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Ten Heroes in Congress Make a Stand for Peace

Here are the results of the March 23, 2007, vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to give Bush and Cheney over $100 billion more for war. The bill passed with exactly the 218 votes required. Almost all of the Republicans and six Democrats voted No for the wrong reasons. One Democrat voted "Present". But eight Democrats voted No because they oppose further funding of this war. These eight are the beginning of a movement for peace, and the first indication that some Democrats, even under the most intense pressure not to, will be willing to oppose Speaker Pelosi when she takes the wrong stance. This will be required if a movement for impeachment is ever to take hold in Congress. Here are the eight with links to contact and thank them:

Thank Dennis Kucinich, John Lewis, Barbara Lee, Mike McNulty, Mike Michaud, Maxine Waters, Diane Watson, and Lynn Woolsey.

And thank Libertarian Ron Paul, and Republican John Duncan.

About the heroes:

Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has been a leader against funding the war. He made this statement on the floor prior to the vote, and this statement the day before, as well as this one. He urged everyone to lobby their congress members for No votes. On March 21, he made this statement, and this one on March 19. Kucinich is the sponsor of this bill to defund the war. Here is his website, and his presidential campaign website.

John Lewis of Georgia has been a leading advocate for civil rights and peace for many years. He gave a remarkable speech on the floor in the lead up to the vote, for which the Backbone Campaign presented him with a Backbone Award. Here is his website.

Barbara Lee of California is the Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus and the author of an amendment that would have limited all funding in the bill to a withdrawal. She is the sponsor of this bill to prevent an attack on Iran. Here is her website.

Mike McNulty of New York is less well known to the national peace movement. He quietly made the right vote and released this statement explaining that his brother had been killed in Vietnam and that he did not want to fund a similar war. Here is his website.

Mike Michaud of Maine is also little known to the national peace movement. But he has cosponsored a number of good bills aimed at ending the war, including Jack Murtha's bill for redeployment, Abercrobie and Jones' bill for withdrawal, Lee's and Allen's bills for no permanent bases, Woolsey's bill for a withdrawal plan, Price and Miller's bill for a withdrawal plan, and Evans' bill to fund VA health care. Michaud also voted against a war funding bill in 2004. On the Iraq section of his website, Michaud states his support for bills to end the war, oppose the recent escalation, ban permanent bases, and demand accountability for war spending. Here is his website.

Maxine Waters of California is the chair of the Out of Iraq Caucus and a leader of the peace movement. In recent weeks and on the day before the vote, she has participated in conference calls with the peace movement organized by United for Peace and Justice. In February, she made this statement against the escalation of the war. Here is her website.

Diane Watson of California has been a voice for peace. Her statements over the years on Iraq can be found here. Here is her website.

Lynn Woolsey of California is, along with Barbara Lee, a Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus. She has appeared frequently in the print and broadcast media in the days leading up to the vote as a clear voice for opposing the funding of the war. Here is a video of her speaking at a peace rally the weekend before the vote. Here is video, audio, and transcript of a debate she took one side of on Democracy Now! Woolsey is the sponsor of this bill to defund the war. Here is her website, which includes videos of her floor speeches. She made this statement on the day of the vote.

And number nine...
Libertarian Ron Paul
, of Texas, while no progressive on most issues, voted No for many of the right reasons.

Republican John Duncan, of Tennessee voted no for the right reasons as well. Here's a speech he made in February. Here's his website.


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Are you deusional? Eight Democrats voted to oppose continued funding of the war. And you conclude: "These eight are the beginning of a movement for peace..." No, on the contrary, these eight a small fraction of politicians in Congress. Whatever may be said for their personal principles and courage, they are only significant because a much wider peace movement already exists outside the control of both corporate parties. This vote confirms that the Iraq war has been a bipartisan venture from first to last. The sooner we break away from both corporate parties, the sooner we can secure peace and justice within and beyond the borders of the United States.

"This vote confirms that the Iraq war has been a bipartisan venture from first to last. The sooner we break away from both corporate parties, the sooner we can secure peace and justice within and beyond the borders of the United States."


Just for funzies . .. how much AIPAC money have they received? . . .;-)

My "wild" guess is . . . probably not very much . . .;-)

. . and I'll even bet a nickel that these Eight probably haven't spent a significant amount of time with good ol' Jack Abramoff and friends, either . . .;-)

Now, what was it that ol' Saint Sharon said right after 9/11?

"Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." - Ariel Sharon 03 Oct 2001

Meanwhile, looks like we've got another "Gulf of Tonkin" incident brewing in Iran with our other "special friend" . . .

.. .and we may need to go to war before the UN Security Council can hear that "crazy talk" from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday . .

Now, what was it George Washington said, kidz?

"A passionate attachment of one Nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite Nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest, in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter, without adequate inducement or justification."

Boy, did he obviously HATE AMERICA as much as Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen . . .;-)

"It's easy, the villains always wear black
They see your guns and turn back
It only happens in the movies
It's easy, the heroes always wear white
The ladies fall at first sight
It only happens in the movies."
- Too Late The Hero by John Entwistle


Maxine has tremendous courage and she never backs down from a fight on behalf of the people.

Dennis Kucinich always leads the way to peace and to freedom. We can always trust him to keep his word and to stand up for the people. That is why I am backing him for President of the United States.

There is only one choice for President for those who want peace: Kucinich, 2008.

A very sick group of people are these "bought off" democrates!
Where is John Conyers? He is a big fraud indeed. We will regret this
day for the rest of our lives. Why dont they take the $400 million
that Blackwater owes and disperse it to the true need of America.

Any congress person that voted for the war, voted against
the American people. And what do we need with another 2 billion dollar submarine which was included in the budget?

I'd like to know how we can face our children when we foster a
government that sees absolutely no need to give them any attention
except to encourage bringing them closer to poverty--with no school
funding, no health care funding---when we see them finger print
and chip them etc etc and create all types of drugs and vaccines that
cause autism and harm?

We should have a day where all Americans join energy and send it to
rid ourselves of "sold out" leaders.

These people in congress who care only for wealth and position
and their jobs more than anything else--the day will come as predicted
that the halls of congress will empty.

As a people we need to learn to take back our own power.

on the list above. We know that at least some committee chairs were threatened with the loss of their chairmanships.

Please clarify !

The vote breakdown shouts one thing above all: the real issue that was being voted on was not Iraq at all, but the one thing always first in every politician's mind: being elected next time around.

On that score, the Republicans are, hands down, the big winners. They all get to proclaim that they voted to support the troops. All but two can say they voted No against the cowardly Democratic scheme to handcuff the Bush administration's march to unfettered "victory" in Iraq. And the two sacrificial lambs who voted Yes - just enough to ensure that Bush actually gets all the supplemental funding he asked for - get to say they voted full funding for the troops!

Thus the GOP gets to have its cake and eat it too. The Democrats have been completely snookered. They've shown the country exactly how little they care about the peace mandate of the November elections. They've slapped so many "Support The Troops" bumper stickers all over themselves, they can't even see where they're going. But everyone else can. It's now, officially, the Democrats' war. Another huge point for the Republicans. How can anyone criticize a war, or even the conduct of a war, that they just funded to the tune of another $124 billion? Anything that goes wrong with the war from now on, it's the Dems' fault. They've just left Bush off the hook.

The eight heroes with actual principles, an actual plan, still in possession of their souls, are the exception that proves the rule.

What more proof does anyone need? Until the peace movement frees itself from the ball and chain of the Democratic Party, its vision will shadowed, its methods half-hearted, and its dreams doomed.

Peace is not a partisan issue.


"Never doubt that a small group of rich, influential people can change the world for the benefit of their selfish interests. Indeed, that's the recurring story of world history." - Maggie Mead-Mistress

I am so sickened by this vote. I did call the offices of the eight Dems who placed chosing doing what's clearly right over selling out to and/or not standing up to the corrupt Pelosi-Hoyer-Emmanuel-AIPAC Democratic leadership and asked their staff persons to thank their respective Representative. On my first call to Congressman Mike McNulty's (who's brother was killed in the Vietnam War) office I found myself crying uncontrollably on the phone. I cried for our nation. I cried for all of those people who will die from our nation's continued warmaking at the hands of the Democratics we elected in November 2006 to stop this illegal war on Iraq. I cried because the American people continue to let all of this happen. We must DEMAND IMPEACHMENT of Bush and Cheney NOW ! I still have a call to make to TX Republican Congressman Ron Paul's office for also voting no against funding this illegal and immoral war on Iraq. It's time to stop being "good Democrats" and "good Republicans" and start being GOOD AMERICANS.

Shame on these traitors, shame upon them. If you pray, please pray for America today!

Would someone please explain to me what's up with Conyers?!


Conyers is mum... Most Dem's are about now, shamelessly so. And so they should cower. They aren't for peace when they vote for more war. Orwell wrote fiction. War is NOT(!) peace.

18-20 more months of war... and then what?
The supplemental they just voted on WILL run out in less than a year. More money thrown at it? Funny, there's ALWAYS money for war, NO? But never for Katrina survivors or National Health care or education or HUD or... But WAR... HELL YEA!

SO, if the war was wrong in 2002 when they voted on it, some not voting for it, how is voting to extend it another 18-20 months making it any more right or legal? If, as some Congress people argue, the war is illegal, then voting for it's extension does not lessen it's illegality, in fact, it cements their complicity to the overall crime.

War crimes and human rights violations are now the norm? Congress just said so, NO?

And finally,
Can anyone guarantee that in September of 2008 the troop reduction will actually happen? That between now and then that nothing will happen to increase their rate of deaths? Or the Iraqis? As I see it, they've given Bush 18-20 months to engage Iran while the troops are in the area. Maybe?

Our short-sighted and cowardly Democrats have just voted for the destruction of the United States of America. It now appears there are only two ways that we will brought into line with international law and standards of human rights. One is other counties bringing us to heel through the UN or assisting or economic collapse or IMPEACHMENT. If our politician do not honor our Constitution or our lives, we are doomed as the citizens of Iraq are with the criminals that now claim to "represent" them.

Of course, I feel like weeping for America too. The tears have not come yet but the despair has.

Despair? Not from you "Wild Thangs" at Code Pink!!! . . .;-)

Dis-ILLUSIONMENT at the "silver-tongued" elite Grown-Ups that claim to really care about WE THE PEOPLE and the U.S. Constitution, maybe . .. ;-)

. . . but Despair? . . . Nah, . .. we've got them on the ropes and they are turning on each other like "rats in a sack" trying to do damage control . . .

. . .I mean come on . . .even War Criminal Propagandist Bill "Right Man" O'Reilly is so scared he is "squealing like a little skool girl" when faced with former Federal Prosecuter John Flannery . .. listen in about 2.5 minutes to hear the fascist bully "squeak", kidz . .it's a classic!!! .. .;-)

Anytime someone starts raising their loudness level (dB) and pitch/tone (frequency), they are going to "reactionary" mode "lower circuits". . . and THAT, kidz . . . comes out of FEAR and PANIC. . .;-)

So, you kidz just keep cool, stay in your own FEARLESS "higher logic circuits", keep hitting BushCo in the "funny bone" with the FACTS . . . and maintain your "likability" with the PEOPLE as you connect the dotz for them at a rate they can handle . . .

. . . and who can't LOVE a laughing sister woman in a pink hat and boa with awesome kung fu??? . ..;-)

Do that and these rich dysfunctional frat brats with their bad science and socio-pathic criminal shadow-tactics will be exposed . . . the emperor has no clothes and the WORLD is seeing it . . .

Sometimes, it is darkest just before the dawn . . .;-)

"Wild make my heart sing...
You make everything
I said wild thing..."
- Wild Thing by The Troggs


playing devil's advocate and is really on our side... he always makes the other guy or gal look better! ;-D


Wishful thinking. My guess is that the legions of folks who regularly watch O'Reilly came away convinced that he absolutely wiped the floor with poor Flannery.

O'Reilly's audience lives in a very different world from yours and mine. Our world is open to a sense of humor, which presupposes the ability to see contradictions and laugh at oneself. We like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. O'Reilly's world is one of fear, hatred, blind patriotism, and the humorless certainty that one is always right. Laughter, in this world, comes after one has publicly destroyed a suggestion that one might be mistaken.

Any part of O'Reilly's mind that may have once been open to questioning his own assumptions shut down long ago, when he sold his soul for his shot at fame. And reasonable discourse is the last thing suitable to his purpose. O'Reilly's stock in trade is the rudest form of snarling, interrupting, insulting, and shouting down his guests. The business suit, the graphics, the whole apparatus of his program, are nothing but an elaborate camouflage for the tactics of a brawling drunk.

But though the tactics are the same, Battlin' Bill is no random tippler ready to take his chances with anyone in the bar. No, brawling is his livelihood, and he's got to win every time. Bill's got a strategy. He owns the bar, and tends it in the most professional manner, until it comes time for the nightly killing. And though it's huge, this a private club. People with opposing viewpoints are allowed past security for one purpose only - to be destroyed by Battlin' Bill for the amusement of his patrons. He chooses these suckers very carefully. They're "nice guys." His patrons know this the minute they walk in through the swinging doors. It's confirmed the second they open their mouths, even before Bill can interrupt them the first time. They're losers. They finish last. And they're going to get a beating from Bill. That's why people watch O'Reilly - to see that happen.

O'Reilly has yet to meet a champion who would turn his own weapons against him and demolish him. The coward would never dare to let such a person on his turf.

"Never doubt that a small group of rich, influential people can change the rest of world for the benefit of their selfish interests. Indeed, that's the recurring story of world history."
- Maggie Mead-Mistress

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