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Resources for Events


Print these signs for your events: LINK.

Post or find events in an online system: LINK.

Request assistance with planning an impeachment forum or other event: LINK.

Available speakers: LINK.

Citizens Impeachment Commission: LINK.

Request speakers or media spokespeople from national impeachment movement: LINK.

Media Kit: LINK.

Print out postcards to mail to Congress Members.

Print out subpoenas to hand to Congress Members.

Honking for Impeachment
Try it in your town: Here's how.

Car Wash for Impeachment
Here's an idea that a group in Virginia is trying: A Car Wash for Impeachment. And, get your car washed for half price if you leave with an IMPEACH sticker on the bumper.

Peaches for Pelosi
Here's How.

Spell It Out
Here's how.
Here are letter templates.

Make a Town Hall Wall

Impeachment Hearings
A model.
A proposal.
Try making is a debate, to include more people and attract more media.

Here they are. Make sure everyone signs and leaves with a large stack of blank forms to use after your event.

Information Sheets

Flyer: Democrats, Be Afraid of Not Impeaching: PDF.

Flyer on asking Congress to do investigations.

Print and send Congress this postcard.

Talking points and other resources.

Honor Fallen Soldiers
Find local soldiers' names to read and photos to display.
It's a good idea to ask families' approval, and to invite families to take part.

Distribute an Opt Out form to protect our youth.
Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools automatically give military recruiters student contact information unless students and parents submit an Opt Out form to the school principal. Don't let our youth be recruited to fight an illegal war predicated on lies and fixed intelligence.
Get the forms here.

Learn the Financial Cost of the War to Your City and State
Here's the cost.
Here's what your money could have purchased instead.

Dramatic Play Scripts

"I," the Impeachment Play: PDF.

US v Bush, a script for six readers, and audio. Movie coming soon.

This play is a new resource for local events. We highly recommend performing or reading it, and then discussing and organizing for impeachment.
Based on the novel by Sinclair Lewis
By Lee Roscoe (c.) 2005
Time: 1930s
Place: Fort Beulah, a small Vermont town, and Washington D.C.

Off the Table: A Farce in One Act.

Put on a performance of, or watch a DVD of "A Nation Deceived."

Put on a performance of the play "Guantanamo."
Here's a script.
Here's a shorter version.
If you plan to put on more than one performance, please contact the owners for permission (see title page).

The Downing Street Minutes, also known somewhat misleadingly as the Downing Street Memo, is one of several documents damaging to the claims of the Bush and Blair administrations that have been leaked to the media in Britain. Because these are the minutes of a meeting -- which occured on July 23, 2002, at #10 Downing Street in London -- they lend themselves to a dramatic recreation. Because Prime Minister Tony Blair was present but has no speaking role, we recommend bringing a well-behaved poodle to your event to stand in for him.

Here is a guide to performing a dramatic reading. This version adds a bit of humor.

Here is a guide to performing a dramatic reading that plays it completely straight.

Here is an audio recreation by professional actors

Here's a creative presentation of exerpts from the various Downing Street documents.


Leading to War

Crimes Against Humanity: The Bush Record and Bush Crimes Commission Hearings

List of good movies.

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson Makes Case for Impeachment

Bill Moyers' Journal on Impeachment.

Impeach Cheney in 3 Minutes: High-res Quicktime version to show at events.

The new film "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death" makes arguing against wars easy. If you get into a debate about war, just make the points made so clearly in this film, or - better yet - convince a war supporter to watch the film. Read review of movie. Buy a copy.

April 25, 2007, Impeachment event at Capitol with Rep. Kucinich and prominent Americans

High Crimes and Atrocities: order DVD

Impeachment kickoff in Philadelphia.


A powerpoint that makes the case for impeachment.

A video of Neil Young's song.

Impeachment forum video from C-Span.

The Case for Impeachment: a DVD with John Bonifaz.

Articles of Impeachment from the Center for Constitutional Rights.

For $13, Chris Belcher will sell you a DVD produced in cooperation with This 40-minute video is divided into chapters that can each be played separately. It contains highlights of the June 16, 2005, hearings, delivery of letter to the White House, and rally held in Washington. The testimony at the hearings has been selected with an eye to clearly explaining the facts to a newcomer. You might want to show all or part of this DVD at an event. We recommend showing all of it and purchasing a supply of these to sell or give to participants.

For $20, will sell you a 5-hour 2-DVD set containing the complete hearings and rally in Washington, D.C., on June 16, 2005. This includes every bit of the hearings and the rally, plus Congressman Conyers' delivery of a letter and 560,000 signatures to the White House, plus interviews of some leaders of the coalition. Buy some copies to sell at your events!

Do you want to see video evidence of what they said two years ago, side by side with what they said last week? Do you want to see the Rove Scandal painted clearly with no punches pulled? This is a brilliant DVD. You can get a copy by making a donation to TakeBackTheMedia. You can do that and watch a preview here.

'Walk' tells the story of a young man who undertook a peace walk of no ordinary kind. Carrying a sign that read, 'Walk 'til I Drop for Peace,' he left his hometown of Port Townsend, Washington early one morning with the intent of walking non-stop and without taking on any calories (only hydrating) until he reached the point of complete physical and/or mental exhaustion.

Through footage shot during his walk (both the documentarian's and that of the young man himself) as well as interviews conducted before and afterwards, the film chronicles this amazing event and serves as a portrait-in-time of a young man and his search for meaning.

A number of free copies of the completed film are available to non-profit organizations for use as part of an event or fundraiser:

More videos.


Here are clips and lyrics.


Impeachment punch recipe.


Get them here and sell them at a profit or give them away.

Buy shirts in bulk and sell them. Buy 50 or more at $5.75 each. Buy even more, pay even less. Lots of colors available.

Yard Signs

Get them here and sell them at a profit or give them away.

Car Flags

Buy Them Here

Make an Impeachmobile

Here's how.


Get signs like these from Phil Restino of the Central Florida chapter of Veterans For Peace at (386) 255-7441 or

Invite the Bush Chain Gang to appear in your town

Please send us reports, photos, and links to audio and video of your event.

Impeach Bush Playing Cards:

Need a reason to impeach Bush?



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