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Hillary Clinton Cannot Be Less(er) Evil Than Anyone

By davidswanson - Posted on 16 May 2013

Or less corrupt.

Watch this:

Watch this:

Watch this Oldie but Goodie:

"Those in Congress who voted to authorize the war on Iraq decided that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, who claimed that the invasion and occupation would be good for Iraq and the United States, were somehow more credible than the broad consensus of scholars familiar with the country who correctly predicted it would be a disaster for both. This is why I believe Hillary Clinton does not have the wisdom or judgement to be president." —Stephen Zunes

Even older.

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Read about a law suit against Hillary Clinton by a man put on a watch list by her after her guards roughed him up for silently protesting by turning his back.

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Her electoral problems.

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The Company She Keeps

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Hillary is funded by Oil Companies

Hillary's $2,777 PER MINUTE speaking contracts demand a 'presidential' teleprompter, let her cancel 'for any reason whatsoever' and she's the only one allowed on stage


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