing to support impeachment of Bush and Cheney the Maine Campaign to Impeach intends to expand our efforts, working with the growing national movement, to increase pressure on our members of Congress.

Our plan to Serve Charges of Impeachment against Bush-Cheney will include these points:

Lying to Congress to start a war without legitimate reasons
Illegal torture throughout the world
Detaining Americans without charges or counsel
Illegal wiretapping of Americans

Our action plan is as follows:

Tuesday, September 25 (Portland)

We will gather at noon in Tommy's Park in downtown Portland right next to Rep. Tom Allen's office
From noon to 1:00 pm we will spread out throughout downtown Portland and hand out leaflets explaining to the public why we are Serving Charges of Impeachment of Bush-Cheney to Rep. Allen
At 1:00 pm we will hold a rally at Tommy's Park with speakers outlining the charges against Bush-Cheney and our outrage at Rep. Allen for refusing to consider impeachment even though he has acknowledged to leaders of the Maine campaign that Bush has committed "impeachable offenses."
At 1:30 pm we will enter Rep. Allen's office as a group and present the Charges of Impeachment
We will remain in the office until we hear from the Congressman that he will support impeachment of Bush-Cheney
If Rep. Allen calls the police and we are told to leave the office we are inviting people to remain in the office and risk arrest. (Civil disobedience is a matter of personal conscience and it would be quite acceptable for anyone not wishing to risk arrest to leave at that point.)
Contact Bruce Gagnon at 443-9502 or for more information.
Wednesday, September 26 (Bangor)

We will repeat the same basic plan outlined above at the Bangor office (23 Water St) of Rep. Mike Michaud. Location of leafleting and rally are yet to be determined. Times will be similar to those outlined above.
Contact Jimmy Freeman at

It is important for us to remember that the impeachment of Richard Nixon helped considerably to end the Vietnam war. At first the Congress refused to consider Nixon's impeachment but due to enormous public pressure it became inevitable.

Today we hear Bush-Cheney say that they will not end the occupation of Iraq as long as they are in office. Congress refuses to cut funding to end the war. Demanding that Bush-Cheney be held accountable for their crimes protects the Constitution and helps to end the illegal and immoral Iraq debacle.

We ask you to share this email with others in your community. We ask you to join the Maine Campaign to Impeach at both of these events on September 25 & 26 by participating in any part of the actions that you are comfortable with.

Help Maine join the growing calls around the nation to bring Bush-Cheney to justice. Help us restore democracy and the rule of law in America.


August 25, 2007, March to Bush Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine:
Activist website for more info.

Reports from July 1, 2007, March to Bush Compund for Impeachment:

Press release / announcement.
Portsmouth Herald pre-event.
Portland Press Herald Column Asks Bush to Resign
Photos, More Photos,
Video of arrests.
Boston Globe.
Reporter-American Journal.
Portland Press Herald.
Portland Press Herald 2.
Portland Press Herald 3.
Agence France Press.
Associated Press.
Associated Press 2.

John Kaminski's July 1st speech.
David Swanson's July 1st speech.

June 7th Meeting in Ogunquit:


State Legislature:

Resolution introduced in State Legislature on May 29, 2007.

Rally at Statehouse, May 29, 2007.

Members of the Maine Campaign to Impeach gathered in April 2007 at the Bush Estate, Walker's Point, Kennebunkport, Maine to demand impeachment. The group is sponsoring an on-line petition calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney. The petition is at

Photograph by Peter Woodruff.

April 28, 2007, Impeachment Town Hall in Portland:

The Campaign sponsored a Town Meeting on Saturday, April 28 at 6 PM at First Parish Chruch, 425 Congress Street, Portland, Maine. David Swanson, a national impeachment advocate and founder of spoke. Other speakers included members of Maine Lawyers for Democracy and representatives of the Maine Campaign to Impeach.

Maine Lawyers for Impeachment
By Martha Spiess, April 9, 2007

Today Maine Lawyers for Democracy had a press conference in Portland Maine (a group of 65 lawyers). They are calling upon our two Representatives to commence impeachment proceedings. Also they call upon the Maine State Legislature to pass a resolution to initiate impeachment...The lawyer John Kaminski speaks for 7 minutes..and then Dud Hendricks speaks for 6 minutes about his group

Position Paper attached as PDF below.

Watch MOV video.


Local organizing:

maine.pdf633.05 KB

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Thank-you, Maine Lawyers for your integrity. This brief taped press conference, during which the Maine Lawyers for Impeachment announce their position in joining" Maine Impeach", is compelling and touching. John Kaminski's speech is powerful, and speaks to the grave situation in which our country finds itself. Along with Dud Hendricks, and his group, these legal minds are working hard to bring our country back to decency. Both "Maine Impeach", and "Maine Lawyers for Impeachment" recognize the magnitude of the abuses of power, and the atrocities which have been perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney Regime. They, like so many others, are true patriots. Hopefully, some of the 65 lawyers will help with the 9-11 TRUTH Movement (and bring Bushco to justice for the this nightmare,( by which all the other illegal, immoral, and depraved atrocities have been "justified".) Again, thank-you Maine Lawyers (and "Impeach Maine") for your integrity.

It seems to me that impeachment for high crimes is unlikely.They have passed laws that in essence allow the very actions that we find offensive. By doing so they in essence are following the law. But we might have hope of success if we impeached Bush on the grounds of mental inability or moral depravity.
Here is what I mean by that. Much like Vietnam the US wants the ability to use torture. If the law becomes a pest they will simply do exactly what they did in Vietnam and hand prisoners over to other nations to do the torturing for us. In fact we are probably doing that right now. It will be hard to establish legal guilt when they cover their bad acts with these tactics. But we may well be able to establish a notion of moral depravity sufficient to succeed in impeachment.

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