You are herecontent / Breaking News: Rep. Jim McGovern to introduce "The Safe and Orderly Withdrawal Act"

Breaking News: Rep. Jim McGovern to introduce "The Safe and Orderly Withdrawal Act"

Here are Talking Points on HR 2237, McGovern's Bill as Offered for a Vote on House Floor on May 10, 2007

Video of bill introduction Jan. 31, 2007

PDA has learned that this week, our friend and ally Rep. Jim McGovern will introduce new legislation, which replaces HR 4232 “End the War in Iraq Act of 2005”. In the new bill, “The Safe and Orderly Withdrawal Act,” the U.S. would begin the safe and orderly withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq within 30 days of enactment to be completed within 180 days. The withdrawal would be paid for by already appropriated funds and all funds for deployment of U.S. troops would be terminated upon completion of the withdrawal.

Nothing in the bill would prohibit funds to be spent on social and economic reconstruction, or to assist Iraqi armed forces or a multinational force. It allows for US military assigned to security of the US Embassy and US diplomats to remain in Iraq, and at the request of the Iraq government, the Army Corps of Engineers. More.

Exclusive PDA interview with Rep. Jim McGovern
By David Swanson, PDA Board Member

In an exclusive interview conducted Jan. 22 for PDA by David Swanson, Rep. McGovern commented on a range of issues, excerpted here.

The urgency of this moment: "This war has gone on longer than our involvement in WW II. It is time to, you know, to step it up a notch and to urge Congress to finally live up to its constitutional responsibility."

Upcoming "supplemental" funding bills: "I don’t want to be talking about emergency supplementals, you know, in 2008 or 2009. I want this war over! I don’t want the next Presidential election to be about the war in Iraq." More.

Podcast: Tony Trupiano visits with Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA)
Listen to this podcast.


March and Lobby in Washington on January 27th, 28th, and 29th

Come to Washington, D.C., on January 27. Join in the march for peace being organized by United for Peace and Justice, a march dedicated to Ending the War Now!. (Some of us will also march for impeachment.)

TIP: Buy a dozen or more Impeachment Shirts, bring them to D.C., sell them at a profit, and pay for your trip.

Come to the workshops and trainings (including on how to lobby for investigations with the ultimate goal of impeachment) on January 28th and come with us to meet with your Congress Member and Senators on January 29th. It's not too late to register.

Here is a comprehensive list of all sorts of related events in Washington and elsewhere in the coming days.


Print Out a Flyer and Make Copies

Click image for flyer in Word. Blank areas on right are for you to fill in local info.

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Given that the Constitution gives the power solely to the Congress to declare war, and given that Bush now uses that as his excuse to wage war as he alone sees fit, doesn't it follow that if Congress declaer "peace".....formally declared peace....that the president would no longer have the authority to wage war?
Perhaps that's too simple....or is it?

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