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Refusing to Eat Until Impeachment

Leslie Angeline began a fast yesterday, Rosa Park's birthday. She had been trying for some time to get an appointment with Congressman John Conyers to ask him to begin impeachment hearings. She began a sit-in in his office yesterday, and within 5 minutes he agreed to an appointment with her on Thursday at 3 p.m. But she is going to continue fasting, because he has not agreed to open impeachment hearings, and can of course be expected to tell her than yet more non-impeachment hearings on impeachable offenses is all we need. If you would like to join Leslie in this fast, just add your name and comment below as a COMMENT. See also: Code Pink.

UPDATE: Leslie met with Conyers and will keep fasting.

UPDATE 2: 250 Now Taking Part in Fast.


UPDATE 3: 400 Now Taking Part in Fast.

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I run Northeast Impeachment Coalition and am joining Leslie with fasting until impeachment hearing begin. Thank you, Leslie. Thank you, David. - Susan Serpa

I join you in this Fast. Thank you.

View my peace art at

Why should I sacrifice ANYTHING, including food, for something that should be done anyway? Impeach Cheney! Impeach Bush too! I won't give up my food for something that should be done regardless.

It's all about calling attention to this issue: there are criminals in the White House! We can't accept that! That's why we're fasting.

All of us overeat, no? Any of us can NOT eat for a meal, for a day,
much longer too, with no ill effects!
And how easy to do!
I'm doing it for one day, I think, and maybe I can go longer.
I've seldom skipped a meal in my entire life! I've skipped 2 already today and hope to make it through the evening with no food.
Only beverages. The longer I go, the better I'm feeling. Normally now, after lunch, I'd feel full, stuffed, wouldn't you?
I always overeat at mealtime. Yike! This fasting is calling attention to some of my personal issues.
I hope you'll try it too. Sure, it's maddening as hell that this impeachment is necessary, and it's scary as hell that it may not ever happen. My contempt for these so-called leaders is going to sustain me in place of food for the time being.

lol, bush

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tasty morsels.

Fast, OK, I'll skip food, but insist on water. It's Tuesday night as I write, so I expect to fast about 36 hours w/o food.

Here's one for Rosa!

Dear Fasters and Supporters

Thank you so much for sending your encouraging and inspirational words. There are now twenty-two of us fasting... some for a day, some for a week...some for as long as it takes! To all of you, I send a special THANK YOU! Your commitment to holding this shameful administration accountable gives us strength.

I was unable to meet with Congressman Conyers on Thursday, because the Judiciary hearing with Mukasey went much later than expected. I was given a new appointment for Tuesday Feb. 12 @ 3:00pm. It was disappointing, but I was able to sit in on the hearing and see how visibly upset and frustrated several of the Judiciary members were with Mukasey's admission that he would not enforce Congressional contempt citations, nor investigate torture or warrantless wiretapping charges. It appears the attorney general believes this administration IS above the law.

Ellen Taylor, a CodePink sister who's joined the fast, and Manijeh Saba did have the opportunity to meet with John Conyers on Thursday. The meeting lasted for over an hour and it seemed to both of them that the Congressman was willing to listen to their reasons for beginning impeachment hearings, but he needs support. He also needs to be convinced that it would be the "smart" thing to do. He expressed concerns about the possibility of negative consequences, especially in the upcoming elections. So Ellen and I walked the halls of Congress yesterday, encouraging Judiciary members and our representatives to support impeachment hearings against Dick Cheney. We came away feeling hopeful.

There comes a time when silence is betrayal. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Below are some photos...

Hungry for Impeachment and Peace

Thank you again for your support and commitment! We'll be sending another update soon.

Solh! Azadi! Peace! Freedom!

I'm on the bus, front seat please. Sharon Kasow

Does this mean I don't have to bring anything to potluck tomorrow?

Bush is not going to be impeached and any attempt would be a complete failure and would only work against the Democrats and give the Republicans a huge majority in congress.

Can't you find some other windmill to bang your head against?

Do you feel, as I do, that the time has come to strengthen our connection?

I’m talking about our connection to the Earth.
I’m talking about our connection to our future generations.
I’m talking about our connection to saying and living what is true and has integrity.
I’m talking about our connection to the suffering of our fellow beings and our connection to the work that brings an end to that suffering.
I’m talking about our connection to each other.

I’m talking about our connection to the indigenous people of the Earth.
I’m talking about our connection to spiritual energies.

Yesterday I saw the image of Mahatma Gandhi expressing the power we each have. A few hours ago I heard of one person, Leslie Angeline, fasting go get a meeting with Representative John Conyers to ask him to move forward in upholding our constitution and begin hearings on impeachable acts.

One person can be an inspiration.
One person can open a new understanding in us.
One person can show us a way forward.

Our constitution does not say impeachment is off the table. It says just the opposite. There are many ways we are now eating away at our constitution. How do we change this path?

One person has taken food off the table – at least until meeting with John Conyers Thursday at 3pm. I saw a second person join in. And a third.

Sometimes fasting brings new realizations.
A vision might come and a way light up.

I want to strengthen all these connections and that is why I will join this fast.

I was going to join the fast, when it was pointed out to me that without being in DC with the publicity, fasting will have little effect. If we are to make this a nation-wide fasting movement, how can we maximize the effectiveness? Also, everyone PLEASE do this under a doctor's supervision. Fasting can cause permenant adverse effects if not monitored properly. At the very least, drink prenty of water and take minerals to replace lost nutrients.
"Under this Administration we are less safe, less free. To best protect America, we should be an example of democracy and a free society to the rest of the world. Support Impeachment, the ultimate democratic tool. If not now, when? If not for these crimes, for what?"
- Susan, Northeast Impeachment Coalition

I would fast, except that I am hungry because Hillary Clinton says she will seize my wallet to pay for health care that I already have. And Barack Obama says that he will take away my tax cuts and give them to someone else so that they can give his good friend Tony Rezko more bribes that Obama paid to him to oversee massive contract fraud in Chicago. No wonder Obama is about to be an unindicted co-conspirator in Rezko's trial!

My God! Hunger? How about getting his party a candidate who has not been involved in graft and corruption or is about to be indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago?

I'll Fast...Wait, I Won't
"My God! Hunger? How about getting his party a candidate who has not been involved in graft and corruption or is about to be indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago?" by Anonymous Wed, 2008-02-06 19:22.

Suggestion: vote for a man with all those qualities and more. Vote for Ralph Nader.

Smart, Honest and Incorruptible
27 Reasons Nader Should Run for President

Nader 2008 Presidential Exploratory Committee — Join with us today

Ralph Nader on the Issues

Once you don't vote your ideals... that has serious undermining affects. It erodes the moral basis of our democracy. -Ralph Nader

Someone also stole your vision, whereas you can't see the lies. Someone stole your ears, as you don't hear the truth. Someone stole your mind because it lost the ability to reason. BTW the contents of your wallet was found in Irag-all you have to do is a grab a rifle and go get o-foolish one!!!!!

It's easy to make big waves in a small pond...I fasted yesterday on Valentine's Day, called Conyers, and both the local and DC offices of my US Rep and US Senators, then proceeded to submit a letter to the editor of my local paper, submitted similar article to Newsvine and Digg, where I "shouted" it, blogged it and submitted it to an alternative press site. Also blogged and bulletined on MySpace and FastCupid. Not to mention telling everyone I ran across all day around my town.
Drank pure fruit/vegatable juice "Kagome"

Jodie Evans is fasting too!
Gael Murphy will fast on Thursday.
Ellen Taylor is fasting and started yesterday.
Carrie Biggs-Adams is fasting, starting today.

I got Leslie's e-mail to the Code Pink House mailing list and just replied to tell her I am officially joining her tomorrow at 3pm and will continue fasting until 3pm Sunday.

I admire what you are doing; would that we could all join you. Please add my name to those behind you. (I've put my name on so many impeachment lists).
Thank you, Mary

Hey All,

How about a WORLD-WIDE hunger strike being that the whole world wants to know the TRUTH behind this administrations "suspected" crimes? Imagine MILLIONS of people refusing to SPEND MONEY (i.e., eat) until Impeachment Hearings begin. That would certainly put a kink in the machine. How can we best organize this?

Randy W. Sandberg
Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition
justvegan [at]

I joined your fast yesterday and CODEPINK is sending an alert to those who signed on to Troops Home Fast inviting them to join you. Leslie, thanks for always being such a peace filled inspiration. love to you....Jodie

I've joined the impeachment fast and will pledge to go at least a month unless impeachment hearings begin before then. Put it back on the table.

there are now over 20 people she knows who are fasting

Due to several health problems which require that I take medications, I've been told by my doctor that it wouldn't be good for me to fast.

So, if I don't eat certain types of food until impeachment, like fried foods and sweets, is that okay?

Just wondering.

Sure, that's fine. I'm sure not eating fried foods and sweets will be every bit as effective as fasting! you people are nuts!

Dear Stephie,
We each do what we can...If you can't fast, commit to calling Chairman Conyers at 202-225-5126 as long as the fast continues. Make it part of your daily routine!
Thank you for your commitment and support!

BRAVO! BRAVO! I am inspired by your courage and commitment! I am proud that a woman and CODEPINK stepped forward to take this action. For too long we have sat silently like the good Germans in Hitler's time. Drastic action and great commitment is needed. The time is overdue to register our dissent with an immoral and illegal presidency that commits crimes against humanity in our name. I send my prayers for your success and have called the House Judiciary Committee this day.


While most political fasts ignore Gandhi's wisdom, this is closer to his comments on fasting than most. To summarize, Bapu advised people only to fast on people who love you. Most political fasts are closer to the fast of the IRA fighter Bobby Sands than they are to the Mahatma, but because Conyers has been historically such a great progressive, this fast seems closer to the Mahatma's approach.

Anyone interested in a compilation of Gandhi's writings on fasting should call me at 410-499-5403 or 240-221-3293.

Dave Slesinger

tell john conyers im not eating until impeachment hearings begin.

john matteson
phoenix AZ

Just heard about this, beginning fast now through the time of your meeting.

Billy Sugarfix

I'm happy to see all you radicals taking a stand on the obesity crisis. Keep up the good work.

But a good German....

I am joining the fast. I would like to come to Washington and meet with fellow fasters. How do I contact them?

and click on Contact Us. Good luck and thank you.

Dear Faster,
Hungry for Justice ? Impeach him FAST! is happening across the country...only two of us are in DC! You're welcome to call the CodePink House @ 202-290-1301. We'd love to meet you!
Peace and Freedom,
Leslie Angeline

No Chocolates for Me Today

If you eat chocolate today, I hope that you are lucky enough to get Fair Trade Chocolates!

I am fasting today, no solid foods, which means that today, Valentine's Day, I will not be eating chocolate to celebrate love. Instead, I am subsisting on juices and the like, because I am very hungry for the impeachment of Cheney and Bush, for their plethora of impeachable offenses.

This includes but is not limited to the illegal and immoral war in Iraq, which has caused terrible misery and grief needlessly to thousands of Americans killed, I am sure tens of thousands injured in body and soul, and the families of those victims here in America who suffer because of the great pain that their loved ones are enduring. It has created this pain multiplied many times over in the nation of Iraq, with hundreds of thousands killed, and millions displaced, which also affects neighboring nations. It has also negatively impacted the nations which this administration coerced into assisting in the occupation which is ongoing since we illegally and unilaterally invaded a sovereign nation. The grand illusion that this administration has deluded our nation with is tearing us apart from bottom to top, in both economic, material ways and spiritual ways that have yet to be fully measured.

Iraq did not threaten us, and had no weapons of mass destruction, and we knew it. As much of a dictator that Saddam Hussein was, our CIA helped to put him in power, and supported his position for decades, until it was convenient for us to betray him, just as the U.S. has done in many countries around the world for hundreds of years. This has happened in Central and South America, Africa, Asia, etc.

(Operation Iraqi Liberation - quickly renamed Operation Iraqi Freedom - is all about oil. We are throwing away countless lives for oil, because the mass development of alternative energies is deliberately being delayed inside of America. Europe is much more advanced than us in this respect, as well as providing superior education and health care to its citizens.)

We are holding without due process of law in secret and not so secret camps, many innocent folks, some children and also elderly, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and were kidnapped for the reward which was offered. There is torture of various kinds, not just waterboarding. American soldiers who served in WWII have been appalled at what we are doing now, in the name of righteousness, falsely. Our own citizens have also undergone illegal wiretapping, knowingly done illegally against our FISA law by AT&T, Verizon and other major communications networks, at the request of this reprehensible regime.

The economic and environmental damages that Cheney and Bush have caused, both domestic and international, should be punished by an international tribunal by imprisonment and confiscation of their properties and assets. They have no remorse for the destruction that they have wreaked upon us all. I hope that I live to see this day. Meanwhile, no chocolates or solid food for me today, on Valentine's Day!

PS ~ for references, you can begin with the Center for Constitutional Rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union. You may also wish to review historical information via Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Ralph Nader
Yesterday I called Conyers and my US Rep & US Senators (local & DC)
Submitted to local paper as Letter to the Editor, put on MySpace, FastCupid, Newsvine, Digg, LiveJournal and submitted to OpEd News.

Point is, you can't operate a government for the people based on fear. If the point is Cheney has acted illegally, then impeach (the SOB). What's to worry about? What can the white house monkey (illegally inserted in the first place) do worse than the current mess? If all you are worried about is losing, then I would rather lose having said this group a national crime/travesty (as it is) and not pretend the crimes don't matter (let the robbers out of the bank, that plan never works).


Submitted by Joanne ONeill on Tue, 2008-02-12 20:25. Reposted here.

Today New Hampshire State Representative Betty Hall in her meeting with Speaker of the House , State Rep. Terie Norelli ,stated she will be fasting for impeachment until it passes the State House.

The dedication shown by this 87 year old life long activist, is a real challenge to the many who are not actively pursuing the restoration of our Constitution and demanding accountability from all our elected officals.

That's the word from Leslie.

God Bless you all. YOU are the real Americans. We who cannot do what you are doing respect and love you for your gift to us and America. Here's hoping Rep. Conyers sees reality very soon.

Hi Leslie,
Joined you today fasting on Tuesday! Keep us posted! Cindi Vancouver, WA

I think it hurts the cause of Code Pink. The body is sacred and should be taken care of. In any case, we need the Code Pink individuals to be healthy, to carry on the important work. I feel the same about suicide. The believe spirit put us here to nourish our minds, bodies, and spiritual being and pass it on--fasting is none of the above. I would think it would also turn the families of those fasting against Code Pink and, thus, the causes that are supported by Code Pink. I know as much as I support Code Pink causes and admire the grit and imaginative ideas, this hunger strike thing really turns me off to it.


I am proud to join Leslie in her fast. I will begin on Feb 18 because of travel commitment. John Conyer's office has my name and the information. Check out the Ghandhi Brigade.


And expect to see me in front of Conyers' Detroit offices each morning.

Dear Friend,
I met with Congressman Conyers on Friday (please see latest After Downing Street update: and because Congress is in their home district this week, I was considering coming to Detroit to stand in front of his office! Now that you're doing this, I've decided to focus instead on encouraging more Judiciary members to sign onto Wexler's letter. I'll be visiting their offices in DC and trying to set up appointments for next week when they return.
Thanks for your commitment and help in Detroit!!
Peace and Freedom,
Leslie Angeline

If you know anyone who would like to join me, send them over. I stand in front of the Lafayette courthouse each morning from 8 to 9 AM before I go to work. I'd love some company.

However, I may not be able to make it tomorrow morning as I am scheduled for arraignment on disorderly conduct charges. I guess you're not allowed to do this on the side of the freeway.

Say hello to Wexler for me. Tell him that his petition sparked me back into action.

Two of the contributors to Tampa's Back Door Ways, strong advocates for Impeachment have joined the fast until Impeachment hearings start.

Get BOTH THOSE CRIMINALS and the rest of their CABAL out of OUR WHITE HOUSE.

Thank you

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.

If this administration can send young people to die for no reason, do you think they care if you fast? Stick to the law. It's on your side. As a lawyer, myself, who worked for the government in D.C., you will mute the message you're trying to send, if you do this drastic act of fasting. Sure, it shows courage and conviction, but I don't think it's necessary. Follow the law, as explained. Do not become martyrs. This government does not care about your martyrdom, and will likely put you in a camp of pro-Osama sympathizers. Be smart. Call off the fast, and get to work. We need your strength in committing to spreading the word and letting Americans understand the process.

I think it is abominable that more than a score of American citizens feel compelled to go on a long-term fast -- just to appeal to the U.S. Congress to begin impeachment proceedings.
According to recent polls, more than 75% of Democrats, 60% of independents, and 20% of Republicans say that Cheney should be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Because of such unwillingness to act, American voters rate the U.S. Congress below 20% -- lower than President Bush's rating in the low 20s. It is extremely important that all congresspersons act on their obligation to uphold and support the U.S. Constitution, which they have taken an oath to support.

No American citizen should feel they need to fast to convince any congressperson to act to support the constitution. Although a fast for a day or two probably would not hurt most Americans -- in fact, it might be beneficial to a good many -- no American should feel they need to go to the extreme measure of fasting, in order to convince any congressperson to do anything. With members of the U.S. Congress willing to listen to their constituents, such communication would prevent the need to fast. This situation appears to be the beginning of the breakdown of the American Empire -- when members of the U.S. Congress refuse to listen to their constituents.

It is important to begin impeachment hearings -- and that they be held in a balanced and fair environment. Some Democrats say that "impeachment is off the table." In a democracy, no important issue should ever be off the table.
Impeachment IS such an important issue. By permitting an important issue to be "off the table," we are encouraging, facilitating and permitting crimes and misdemeanors to to occur without a challenge; such action will encourage the next president or vice-president to act in a still more flagrant, glaring, egregious manner to break constitutional provisions -- in an extraordinarily bad way.

If hearings are held, and if the so-called crimes and misdemeanors are aired and fairly discussed, the air will be cleared so that citizens can make a more rational decision about whom to elect in November. Failure to act on such an important issue will permit it to fester and get worse; it will send the wrong signal to American voters -- that the U.S. Constitution is unimportant, that their congresspeople consider it unimportant and not worth defending. I strongly believe that most Americans, true conservatives or liberals, Democrats or Republicans, want the constitution defended at all times.

Please begin the impeachment hearings -- and hold them in a fair and impartial manner. That is the least that Americans expect -- in a true democracy.

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