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Want to End the War? Ask for Investigations!

April 11: 2007: Subpoenas getting serious.

March 9, 2007: Patrick Fitzgerald asked to testify!

March 7, 2007: Senate to issue subpoenas!!

March 2, 2007: First subpoena to hostile witness out the door!

March 1, 2007: First subpoenas finally on the way!

We gave the Democrats a majority so that they would have certain powers. They are holding hearings without subpoenaing documents, without subpoenaing witnesses, without putting witnesses under oath, without persuading their leadership to not schedule votes during their hearings: Tell your Congress Member and Senators to straighten up or we'll put them back in the minority.

Here's a one-page info sheet to use in lobbying your Congress Member and Senators.

Room and Phone Numbers for 110th Congress

Congressional phone and fax numbers.

More about Congress.

Here's more information:

Public awareness of the lies that led to the war and the crimes committed during the war helps build public demand for the troops to come home. Not every committee in Congress can work fulltime on simply ending the war: a legislative process that must be pursued but which will be uphill and subject to veto or signing statement. Many committees in the House and Senate, without taking any energy away from ending the war, can finally conduct the investigations that have gone undone for 6 years, exposing evidence that could very well lead to criminal, civil, or political accountability, as well as pressure to end the war and precedent to help prevent the next war.

Polls: majority of public wants investigation of war lies.

Ask your Representative and Senators to conduct investigations.

Our top priorities for Congressional investigations:
1-Misuse of intelligence leading up to the war.
2-Waste, fraud, misuse of funds, including in launching the war in secret, including in construction of permanent bases
3-War crimes, extraordinary rendition, torture

Nancy Pelosi has announced the creation of a Select Intelligence Oversight Panel composed of members of the House Intelligence and Appropriations committees and working within the House Appropriations Committee to oversee spending on intelligence.

Other committees:


Intelligence - Silvestre Reyes
Pre-war and post-war intelligence on WMD and Iraq-Al Qaeda links. We need an investigation of the Bush Administration's misleading us into the war and continuing to lie after the invasion. Such an investigation should seek documents including:
• the complete 2002 National Intelligence Estimate;
• the records of National Security Council meetings on Jan. 30, Feb. 1, and March 16, 2001;
• the records of Cheney's energy meetings;
• the CIA's Senior Executive Memorandum of January 12, 2002 on Hussein Kamel;
• the records of Bush's late July, 2002, budget discussions on Iraq with Nicholas Calio;
• the records of the July 20, 2002, U.S.-U.K. intelligence conference at CIA headquarters;
• the October, 2002, one-page NIE summary described by Murray Waas and discussing aluminum tubes;
• the January, 2003, National Intelligence Council memo on Niger described by the Washington Post;
• the records of CIA plans to create pretext for war: DB/Anabasis, authorized by Bush on Feb. 16, 2002;
• the U.S. records of the January 31, 2003, Bush-Blair meeting at the White House;
• the British and possible U.S. records of early 2003 conversations between Jack Straw and Colin Powell described by Philippe Sands;
• the complaint filed by a CIA agent in Doe v. Goss claiming he'd been punished for providing unwelcome intelligence;
• the records of the White House Iraq Group's work of marketing the war to the American public;
• the memo in which Bush proposes bombing al Jazeera;
the memo Wesley Clark was shown;

other points to investigate:
the failure of the CIA to capture Osama Bin Laden when their agent videotaped him confessing to the 9/11 attack on November 9, 2001
February 2007 Hersh scoop: Bush funneling money to Al Qaeda-related groups

Judiciary - John Conyers
Extraordinary rendition and torture (unless Intelligence is doing this)
Judiciary is doing investigation of signing statements: hearing on 1/31/2007; Report on what happened.
How a Bill Becomes a Signing Statement.

Subcommittee on Constitution - Jerrold Nadler
Investigating FBI abuse

Appropriations - David Obey
Misappropriation of funds to begin the war in Iraq prior to Congressional approval

Subcommittee - John Murtha
All of our priority investigations (unless being done elsewhere)

Government Reform - Henry Waxman
Waste and fraud in war appropriations
First hearing announced. -- Details announced. Financial Times article. Several more reports. Hearing on Whistleblowing.

Government Reform Subcommittee on Domestic Affairs - Dennis Kucinich

Armed Services - Ike Skelton
Permanent bases and war crimes, including the use of illegal weapons and the targeting of civilians, journalists, and hospitals.

Armed Services SubCommittee on Terrorism - Marty Meehan
SubCommittee on Oversight and Investigations - possibly Marty Meehan
Permanent bases and war crimes, including the use of illegal weapons and the targeting of civilians, journalists, and hospitals.

Veteran's Affairs - Bob Filner
Depleted uranium (if not being done elsewhere)


Intelligence - John Rockefeller
Same as House Intelligence above.
What Rockefeller says re. investigating pre-war lies and warrentless spying.

Judiciary - Pat Leahy
Extraordinary rendition and torture (unless Intelligence or Armed Services is doing this)
Waste and fraud in war appropriations (unless being done elsewhere)

Appropriations - Robert Byrd
Misappropriation of funds to prepare for Iraq invasion
Waste and fraud in war appropriations (unless other Senate committees are doing this and/or Waxman is taking lead)

Armed Services - Carl Levin
Extraordinary rendition and torture
Permanent bases
War crimes, including the use of illegal weapons and the targeting of civilians, journalists, and hospitals.
Office of Special Plans (unless Intelligence is doing this)
All of our priority investigations (unless being done elsewhere)
Office of Special Plans (unless Intelligence is doing this)
Hearing on Office of Special Plans on Feb. 9, 2007, -- Background, -- Fuller account, -- Transcript.



When discussing investigations of Iraq during early January meetings with Congress, these should be our goals. They're simple for now; things will become more complicated as investigations get started.

1. Learn current thinking of House leadership and committee chairs

As far as anyone can determine, Pelosi, Reid and the committee chairs do want to conduct serious investigations on Iraq. But to date they've made few concrete plans on how to do so—frustrating but understandable given that they have their hands full with the transition and their 100 hours agenda.

However, Democrats expect this to change soon, with Pelosi and Reid setting priorities this month. During the meetings we should ask these questions:

• Do they plan to investigate every aspect of Iraq? Most importantly, will they examine not just the conduct of the war but the lead-up to war, including the misuse of intelligence?

• Most issues could fall under the jurisdiction of several committees. Have they made any decisions on how to structure investigations? (E.g., subcommittees of the House International Relations Committee and the House Armed Services Committee plan to conduct joint hearings on the training of Iraqi troops.) How will the House and Senate coordinate their actions?

2. Establish relationships with the relevant staff

The investigations will be ongoing throughout 2007 and into 2008. We want to lay the groundwork for working with the relevant staff over the long term. We should:

• Make clear our interest in complete, serious investigations that go wherever the evidence leads. Make sure the staff is aware that polling over the past several years, up to and including a few weeks ago, has shown a majority of Americans want such investigations on Iraq, including on the pre-war intelligence.

• If members sit on relevant committees (see below), learn who on the committee staff and member staff can be our contact person going forward; just one person in each office is enough for now.

• Emphasize our willingness to support what they're doing. Staff members are overwhelmed with responsibilities. We should be clear that we're eager to do whatever makes it easier for them to conduct real investigations. This includes media activism (getting the word out in their districts and nationally about what they're doing) and anything else that's helpful.


Note that chairs seem to be decided, but for new members committee assignments have not all been made.


Intelligence; Silvestre Reyes

Judiciary; John Conyers

Appropriations; David Obey
Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense; John Murtha

Government Reform; Henry Waxman
Government Reform Subcommittee on Domestic Affairs; Dennis Kucinich

Armed Services; Ike Skelton
Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee; Marty Meehan

Veteran's Affairs; Bob Filner


Intelligence; John Rockefeller

Judiciary; Pat Leahy

Appropriations; Robert Byrd

Armed Services; Carl Levin


1. Misuse of intelligence before and during war

The story of previous investigations into prewar intelligence is complicated but important to understand when discussing it with Hill staff.

The Bush administration and House and Senate Republicans have consistently stonewalled any serious investigation into the administration's prewar claims. It's true that two reports have been issued: one in June, 2004, by the Senate Intelligence Committee under Republican Senator Pat Roberts, and one in March, 2005, by the "WMD Commission" appointed by Bush. Both investigations concluded the administration had not pressured the intelligence agencies. Republicans (and much of the media) have repeatedly claimed the administration has thereby been exonerated.

However, both reports were specifically designed to exclude the most important question: did the administration honestly present in public what they were being told by the intelligence agencies in private? As the WMD Commission itself put it, Bush "did not authorize us to investigate how policymakers used the intelligence they received from the Intelligence Community."

Thus, almost four years since the war began—and despite the fact polls show a continuing desire for it on the part of Americans—there has been no genuine investigation into what happened.

It's unclear how the Democrats now plan to proceed. Pat Roberts promised in early 2004 that the Senate Intelligence Committee would release a so-called "Phase II" report that investigated the administration's claims. This never happened. Harry Reid has said the Senate Intelligence Committee, now chaired by Jay Rockefeller, will complete Phase II.

We should urge the Democrats to do one of two things. They should either (1) make Phase II the focus of a broad, deep investigation, using the subpoena power they now possess to delve into the administration's malfeasance; or (2) make Phase II part of a larger investigation, perhaps by both the House and Senate in collaboration. What they should be strongly encouraged to avoid is simply issuing the Phase II report quickly, based on the investigation carried out while the Republicans were in power. Republicans would then portray this as the final word on the subject, and the stonewall would be complete.

Even Democratic staffers may not be aware of the extent to which Bush officials lied about they knew; as bad as the administration has looked in most media portrayals, the truth is certainly much worse. Among the many issues that any real investigation would examine are:

• Statements by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and the CIA that Hussein Kamel, Saddam Hussein's son-in-law, said Iraq still had WMD after he defected in 1995. In fact, Kamel said Iraq had nothing.
• Extensive evidence of pressure on intelligence agencies, including a lawsuit filed by a CIA agent claiming he'd been punished for providing unwelcome intelligence on Iraq
• The one-page National Intelligence Summary prepared for Bush, proving Bush knew about the internal dispute about whether intercepted aluminum tubes actually were intended for a nuclear program
• The many direct contradictions between Powell's U.N. testimony and what he was told by the State Department intelligence staff—including Powell's fabrication of evidence
• Government plans to create a pretext for war, including the CIA's operation DB/Anabasis

2. Waste, fraud, and misuse of funds, including in launching the war in secret and construction of permanent bases

Waste and fraud in Iraq is an enormous subject. In the House the chairmen of the Appropriations Committee (David Obey), Government Reform (Henry Waxman) and Armed Services (Ike Skelton) have all indicated they want to investigate what's happened. Subcommittee chairman such as Murtha have said the same.

For the most part this is a politically appealing subject for Democrats, and it's likely they'll move forward with lots of energy. However, there are some important areas that are more sensitive and they may need encouragement to go after. These include:

• Bush's misuse of over $2 billion in the summer of 2002 to prepare for the invasion of Iraq. First reported in Bob Woodward's Plan of Attack and later confirmed by the Congressional Research Service, Bush took money appropriated by Congress for Afghanistan and other programs and—with no Congressional notification—used it to build airfields in Qatar, etc. This is a blatant violation of Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution ("No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law") and arguably an impeachable offense if the Democrats were so inclined.

• Permanent bases. In October of 2006, both houses of Congress passed a bill with an amendment forbidding the use of funds to continue building permanent bases in Iraq. However, according to the most recent reporting (in the American Prospect), the Army is building four huge super bases in different regions of Iraq, with "absolutely no public scrutiny." The Pentagon plans to occupy the bases indefinitely, and is building an extensive communication system to link them to each other and to bases in Qatar and Afghanistan. When were these bases first approved? Why are they still being built illegally?

• Iraq's oil. The recent Iraq Study Group report called on the administration to "assist Iraqi leaders to reorganize the national oil industry as a commercial enterprise." In other words, Iraq's oil would be privatized—returning the country's main industry to the state in which it existed before it was nationalized in 1972. Until then it had been controlled by Shell, Mobil, Standard Oil and British Petroleum.

3. War crimes, extraordinary rendition, torture

Investigations into extraordinary rendition and torture—in Iraq and elsewhere—will likely be led by Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Leahy has already indicated he's willing to do what's necessary to investigate these issues, including subpoenaing administration records. In particular Leahy plans to procure a 2002 memo written by the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, believed to list approved interrogation techniques.

It's less clear who if anyone will push for investigations into war crimes conducted in Iraq. The Bush administration has been concerned since 9/11 that administration officials might be at risk of prosecution under the 1996 U.S. War Crimes Act. An early 2002 memo by Alberto Gonzales recommended that Bush take steps to prevent this, such as declaring that members of Al Qaeda and the Taliban were not covered by the Geneva Conventions. These strategies appear to have been used in Iraq as well, with Iraqis reportedly moved out of the country in secret without notifying the Red Cross.

Actions such as these might be investigated by the Judiciary Committee as part of its examination of rendition and torture. Meanwhile, other possible war crimes—such as the Haditha massacre—would likely fall under the jurisdiction of the Armed Services Committees in the House and Senate. Still others, such as the use of depleted uranium, could plausibly be investigated by many committees (including Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs), so that if one committee declines to examine what occurred, others may be persuaded to do so.

This, in addition to the clear political sensitivity of anything involving war crimes, means it's difficult to predict how Congress will handle this tangle of issues. We'll have to press them to learn what they're willing to focus on. We want to see investigations into the targeting of civilians and hospitals, ambulances and journalists, the use of cluster bombs, napalm, DU, and other weapons, and the torture flights out of North Carolina.

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Hossam Shaltout
Tel. 1 888 800 6107

This is great idea specialy the complaint filed by a CIA agent in Doe v. Goss claiming he'd been punished for providing unwelcome intelligence;

This proves that not only Bush & Cheney selected only what they liked from the CIA reports, But they also created an atomosphere of terror that sent a message to all the CIA agents to report only what justifies the Iraqi ill fated invasion, that cost a lot of American lives and money and hurt the United States and it's wonderful people.
Hossam Shaltout

These corporate "whores" we call Congress need to understand, real quick like, that investigations into the crimes of this administration are NOT a distraction and we demand that they perform their duty and investigate these people a bipartisan way!

This nonsense that Impeachment is "off the table" is simply not true. Impeachment investigations must be done before this country can ever hope to "move forward". How can we "move forward" with the albatross of tacit approval by the American people to the criminal acts of this regime hanging on our neck? Justice demands that we investigate, investigate, investigate...and where appropriate, convict, convict, convict; then, criminally prosecute!

Jerry Bolduc

The pre-posied atempt will not be effective if the general public gets the watered down version, generated by the great grand media machine!
routing of the general public in wholesale lots is commonn place when political agenda's become the fore front...LET THIS MOVEMENT BE A TEST IN JUSTICE... HANG UM IN THE TOWN SQUARE!
Miles Johnson

You are right on target, Jerry. All the media are touting Gerald Ford's 'moral' decision to pardon Nixon so that 'the nation could move on.' Only Amy Goodman on Democracy Now had the courage and intelligence to look at the truth of the Ford presidency. Pardoning Nixon was done as a 'deal' made with Nixon so that he would resign. A Presidential Pardon is incredibly inappropriate and damaging ... it was then, and it would be if exercised now. The Pardon exercised by Ford on behalf of Nixon prevented the truth from coming out so that Congress and the people of this country would know the truth of their history and realize that, even in this so-called 'democracy' it is possible for the intent of the framers of our constitution to be subverted to the private interests of individuals in power - the President and his cronies, corporations, etc. We have repeated history in spades! And many who were the architects of Ford's and GHW Bush's policies/presidencies are very much involved in the dangerous and misguided policies and actions of this administration. Not only are impeachment hearings not a distraction, they are a necessity for the health of this country which has for too long relied on myth as it's rationale, rather than acknowledging its disgraceful history and making sincere efforts to create positive change.

Deborah Andrew

Hello Jerry!

I would like to invite you --- and everyone else --- to visit the
Patrick J. Fitzgerald blog. (We call ourselves the "Justice Bloggers.")

The big trial is fast approaching --- exciting times are ahead.

Go to:

Hope to see lots of new faces there!

p.s. Please forward this invitation to any and all justice seekers!

They never stop - we have to keep on their a**** every second.

as in no bullshitting the american people, as in making sure that every single asshole in the government, congressmen and senators included in the asshole list, get hung out to dry, their assets 'seized' and their bodies physically incarcerated with no quick 'fake yer own death' kenneth lay exits from prison sentences.

in other words, I want to see them in their caskets after they've been shot, electrocuted, or hung. no peaceful 'put them to sleep' injections, but the bone jarring; "you don't want to do this, future country screwing assholes who lurk out there wishing you could commit treason like these son's of bitches have" executions that tell everyone; "we're not even going to pussyfoot around with your sorry treasonous lying ass if you do this ever again.."

and I mean, no pussyfooting around. real trials, real convictions, and real death sentences carried out by real firing squads or real gallows hangmen.

that's what we need to fix this shit.
the only way you prevent future episodes of; 'hey, I'm going to commit heinous war crimes, try to push fascism and nazism on the population after taking their rights away from them" is to make goddamned sure that these fuckers know they'll die a horrible, really screwed up death for sure when they're tried and convicted.

nothing less will stop their sorry, treasonous, profiteering asses!!!

You are my hero--I thought I was rad but you're light years ahead of me!! I've been advocating the impeachments, prosecutions, and extreme sentencing of Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Rice, and all other minions who've been involved in this regime's mass murders,torture, treasonous acts, and other high crimes, misdemeanors, and felonious activities; 9/11, the 600,000 or more Iraqi citizens who are dead, Katrina victims who were murdered by their nazi cops for trying to get food or water out of ruined stores under ten feet of corpse ridden water("Yeah. let's ignore them for at least a week and then send in the National Guard and declare martial law so they'll be desperate enough for food and water the minute they swim past a storefront we can call them looters and blow their heads off then bus the survivors out of town, detain them in trailer camps, and keep them out of New Orleans (an oil port, of course,)forever") the torture camps around the world, illegal and unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens -- just to name a few top atrocties for which the axis of evil, the real terrorists, can be impeached and prosecuted.
I just hadn't thought far enough ahead to envision their executions but I've got to say I'm with you all the way. Nothing could be bad enough, horrible enough, painful enough for them. Their deaths can not even begin to balance the scales of justice. Only if they could be killed as many times as someone has needlessly died directly as a result of their actions could we hope justice might be served. That won't happen in this lifetime, but they can expect to receive total justice in the next. We won't be seeing their disgusting faces again forever -- and even that's too soon for me. I don't want to live in the same universe with these hyenas masquerading as humans. I want to see them pay for every evil they are responsible for. Right ON, who ever you are, anonymous!

It's essential that all citizens reach out to their reps during this period between Election Day and the first day of the new Congress and demand that he or she exercises the Accountability and Oversight functions mandated by the Constitution, including full support of investigations.

As Bush would say, "I hear the voices" calling for bi-partisanship, for working together to get things done - who are they fooling? Nothing will change any of these pols unless we push them harder than ever, and remind them that they work for us. Congress has absolutely no choice but to investigate the corrupt, inept, and dangerous actions of this administration over the last six years. The people’s business can only move forward in a healthy way if Congress brings to light the insanity of the very recent past and, in the words of the Constitution, “takes care” to make sure the laws of the land are faithfully executed.

Go to sites like to find out what committees your rep sits on and make sure he or she understands that Congress is absolutely required under the Constitution to exercise vigorous Accountability & Oversight as part of their committee responsibilities. If you’re lucky enough to have a freshman Congressperson, as we do here in Brooklyn’s 11th CD, track him or her down over the next 2-3 weeks and find out what Committees they’re going to join – then remind him or her what drove the Blue Wave this time around. The war is of course front and center but A&O is right there too, and we are sending these folks to Washington to do a much better job than the last crew of enablers. Make you’re your rep knows you expect him or her to provide true Accountability and Oversight, and that they must fully support Congressional investigations. Those who do not learn from history are not only doomed to repeat it, but also won’t get re-elected. It’s still up to us – always has been/always will be.

Dave Robinson
Brooklyn, NY

love the soldiers/hate the war/work for peace

Stuff Those Stockings:

If you accept the facts that the WTC was brought down by inside explosives which has been proven many times over, you must accept that 9/11 was orchestrated by American insiders as well.

Bush's brother Marvin headed security for the WTC complex and in NYC on 9/11. Security for the WTC was SHUT DOWN the weekend before 9/11 and NEVER EXPLAINED. It provided opportunities to plant explosives on floors and in the basements, where witnesses heard and saw explosions.

If you accept the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, then the planes flying into the building was a STAGED EVENT in order to accomplish bringing the towers down, which happened in LESS THAN 10 SECONDS. This is all documented. Bush's uncle Jonathan headed Riggs bank which funded two of the "terrorists".

If you accept the fact that this easily proven information is true, then you must accept the fact that the Bush government did not just know about 9/11 beforehand... they caused it.

Accept that information and then ask yourself how many billions of dollars Halliburton makes every second we're in Iraq. Dick Cheney made over $8 million in profits with his Halliburton stock this year alone.

Building 7 of the WTC was brought down hours after the towers were imploded. Building seven housed the offices of the Secret Service and what was conveniently destroyed were ALL FILES of corporate fraud cases, including Halliburton.

And according to this government, we're in Iraq because of 9/11, even though THEY named bin Laden and 19 terrorists as the attackers in a matter of hours that day.

The first investigations we must have is all about 9/11 and the Bush government's DIRECT role in the attacks.

The first question we must ask ourselves is why on earth did we unquestioningly believe a chronic liar when he told us who was behind 9/11? Yes, bin Laden was probably involved... but in what capacity? Did he plan this? Or did he just provide the people to implement the plans? Remember, bin Laden was just as surprised as the rest of us that the towers came down. And bin Laden's family are GOOD FRIENDS of the Bush family. Do you honestly think Bush ever wanted to kill the son of his friends?

The second question we should ask is why did this government allow 250 Saudi Arabians to fly out of the country one day after the attacks when no American was permitted to fly? On that commercial plane were bin Laden family members.

The third question we should ask is did this president, in the wake of the most horrific attack on American soil in history, ever finish reading 'My Pet Goat'?

If you accept these proven statements as fact, you must accept that our nation was attacked on 9/11 by our own Bush government. And the reason they did this was to create 'A New Pearl Harbor' in America to instill enough fear in Americans to allow them the absolute, unchallenged power they need to then invade oil-rich nations under any pretense they make up.

They're nothing more than greedy, self-serving war profiteers. Until we finally stop them and hold them accountable.

American bloggers are the MSM. We cannot depend on the American press to report what needs to be investigated.

Remember, Downing Street Minutes and PNAC's manifesto were both "outted" by foreign press outlets:,,2087-1593607,00.html

... Congressman John Conyers found out about DSM documents through the London Times.

Recently, the Italian press has been working on the "helicopters for forgeries" story, so please keep your Representatives and Senators abreast of this and ALL relevant revelations for American investigations :


Bush and his neocon masters knew there were no WMDs in Iraq, and they were not going to allow the inspectors to finish their work which would expose all their lies. The inspectors had two more months of work, but Bush "advised" them leave Iraq if they didn't want to get bombed. The only way for the neocons to get permanent military bases in Iraq was to invade, occupy and install a puppet government that takes orders from it imperialist masters.

Dave Weldon is a staunch Bush supporter NOT THE PEOPLE OF OUR DISTRICT although he claims he does support the people. Anything that I have requested of Weldon, he always politely informs me that pResident Bush knows best. Weldon won election again because of multiple lies and superior finances. This person is a good copy of Bush. I BELIEVE THAT BUSH SHOULD BE INDICTED NOT IMPEACHED. HE, CHENEY AND RICE ARE LIARS AND TRAITORS. MY ITALIAN FRIENDS WHO GET THEIR NEWS FROM ITALY SAYS BUSH SHOULD GET LIFE IN PRISON FOR HIS CRIMES. I AGREE COMPLETELY.

No they should face the death penalty for war crimes, that's even better.

these criminals should be held accountable if clinton cant even have a little fun while actually doing his job these criminals should be held accountable and what they have done should be treason

"A time comes when silence is betrayal" Dr. Martin Luther King 4/4/67 I for one miss Dr. King. Michael Perkins Military Families Speak Out-Mn

I propose that Americans make thier voices heard by refusing to pay 2006 taxes until:

1. An impeachment process has been started for Bush AND Cheney

2. Troops are brought home from Iraq

They can't send us all to jail.

URGENT. FAX/SEND copy to (The MASONIC!) QUEEN ELIZABETH II of Britain/her Security Services.




(Individual Masonic files are open and public.)

Copies to international parties.

Please Be Aware/Link/Email/Attach to Notice Boards/Raise International Awareness/Send to Everyone You Know.


1. Freemasonry's H.Q. is at 96 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland - builders of the U.S. White House - e.g. BUSH-BLAIR-BROWN-ROTHSCHILD. (Watch the 'traditional handshakes' as they tour the world!)

2. THE KNESSET (Masonic Lodge) was specifically designed, funded and built, by ROTHSCHILD.

3. ADOLF HITLER was a ROTHSCHILD offshoot:

4. Join the globally/strategically placed black dots and the picture emerges!!!

(International security analysis/support has been verified.)

VERIFIABLY Satanic is the World War 3 agenda of the UK's Mountbatten-Windsor Royal Family and Harvard 2nd generation Nazi 'Bonesmen'.

Details, via the copywritten DAYS OF ELIJAH book and film scripts, from:

Rosemary E. Whitelaw.
Temporarily: SCOTLAND - recently returned from Marseille France, Holland, Spain, Ireland, Middle East, US Pacific Northwest (relocating eventually) Canada and Portugal.

Email reply preferred at

'They also kill who only stand and stare/do nothing!'

What does all of this mean to an American?
Marianne Kakstis

House Record As New Media

Another form of activism is to rummage through the House Record. It's straight from the horse's mouth.

It's also important to listen when we want to be heard, so this closes the loop and helps get us connected with our reprehensitives.

Take this for a spin. It's pure HTML, no other scripts (well, the linked version has an ad that I can't control, but you can download a virgin copy at the link at the bottom).

For a quick intro, find "martial law rules" in the 109th. The recommended search at the bottom may also end up being VERY significan hisorically as well. It's the old Heny Gonzalez special orders.

Chairman's WayBack Machine

There are also some links, the capital switchboard phone number (you may need it!!) and c-span links (you might be able to catch them in the "Act", so to speak).


The only common ground that is enforcible is the US Constitution. It's the only common ground worth having.

Off you go now. Go learn how to get around with your new Time Machine.

Thank you for the information about who to contact (Bob Filner of the Veterans Affairs Committee) about depleted uranium. I have asked every member of my Yahoo! group to call this "elected" representative, and I will appreciate any further information you may have about this.

Hajja Romi Elnagar
Depleted Uranium Study Team

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