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Impeachment Vigils September 1, 2006

Progressive Democrats of America and After Downing Street encourage you to hold a vigil for impeachment on Friday evening, Sept. 1st, preceded or followed by a meeting to dicuss and plan for Camp Democracy. Enter your event into online system HERE. Search for an event already planned in your area HERE. Here are resources from Camp Democracy.

You can also download and play this new 16-minute video from After Downing Street.

Here's what's happening online the same day:

Starting at noon ET on September 1, 2006, and lasting 24 hours, websites and blogs all across the internet are being asked to replace their front pages with the single word "Impeach" in simple white text on a black background. Here's an example:

Visitors to those sites and blogs will be able to click and link to the sites' usual front pages. But first they will see a word that, standing alone, is as powerful as any word right now: it is banned by our political and media leadership but more popular among citizens and activists than perhaps any other. It is both shocking and welcome. For 24 hours, web surfers and blog readers will see that word first when they visit their favorite sites. In this way, we hope to get the public talking about the one tool guaranteed by the Founders to restore our Constitutional Democracy. Please encourage your favorite websites to take part in this action. If you plan to take part, please let us know here:

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I have just proposed that the Boston Tea Party join the afterdowningstreet coalition:

---The Bikemessenger

Lets do it!!! I'll bring the crates of tea, you bring the boats and hatchets. See you there!
If We Don't Know, More Will Go. Delaware Against Illegal Wars.

sunday on CSPAN-2

08:15 AM EDT
1:17 (est.)
The Case for Impeachment
Robin's Bookstore
Barbara J. Olshansky , Center for Constitutional Rights
Dave Lindorff

Damn, i wanted to be first in line to blog about his impeachment.
gues this will have to do, it is 2:30am, "missed it by that much"

President Bush cant read

O.k., just like the first time, my people get the blame. Why not go in under the Stars and Stripes like true Americans. Hey, I've been hearing about impeachment for a long time, but I think it's all talk. Nobody seems to have the guts to do it.

It's not just in Boston anymore! Netroots Rocks!!!

Thanks for the link, Yank!

Great video. We were just debating my advocacy of isolationism at my blog;

it was a perfect fit.

---The Bikemessenger

P.S.--"Isolationism" may have a bad name now, but maybe it's time to change that:

In George Hewes' eyewitness account of The Tea Party, painted and coal dusted patriots, tomahawks in hand, did not even know each other's name, just their group leader, as they boarded three ships surrounded by warships. They took special care to see that the tea would be ruined in the water and they went out in boats the next day to batter down tea containers that floated back up to the surface. Onlookers (Liebermans) who tried to salvage tea for personal use got chastised. Gasoline is our price gouged tea. We do it to the Bush Cheney redcoats and we get it done right. Not just impeach, we tell the whole al Q story from the heroin and Stinger missle love affair between the Reagan right wing and Osama in the Iran Contra Days and the deliberate treachery of a White House cabal that knew an attack was coming and savored it so they could justify their preconceived invasion of Iraq. These tea taxing traitors go under the water. AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2 gets it done, coming soon to your favorite country.

Back to skool . .. lots of "newbies" looking for answers . . .

Here in the USA, we have lots of kidz getting back to skool or starting skool . . . this is a HUGE opportunity for outreach programs around college campuses . . . these September 1 Vigils are a great opportunity for these kidz and older kidz to get involved in the Movement.

Here in Wilmington, the community colleges and the university have just started classes this week and already our Peace Meetup and Activist Internet sites are getting slammed with hits . . .

. . . and if our last two Peace Meetup meetings are a sign of things to come, we may have to start looking for a larger venue . . . we are getting to that "standing room only" stage . . . a good problem to have!!! . . .;-)

Put up flyers in the record stores, book stores, bars & clubs, student unions, music stores, etc. Run adverts in the local "Entertainment" weekly mags like "Creative Loafing","Time Out", etc. .. and if you are fortunate enough to have any independent "non-Clear Channel" radio stations (like our WONDERFUL "The Penguin" and "The Bone"), you might have some luck getting your Public Service Announcements (PSAs) on the air . .. same thing with local cable "community access" channels . ..

Remember, kidz, "Be Nice To Newbies" . . . ;-)

"See you in September
See you when the summer's through
Here we are
Saying goodbye at the station
Summer vacation
Is taking you away"
- See You In September by The Happenings


UNC-Wilmington "INVOLVEMENT CARNIVAL" a HUGE success!!!

Hey Kidz!!! In just THREE hours, our Wilmington Peace Meetup Group almost DOUBLED our support base at this North Carolina University outreach event!!! The theme of the carnival was "Here are things to do in the area while you are in skool."

The reception of these college kidz was unbelievable. They have caught on to the fact that "things are NOT as they appear" and they are demanding answers. And they have done their homework, too. I loved talking to all the science majors about the "Scholars for 9/11 Truth movement" and all the pre-law kidz about the "Downing Street Memos" and the "Illegal NSA Wiretapping". . . like the man said, "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows" . . .;-)

Even the College Republicans came over to our table . . . and we exchanged contact info about coming to address one of their upcoming meetings!!!! And the young Baptist evangelists next to us even helped us take down our tent and asked about our group meetings and took some of our Peace handouts!!! . . .;-)

We handed out hundreds of tri-folds, pamphets, peace sign buttons (badges for you anglo-philes), and sold a lot of bumper stickers!!!

Unlike other outreach events in the past, we did not have a SINGLE person express hostility/anger at us (i.e. You are traitors to the US and the troops, etc. . . come to think of it, I haven't been spat upon in quite some time now, kidz . . . this is a good thing . . .lol)

The saddest part was the number of alumni/faculty/staff that came over to voice support for our efforts but were actually AFRAID to sign up for our e-mail newsletter . . . for fear of their jobs . . . this is Patriarchal Fascist BULLSHIT!!! WE THE PEOPLE should NEVER have to be afraid to voice our oppinions in THIS Country!!! ESPECIALLY in an academic setting, kidz . .. ;-)

Yup, I'm afraid we may have to start looking for a larger venue for our Peace Meetup meetings . . . a damn good problem to have, kidz!!! . . . ;-)

Think globally, act locally, kidz . .. and Older Kidz look after the younger kidz because the "Grown-Ups" are all insane!!! . . . ;-)

"Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'"
- The Times They Are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan


right on the white house lawn. tens of thousands of us scaling the fence, running to take the house that belongs to us back again. driving the rats underground to 'starve' or 'surrender' and go to prison.

Look for a MILLION ON THE MALL.....that's what it will take. Partisan messages, official tee shirts, pre-printed signs -- all those are passe. It's time for WE THE PEOPLE to reclaim this democracy and it needs to happen now!

The crimes for impeachment have been identified and there is a constant source of new ones every day, but most of congress is not taking action even though it is their duty. These congressmen and congresswomen are standing in the way of justice. Since Impeachment is just removal from office and does not require them to face the crimes, a civil suit is what is in order.

I propose that rather than spending the raised money on ads, use it to sue the lot of them. File suit against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Rice, Wolfowitz, Bolton and the rest of the administration. Name those in the House of Representatives that are refusing to hear articles of impeachment as co-conspirators to the crimes (they are!). You will be surprised at how many decide to 'do the right thing' and start the impeachment procedings. It will also be hard to campaign while being in a law suit. If they don't uphold the law and impeach the president, we don't want them in office (Democrat or Republican).

"oh say can't you see,

the atom bomb's eerie light

what so sadly we failed,

lies shattered and bleeding

as eye sockets glare red,

whilst we're piling our dead,

sad proof, thru this blight,

that a madman reigns here..

Oh say, does that blood-splattered banner yet wave,

o'er the land of the sheep...

and the graves, of the SLAVES...

----to be played and followed with a very blurry television test pattern, as if anyone would be left to watch it, or for that matter, transmit it----

I want to give you credit when I post the "Neocon Anthem" at other forums!


just another one of those jaded american citizens who 'objects' to the utter tyranny and the malevolence of the scum that occupies the white house illegally...someone who'll take up arms again to remove this scum from office if that's what it takes...that is who I am...

How did this lunatic get elected twice? Does this mean that he must be impeached twice?
The World Peace Religion

Talk to me in November.

It is unreal how only 20 non-American Nationals predominately Muslim men from Middle Eastern Countries, were able to disrupt and seriously disturb the greatest nation on earth. The towers feel and we are going to war with a militia of sorts who's leader was trained and funded by yours truly the C.I.A and has created the largest terrorist network in history with offices in over 50 Countries. The primary reason stated for the attack of 911 was our government had supported the main enemy of the majority of Nations in the Middle East: Israel. Now if anything the poetical for future attacks has increased significantly since mourners are more likely to want revenge. We have reached a fork in the road: we must either completely destroy our enemy who could be several hundred thousands out of a billion potentials by now with the fact that we currently maintain slippery boarders or we must befriend and make peace with them. If we make peace the resolve of the Israeli-Palestinian issues are crucial. Just thinking out loud any ideas other than they hate us for our freedom when it looks like we hate them for their religion? for a solution


We're involved in events in MOUNT HOLLY and in Paterson
-- look for the listings for New Jersey in the events section
in September. After our meeting in Wayne Sept. 18th, we
meet on the 2nd Monday of each month. Look us up!
Have a look at the After Downing Street FORUMS for
entry under PATERSON, NJ. We offer our argument for
the impeachment resolution in New Jersey, then the text
of our proposed Resolution to Impeach for New Jersey.
We need all the help we can get, particularly from people
who have personal contacts with legislators here. Thank you.

Please support the campaign to get the New Jersey
legislature to pass A Resolution to Impeach Bush & Cheney
Phone 973.694.5035
117 Chestnut Drive
Wayne NJ 07470-5639


Around and Around

OUR Earth


We all need to send a bag of pretzels to the White House and let them do their MAGIC! And while you're at it, please send a bottle of prune juice to John Bolton - he always looks so damned CONSTIPATED!

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