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Impeachment Begins: Be on Capitol Hill on Friday July 25th

At 10 a.m. on Friday July 25th, the House Judiciary Committee will hold a preliminary hearing on the topic of impeachment, with a presentation by Congressman Dennis Kucinich. This is not yet a true impeachment hearing, but it is our opportunity to push for one, and it represents a tremendous victory after years of effort by millions of Americans who want to keep the Constitution alive. This never would have happened without your hard work. And we can't let up now!

The National Impeachment Network is organizing a rally and asking everyone who can to take a day off for justice and meet at 9 a.m. on Friday July 25th in front of the Rayburn House Office Building on the Independence Avenue side. Bring impeachment shirts and posters! For more information contact

NOTE: The hearing itself will be in Rayburn Room 2141 at 10 a.m. If you want to get in, you'd be wise to get in line VERY early.

Between now and Friday the 25th, please take these steps:

Contact your member of Congress in support of impeachment.

Ask the media to cover the hearing.

Sign the petition at Congressman Kucinich's website.

And on Friday the 25th, everywhere, Freeway Blog the word IMPEACH.

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Those who are familiar with the area please suggest accommodations.

I'm glad everyone here can just run up to DC real quick ... every other weekend....... I can't afford to run down to every little protest you guys just decide to slap together. Mostly because I'd be walking several hundred miles to get there each time. I wish people would get there acts together and organize one or two big protests(on our time frame not thiers) that are worth going to for those of us who can't afford to just drop everything and..... be where ever in two weeks.... over and over. And you know what, there are millions more of me out there who are also too broke to protest. Bush, Polosi, and the rest of her kind knows this which is why they do all this last minute schedualing crap to you guys to keep you running back and forth, so as to waist your time and energy. Then they sit back and say "See... Look .... The support just isn't there for impeachment... only a few hundred people could afford to be here in this room ...... again today."


If there is a protest organized that's worth walking a thousand miles to...Like Hands Across America... I'm there. Until then, I'm not waisting my time.

you can organize locally - outside your state house, court house, your representative or senator's offices, take it to your local media outlets.

The whole idea behind protesting for change is that you have to make sacrifices for what you really care about. During Vietnam, people got arrested and beaten by police in order to make their voice heard. And you wanna be like "Lets just have one or two protests per year?" What the hell is THAT supposed to do?

I'm talking about the ten million man march twice a year... like Hands across america would be for example. Wake up and quit thinking smalltime is what I'm saying. If you want to run around all over the country following these jokers to every fake ass photo opp getting arrested and beat every time up be my guest. I'm sure Bush gets a real kick out of it! Or you can use your brains ... pick your battles ... and concentrate your fire where it really matters.

Look John, this is real here. This is our future. If you are not willing to make a difference and stand (or walk in this matter) for what you know is right maybe this isnt the site for you. Bush is a killer and needs to be stopped as soon as possible

I AM in the right place who ever you are and the rest of you to for that matter. And I HAVE been at this for YEARS longer than any of you I gauren-fucking-tee it(I've been protesting against BUSH since January 2000.. you guys are the nubbies). I spent the first four years and several thousand dollars of my own money that I really could have used printing out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articals for the news letter I had(the DOUGLAS PATRIOT) about rampent vote fraud, The STOLEN ELECTION, obstruction of justice, the theft of trillions and trillions of dollars ... on and on and on. I literaly went broke trying to get Kerry elected in 2004(mr I have a team of highly experienced lawyers ready to pounce at the first sign of vote fraud. Except everywhere there was vote fraud apparently >:( I've protested .... I've personaly written hundreds of articals and thousands and thousands of letters to editors news outlets, as well as all of my representatives over and over and over. I've made phone call after phone call after phone call. I've freeway blogged, I've gone door to door. I was even almost the executive director of the Grassroot Democrates of South Dakota(I lost out at the last minute to a republican because I was younger) When I saw Websites like this finally start poping up I really felt like "Here's the cavalry .... thank god" And yet here we are FOUR MORE YEARS LATER and we are still in the same boat!!! SO...Kiss my ass Anon!!!!.. Don't get mad at ME for telling you how it is ....

I live in the real world ...A world where real people can't afford to drop everything and spend money and energy they no longer have in the first place to "BE there in person" protesting every other fucking day!! Thats why we have REPRESENTATIVES in the first place. Standing on the corner looking like a fool quite frankly just doesn't work for me any more. Now if YOU want to follow these jokers all over the country everytime they decide to have some fake ass photo opp be my guest ... Hell I'm sure Bush finds it very entertaining ... you guys getting beaten up, dragged out, and arrested over and over while he drives away in his limo(paid for by you the poor) back to his mansion(paid for by you the poor) so he can watch the footage of your "pitiful"(his words not mine)protests in slow motion on his big screen enertainment center(also paid for by you the poor). I'm guessing Cheney and Bush laugh all the way to the bank afterwards.

Now me... I think big...I would rather show up twice a year with fifty million poor people to shut the whole place down till shit gets done. And If the people of the united states can't get TOGETHER long enouph to shut down THEIR OWN CAPITOL twice a year to stop a quote unquote "killer" and save the constitution then your fucked.... period. Because short of that you'll get more of the same.

By the way I was a 22 year old a self made landlord and buisness owner in the year 2000 and I gave it all up to "make a stand for the future" what the hell were you doing when you were 22 anonymous? Trying to get laid I suppose.

All he has to do is say the word and I am out of here never to return again ... I give you my word. Well David, should I take my "extreamly liberal oppinions" and go?


the cheapest hotel accommodations will be just outside of woodbridge, va (off of I95) and manassas, va (off of the western end of sudley rd. near the NVCC campus) from my perspective. however, being that this is still in range of d.c. plan on spending about 70 - 100 for a "moderate" place. north of here and in southern MD you will be spending around 150 - 180 for a moderate hotel. you can pick up an Omniride to the south and west metrorail stops and then take the metro into d.c. ( You want to get off on the capitol south metro exit from either the blue line or orange line and then walk over. rail system: (
map of capitol hill: (

Yes, I can be there! All I need is details.

Al K.

for space in their house and leadership in organizing


National Park Campground

2 miles to Greenbelt or College Park Metro Subway Station
12 miles to Downtown Washington, D.C.

The Greenbelt campground is known for its safety, affordability, peaceful surroundings and National Park Service hospitality. The campground includes hot showers, bathroom facilities, and use of the dump station for RV's. There are no electrical or water hookups. Cash and checks are taken at the campground fee booth. No credit cards can be used for payment on site.

Camping fee is $14.00 per night per site. Fee is $7.00 for Golden Age or Access card holders. Pay by cash or check, please put social security numbers on checks. A maximum of 3 tents, 2 vehicles, and 6 people are permitted per site.
There are 3 group camp sites with a maximum of 48 people. Reservations must be made in advance for these sites. Please call 301-344-3948.

For more visitor information call: 301-344-3944.

Nope. I have a pretty busy day of....pretty much doing anything else on the 25th.

"I try to get out, and they pull me back in."

Afflict the comfortable!

Also: Veterans for Peace had a meeting on impeachment already scheduled with Conyers for the 25th. They'll be in town and could perhaps take a lead in organizing people.

Conyers never even attempted to meet with us, plus we had to bail out, Bill did it, I financed it, an IVAW Louie, TJ.
Try ivaw House on the Hill, near the Rayburn and such.
Rhoda VFP

....I thought this was from today. bow, scrape, bow, scrape...
Rhoda VFP

A true American patriot stands up on his own for the truth and the Constitution, just like Rep Dennis Kucinich did, who, against the wishes of his Party's leadership, went ahead and presented Congress with his 39 Articles of Impeachment. Why does Conyers need more co-signers on the Impeachment Bills, more petitions, more letters, more folks at the hearings, everybody telling him to go ahead. He's got work to do on his own and he needs to get the job done.

Rep Kucinich, Rep Wexler, Rep Speaker Pelosi, Chair Rep Conyers and many others in support of impeachment have done their job getting this historical event to the table, now we the people have to help the cause by more than signing petitions, we have to attend and make sure that Congress knows we are serious about keeping our Constitution intact, ending a war and making the Bush Admin take responsibility for their actions. We have to take off work or drive a few extra miles, but we must be there to show that this is what we want. If we do not, then we can not blame Congress for the past inactivity of this issue.

We have to make sure that everyone knows what the truth is and we have to scream loud before we no longer have the right to scream.

Really... The American People need to be there so that "Congress knows we are serious about keeping our Constitution intact, ending a war and making the Bush Admin take responsibility for their actions"....?

I admire David's work and the commitment of everyone in America wanting to see Congress do the right thing and impeach Bush, Cheney (and Pelosi and Reid if necessary).

But to say that Americans "must be there to show that this is what we want" and "If we do not, then we can not blame Congress for the past inactivity of this issue".... Is just absurd logic.

When the Constitution has been shredded and shat upon, when the economy has been gutted, when the war profiteers run wild, when war criminals (Rumsfeld, Rove, Rice, Cheney, Addington, Bush, etc) brazenly run the country and walk free in America.... You have the nerve to place the responsibility on the American People?


To say that Pelosi and Conyers "in support of impeachment have done their job getting this historical event to the table" is comedy and tragedy of the highest order.

i'm assuming that if left to shift for itself without ETERNAL VIGILENCE AND UNRELENTING CREATIVE AND SACRIFICING PUBLIC PRESSURE congress can be expected to kill us all painfully

We are coming to defend our Constitution and to see that our country is restored to the rule of law. That is not too much to expect of our Congress.

FEDERAL offenses.

Presidential pardons do not apply to STATE offenses.

I have verified this with the attorney who served as U.S. Pardon Attorney between 1990 and 1997.

Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution states, in part, "... and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment."

"... offenses against the United States..." means the same thing as FEDERAL offenses.

So even if Bush pardoned everyone -- possibly including himself -- those pardons would not be applicable to crimes under STATE laws. Crimes such as first-degree murder.

Vincent Bugliosi has established jurisdiction for Bush (and others) to be tried for murder under STATE laws, prosecuted by the Attorney General of any STATE, or the District Attorney of any COUNTY, that was the home of an American soldier killed in Iraq.

I wish someone who knows how to contact Mr. Bugliosi would advise him of the above facts, so he doesn't keep laboring under the erroneous impression that any pardons by Bush would end all possibility of prosecution.

Again, Bush&Co could still be tried under STATE laws -- for which Mr. Bugliosi himself has established jurisdiction.

-- An Interested Observer

PS: Notice also that under Article II, Section 2, Presidential pardons cannot apply in cases of impeachment. All the more reason to keep pushing for impeachment.

Can't Get 2 DC, Print Out Impeach TREASON PAINTING IMAGES


pass it around - FREE from now till friday the 25th,

POST ALL OVER the USA... Car/Home Windows, Tell Poles, Hand-Outs etc

Get images it here FREE....

or here...


... Thank U, Peace, Love & Later, & - & - & - & - -

soon, ( Step Ahead U )( GLOBAL ) University - " Where All Earth Citizens R Teachers and Students" )

We have to convince other countries, especially all of Europe, Canada, and Australia, and of course IRAQ, that these cabalists (ALL of them Bush/Cheney, Wolfy, Rummy, Rove, Feith, Perle, .... etc.) should be arrested for war crimes as soon as they landed on their soil. The Bush landgrab in Paraguay is not working (legally speaking) to their advantage anymore, so if we can make these war criminals hermits within the USA, then there would be no way out for them. Eventually, legal action by USA legal system would have to bring justice upon them all.



The most effective way to protest our present pathetic governemnt, to send a message they will get loud and clear, is to support their political opponents. Marches, protests, faxes, emails, phone calls, and regular mail are all well and good; except for one unfortunate fact, these scumbags do not give a shit what we think! The only real leverage we have on these scallawags is our vote and financial support.

Are you really sick and tired of Nancy Pelosi, then send Cindy Sheehan a check so that she can wage an effective campaign to get rid of that botox smile bitch. Remember Cindy does not have to win the election to get rid of Miss Nancy, all she has to do is siphon off enough votes to throw the election to a Republican. Personally, if given the resources she needs to get her message out, I think Cindy will win. support Cindy and donate today and lests get rid of Pelosi for good!

usflagyank4000 t

Click on the image to get free, fair-use copies of this and other impeachy art.
Search for Rasterbater and find out how to make images on your printer that you can assemble to billboard size.

View my peace art at

Washington and Jefferson only begged and petitioned so many times before they saw the writing on the wall.

Is that General Adam Kokesh or General Jesse Ventura I see leading the charge?

it's time for us not only to 'abolish it' but it's time to decentralize it, limit it's powers, get rid of the standing military, and get the goddamned tax burden OFF THE LITTLE PEOPLE and onto the corporations who make all the money and destroy the environent.

if they do this, we might survive. Regional governments. no federal taxes. no standing armies or navy.

this experiment is way out of kilter and if we don't self-correct, we'll be over with soon.


The president giving himself a pardon is a ridiculous concept. That would mean that he is completely above the law. Oh wait, he really does believe that...

Once again this nation is faced with doing something logical. It's funny; you would thing what Congressman Dennis Kucinich is asking of the his congressional peers required a leap of faith. The way this war has been framed you would think we were fighting a true axis of evil that required the attention of the whole world. It does not because if you follow the simple flow of events that lead up to this war, you have a strong case for strong legal actions which Kucinich is asking.

If we can't "follow the bouncing ball" that lead us to Iraq's current state of post genocide, can we at least have a national review of the facts associated with the killing of millions of innocent people? Can we have a simple update on what might be a continuing slaughter of innocent people? Can we stop debating what is clearly illegal, and list what has mistaken as a topic for discussion instead of charging the appropriate suppects with war crimes?

I am not asking for a "freebee" or a pardon. I am saying can we do what is right based on FACTS.

Lastly, can we send Nancy Polosi a message she does not have the right to require the Democratic Party, who is represented by millions, to act in a uniformed apathetic manner? She has no right to take our right to require actions from her or the whole congressional body. Can we take a moment to say thank you very much Congressmen Kucinich for doing what no one in my Party had the guts to do?



WE THE PEOPLE call upon you to act on our behalf as we have a corrupt/criminal Federal Governemt...

Whom I believe have more power than the Federal government..
Granted to you many decades ago...

Have no fear,,,
We the People will stand behind the STATES...
A hint may be the poll numbers,,the current Federal government having the lowest numbers in US history...

We the People have no like or love of our federal government...

We ask that you take action..

Elections in November -- a new President takes office in January. People should have moved to impeach Bush LONG ago... now he's short timing it. Don't waste time and money pushing for a moot point.

Remember too -- that the majority of you yahoos out there voted him in for a second term. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? I mean, he screwed up so royally the first time around.
Ya'll got EXACTLY what you bargained for.
Quit bitching - suck it up - and try not to make simular mistake for our future.

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