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Could Massachusetts Impeach Bush and Cheney?


HONK TO IMPEACH action at Rep. Capuano's office, Thurs 8/30/2007, 10am, Cambridge, MA


Two page FAQ on impeachment: PDF.

We certainly think so!
By Massachusetts Impeachment Coalition

Vermont, Washington, New Mexico, Missouri, California, Illinois, Minnesota, even Texas, have all introduced impeachment resolutions. Why isn’t Massachusetts on that list? Today a handful of us met with one Mass. legislator in the House to discuss the possibility of introducing an impeachment resolution in Massachusetts.

And the results of that meeting? Good. Not very good, but good. Mass. House Representative Denise Provost expressed serious interest in sponsoring a Massachusetts resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney, but first she wants to talk it over with colleagues to see if there’s much interest in co-sponsorship, to see if there’s much support, and to see if it’s a good idea in light of the fact that Massachusetts is hard at work on the budget for this year. In light of the fact that we gave her over 1,200 supporting signatures (we estimate that 90 percent of them were actually from the Boston area), there’s a lot of pressure to move forward here.

If Massachusetts were to pass a resolution of impeachment, then by sec. 603 of the Jefferson’s Manual the House of Representatives would have to consider the articles of impeachment.

Take Action!

To help put Massachusetts on the map as a state that supports impeachment, we need more Mass. legislators to know that we care about impeachment. Here’s what you can do:

Head over to this site to find out who your Mass. legislature reps are.
Enter your address and hit “Find My Election Information”.
Scroll down to the bottom of the results page.
Find the names and e-mail addresses.

E-mail each of them and say, “Please help co-sponsor a Massachusetts impeachment resolution with Rep. Provost!”

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Good work Massachusetts!

We are still working to move SJM 8016 to a vote in Washington State. Every state that joins the campaign to impeach moves everybody forward a step. Go to your representatives directly, to talk face to face, and ask supporters in Massachusetts to do the same without delay. Work with the peace and justice community, the veterans, the Progressive Dem's, World Can't Wait, Code Pink, and the many student groups there. Arrange the biggest media event you can, maybe a panel of experts and luminaries, and tell the world that the people of Massachusetts will not tolerate the abuses of the Bush Administration any longer. Unleash a torrent of emails to every legislator immediatlly. Dem' can help you. Ask for donations, and get an organization set up right away. I advise that you hire some paid staff, it will be cheaper and more efficient in the end. We have shown "Articles of Impeachment" by CCR, to many groups,many times...
Tell Representative Provost that the Constitution trumps any other item on her agenda right now. This is one of the most important projects in our lifetimes, let's get it done.

Linda Boyd
Director, Washington For Impeachment


I was in Washington State Representative Bob Hasegawa's office a few weeks ago and thanked him for co-sponsoring a bill to impeach the president. He said U.S. Senator Patty Murray went onto the floor of the Washington State House to tell Democrats not to push that bill through, or something like that. Haswegawa indicated the Democrats were not very happy about a U.S. Congressional representative telling members of the State House what to do. She crossed some boundaries, apparently. I don't know why Murray was so hostile to the bill that she felt the need to interfere. I'd like to know more about what was said. And I hope people contact her office to complain, and to voice their desire for impeachment.

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