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March, Rally, Lobby in DC


Come to Washington, D.C., on January 27. Join in the march for peace being organized by United for Peace and Justice, a march dedicated to Ending the War Now!. (Some of us will also march for impeachment.)

and workshops and trainings (including on how to lobby for investigations with the ultimate goal of impeachment) on January 28th being planned by Progressive Democrats of America.

Make appointments now to meet with your Congress Member on January 29th to demand an end to war funding and a beginning to war investigations. Get organized with others in your Congressional District.

Room and Phone Numbers for 110th Congress.

More about Congress.

TIP: Buy a dozen or more Impeachment Shirts, bring them to D.C., sell them at a profit, and pay for your trip.


Sign Up for Lobby Day Now

1. Register now for the UFPJ Congressional Advocacy Day (lobby day) January 29, 2007

March to the Capitol on J27 -- march into your Rep. and Senators' offices on J29!
Register Here:

Plan to attend the Sunday Strategy and Training Sessions
We strongly encourage everyone who plans to lobby to attend the training and meeting-planning session on Sunday January 28. This session will allow you to meet with others in your state and congressional district to plan for the most effective meeting possible. Training for lobby day is tentatively scheduled to begin at noon at Bethesday Chevy Chase High School (near the metro, plenty of free parking). Morning sessions will be organized by UFPJ member groups to focus on organizing and strategy on a variety of issues. Stay tuned for more information.

Print Out a Flyer and Make Copies

Click image for flyer in Word. Blank areas on right are for you to fill in local info.

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What an ingenius catch phrase for the rally ("Impeach for Peace") !

Who came up with that?

Keep up the great work, my friend!

~ Mikael Rudolph (organized early 2006)


And I was told there was absolutely no connection between impeachment and peace - like peace and justice don't go together.

I think Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27 and After Downing Street Dot Org bumper stickers were available in 2005.

Semper pacificus - David & Mikael,

Daniel I. Fearn
Impeachment Coordinator
Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27

According to my multiple family members, "Impeach for Peace" were the first words I uttered sometime around my first birthday in June of 1959.


~ Mikael Rudolph

How can we stand two more years of breaking our laws and then throwing it in our face like he is above our law's. To protect our constitution was Mr. Bush's first duty, then the citizens of our U.S.A. and for that he has to go.

We can't stand two more minutes, let alone two more years. These people are criminals...the US Constitution and the people mean nothing to them, absolutely nothing. They have broken laws that any one of us would be imprisoned for for life. They must be held accountable for these crimes against the people of the US, the world, and the planet.

Another World is Possible:






cliton was impeached for making a false statement. Bush has based his whole presidency on a lie. where have you guys been?

Clinton wasn't impeached, he was just close to it. But I agree: Everything Bush has told us is a lie, dripping from his lips as easily as saliva. He doesn't care, and he only holds up his "moral" values as a way to rally his OWN brand of extremists behind him. I've been ready and willing to go for an Impeachment of him since I was 14. I'm 19 now. Tells you something, don't it?

Clinton was impeached. Impeachment is the process which leads to formal hearings to remove from office. Impeachment succeeded but removal from office failed.

Illegal war on terrorism.Our borders are wide open.We are "at war". Thirty MILLION illegals are here and bush is wanting to give them amnesty.Bush has "failed to uphold" his oath of office to protect the nation. If you can not control the borders, can not secure the nation.9,000 AMERICANS ARE MURDERED BY ILLEGALS EVERY YEAR.They won't ever be brought to trial,why ? They just change ID and continue to violate our laws,with bushes blessings.Impeach to improve this nation,restore her to american laws.No telling,how many terrorist have used the borders for entrance into the U.S. It's,only a matter of time.A nation ,run with out wisdom is a nation in decay.

Im a normal civilian im a college student and I am constantly getting into fights with these country bumpkin that live where i live there are tooo many W for presidents on the back of cars and there is something seriously wrong in america When G W BUSH can get away with everything hes getting away with...breaking the geneva convention...enriching himself and his cabinent while letting the rest of america rot away...where will the leaders of today be..tommorrow when america is not a superpower? they wont be here. They will move out and take their money with them. I gaurentee they have fall back plans. The powers that be would have you believe your powerless to change anything...Does anyone remember how the election was stolen in ohio and FL no one is talking about that at all..why b/c the media throws gay marriage into the mix with other distracting shit...Im straight and i dont give a fuck .. Clinton gets impeached for gettin his dick sucked...and we dont recognize a criminal when we see one? Im ashamed at the international opinion of americans. and 85 percent of the worlds population believe bush would and will continue to have a negative impact on the world as americas so glad to see some people are similar minded and that hope is not yet dispair. FIGHT ON!

You cannot possibly be a college student. Please learn grammer and then have an opinion. You fail to persuade when you lack the minumum skills of a participant in a civilized society.
You may also wish to consider not posting things when under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. You do not persuade others to your point of view when your message is incoherent.

Unfortunately, your point lacks credibility because you apparently cannot spell.... i.e. G-r-a-m-m-a-r and M-i-n-i-m-u-m.

Pot calling kettle black???

Sorry anonymous, this 79 year old wartime overseas vet. fought for your right to knock anyone you care to, Yet I too will write as best I can with my 79 years of wisdom. God bless you with peace in your heart.P.S. I akso worked very hard, played by the rules and paid for my 4 childrens coladge education.
Dan Ciaramella
True American fought and paid for.....

I really feel sorry for radical liberals as yourself. You have forgotten 9-11, the invasion of Kuwait, Clintons cowardly non-action to the growing evil of terrorism in his 8 years of being "president", the brutal slaying of Kurds, Clinton's cowardly pull out of Somalia(where the killings still go on), the lies and money laudering of the "united nations", the terror attacks that weren't carried out! I could go on and on. U.S. citizens with this non-American ideology are cowards which have inhereted the right to have such idiotic opinions and cowardly "activist rallies" because of the blood shed by our Fore Fathers. YOU are destroying our Country. I know that everyone has their own opinion, but the ones I've seen on this site are truly a fraudulent way to twist the truth. Do some research of your own! stop watching CNN ( the communist news network) and realize that we are at war with a far greater enemy than the U.S, it's Allies and free world has ever seen!!! Wake up...9-11 was declaration of war.

who are the terrorists towards whom?

I was born , I live in the United States. but i owe no allegiance to no one , except yes, is does seem the USA seems they own people and their emotions

The USA consumes 80% of the worlds resources with 20% of the population, isnt capitalism great?
It seems the United States of Agression is more of a empire , not bound by its borders, this is the modern world where money rules and humanity is out of control.
The beleif of many is that 9/11 was a planned "attack" with bombs in the buildings, how else could they have fallen so fast?
They want you to hate "terrorists"

and if what i said is true then those that perpetuated this are now the "terrorists"

I do not beleive in fighting on this scale, i enjoy verbal argument , but there is no argument that alot innocent people are dying...

President Bush is a puppet for a evil plot
my impeachment site

of course they hate u.s.
i hate u.s. of agression also
I hate all the wars the military start
I hate paying taxes that support this
I hate all the bullshit the us government subsidizes
I hate our car culture that designs everything around cars and consumption

I hate the hate
I hate the capitalistic system that is destroying our planet
beyond our borders
I hate the price of everything i need forcing me to constantly struggle
I hate the 12 month calendar, there are 13 months in a year ,
thank you

Legalize Hemp NOW

This is a war for control


If you go, reduce funding of petroleum warlords, Jets use twice as much, pollute twice as much and provide twice as much power to the dealers of this deadly drug.

Those who fear equal understanding and opinion will moderate this comment. Not because I am correct or your opinion is any more correct, but such flagrant dis-respect and immature consideration for the entire situation in both the Middle East and the now-democratic-West, often breeds simple narrow-mindedness. If activism and "impeach the President" talk was actually effective, we would see some point in history where this kind of action actually made a difference. But there is not such time in history and being an activist is simply a way to feel more in control of a world that no one controls without the use of violence. Please, I would ask that you simply be open-minded. I listen and observe without prejudice or judgement on your convictions--I just wish that you would be more observant to the actual impact that this kind of behavior has on the nation and our loved ones overseas. Thanks -- Justin

What a very important thing this march will be. However, the most important reason for marching in indignation is to protest and seek conviction for the most heinous and evil crime ever perpetrated on our nation: the irrefutable, proveable inside job of 9-11 by the nefarious Bush/Cheney administration. These monsters egineered, and are covering up this false flag act of terrorism. Every other illegal and nightmarish atrocity they have carried out has been "justified" by, and predicated upon, their crime of 9-11. Therefore, the t-shirts and banners should read: IMPEACH and CONVICT the 9-11 TERRORISTS!!!

I think this is a wonderful event, and I am supporting it 100%. The fact that an event such as this one can travel from D.C. and hit a working college in Kentucky is amazing. The president of my school along with the head of our peace and social justice department and 40 students will be coming. We are driving all night marching and driving back. Thank you for all the support and for putting the event together, sometimes a little action can begin a movement.

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