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An Open Letter to Senator Obama and the Democratic Leadership:

On Election Night, DO NOT CONCEDE!

“Eight years is too much” is how Barack Obama explained why we must win the coming election and begin to restore America. But, even if we receive the most votes, will we win the election?

Both of the last two elections were conceded by the Democratic presidential candidate. The 2004 election was handed to George Bush while votes were still being counted in closely-fought Ohio. While the 2000 election was contested to the Supreme Court, it too was ultimately conceded to Bush “for the good of the country.”

Some good.

Numerous politicians, investigators and authors, including Robert Kennedy, Jr., agree the 2004 election was stolen, not only in Ohio but in several other battleground states. Tactics included purging of legitimate voters and the use of nefarious voting software--but when even these actions did not yield the required numbers, Republican election officials simply changed the vote tallies in several states, all without a peep from the Democratic Party.

In the time since the last general election the public has learned much about these scandals, which have led some states to reject electronic touchscreen voting (and which caused the infamous Diebold voting machines corporation to hide behind a new corporate name,) yet the Democratic Party seems to have learned nothing.

If we cannot afford another Republican administration, we cannot afford a third concession in the face of election fraud. Already there is evidence of massive fraud such as voter purging and caging of Democratic voters, and “flipping” of votes in early voting on electronic touchscreen machines. It is reasonable to once again expect further manipulation on election night by some Republican operatives and election officials, as was seen in 2004; should we also expect our Democratic Party leaders and candidates to repeat history, by once again conceding in the face of such blatant fraud?

Senator Obama, we need you, our Party and all candidates to stand firm, come what may on election night. You ask us to work for you, contribute to you--and to have your back; we ask that you promise to have our back: We ask that you PLEDGE TO STAND FIRM, AND NOT CONCEDE THE COMING ELECTION in the face of election irregularities, no matter how long it takes to contest such fraud, while there remains any doubt as to any part of the process. Be assured, Democratic voters will be more--not less--energized if we see you promise to stand firm.

Senator Obama, if there is any reason to contest the election,


Signed: (Titles for identification purposes only)

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Gore Vidal

Bob Fitrakis,
Professor of Political Science, Columbus State Community College
Attorney; Editor of The Free Press (

Harvey Wasserman
Senior Editor,, Author of SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth

Mark Crispin Miller,
Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University
Author of Fooled Again, How the Right Stole the 2004 Election

Tim Carpenter
Director, Progressive Democrats of America

Mimi Kennedy,
Chair, National Advisory Board, Progressive Democrats of America

David Swanson,
Co-Founder, After Downing Street

Eric Bauman
Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Garry S. Shay
Member, Democratic National Committee (CA)
Lead Chair, Rules Committee, California Democratic Party

Jo Olson, MD
Co-Chair, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party

Mal Burnstein
Co-Chair, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party

Medea Benjamin
Co-founder, Global Exchange and CODEPINK

Jodie Evans,
Co-founder, CODEPINK: Women for Peace

Marcy Winograd,
Executive Board representative, California Democratic Party, 41st AD
Former Chair, Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles

David Earnhardt
Filmmaker, “Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections”

Dorothy Fadiman
Filmmaker/Producer, “STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote”

Don Goldmacher,
Chair, Election Integrity, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party

Michael Jay,
Progressive Democrats of America, Special Projects
Former Delegate, California Democratic Party, 42nd AD

Sheri Myers,
Director, “Wake Up and Save Your Country"

Robert A. Feuer
Former Chairman, Stockbridge, MA Town Democratic Committee

Thomas Patrick O'Shaughnessy
Region 3 Vice Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party
Chair, Irish American Caucus, California Democratic Party

Howard Jennings
PDA-Virginia, State Co-Coordinator

Sarah Stott
Chapter Chair, PDA-Virginia

Lisa Pease
Co-editor, “The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X”

Cindy Asner
Former Delegate, California Democratic Party
Member, National Advisory Board, Progressive Democrats of America

Julie Lopez Dad
President, Santa Monica Democratic Club
Chair, 41st AD Committee, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Dr. Bill Honigman
PDA California State Coordinator and Orange County Chapter Leader
Delegate, California Democratic Party, 73rd AD

Linda Milazzo
Senior Editor,
Blogger, Huffington Post

Rady Ananda
Senior Editor,

Jan Baumgartner
Managing Editor,

Cheryl Biren-Wright
Managing Editor,

Joan Brunwasser
Election Integrity Editor,

Sherry Healy
Co-Founder California Election Protection Network
Coordinator, Election Defense Alliance

Laura Bonham
Summit County, UT Democratic Party Chairperson

Evi Klett
PDA co- state Organizer for Colorado

Jeff Tiedrich

Susie Shannon
Executive Board representative, California Democratic Party, 42nd AD
Founder, Poverty Matters

Karen Bernal
Executive Board representative, California Democratic Party, 5th AD
Officer, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party

Albert E. Fairchild
Retired Foreign Service Officer

Dorathea Peters
Precinct Captain, Alexandria, VA Democratic Committee

Lori Price,
Managing Editor, Citizens For Legitimate Government

Garda Ghista,
President, World Prout Assembly

Kevin Zeese,
Executive Director, True Vote (www.TrueVote.US)

Nick Mottern,
Director, Consumers for

Patty Sharaf,
Filmmaker, "Murder, Spies & Voting Lies"

Lila Garrett
Host of Connect The Dots (Pacifica Radio KPFK - 90.7 FM); Member PDA National Board; Emmy Award Winning Writer/Producer/Director

Kevin Martin
Director, Peace Action

Sue Udry
Formerly legislative staff for United for Peace and Justice

Mark Ruffalo

Phil Burk

Brad Parker
Presient, Valley Dem's United (LA)

Ricco Ross
Co-Chair, PDLA

Jeeni Criscenzo
Former candidate for Congress

Jeff Killeen
Parliamentarian of the CDP Prog. Caucus

Jennifer Epps
Anti-war protester, feminist, environmentalist, and activist with the L.A. Area Impeachment Center

John Kennedy,
Organizer, Impeach Colorado

Bruce Funk,
Elections official from Utah who stood up to Diebold

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David Swanson
Miriam Donson
Margery KaBehrens
Eric Schwing
Jeffrey Sherman
Debra Porta
Jamie McClelland
Jacalyn Engler
Scott Engler
David Dodge
Ellen E Barfield
Nancye Belding
Joann Locascio
r winn
D Southern
Joseph Smith
Kevin Zeese
William Brown
judith shattuck
Dan DeWalt
William JoCox
gordon kobayashi
Kyle F. Hence
Rain Burroughs
Harvey Thorstad
Nancy Harkinson
Bill Rozen
Judy O'Leary
ruth strauss
pat westwater-jong
James M> Alex
Josie Lenwell
Roger Drowne E.C. ( Earth Citiz
Mike Lauver
Lisa Williamson
Kelly Morris
Tracy Larkins
Buddy Georgia
Dave Kisor
Frank Ranelli
Holly Snead
Mona Temchin
Mary Bell Lockhart
Brett Garrett
Rick Pickett
Edwin McCready
J.M. Wornum
Maria McManigle
Jerry Brooks
Susan Osada
Thomas Sanders
elizabeth dean
Catherine Calabro
Lisa Brikowski
James Evans
David Ward
Hank McCann
Janet Gatliff
Nancy Scott
Wanda Brownlee
Nadir Omowale
Rev. LuciePan Morningstar
David Levine
Adrienne &Dickinson
Scott Cooper
Vernon Huffman
amy samelson
Philip Dennany
Phil Burk
Donna Cinelli
Maurice Anderson
Marg Chacon
shirley parker
Karen Ahern
Anna Givens RN
Deborah Brechler
Craig Vanbatenburg
Barbara Ehrentreu
Susan Hughes
Jane Engelsiepen
Daniel Sullivan
Sandra Sullivan
Carol Alleman
Mike Ellison
Alex Hull-Richter
Jerry Maxwell
Sharon Tipton
Bob Foster
Garry M Doll
Tracy Larkins
John Lippmann
George Bates
Lateefah Kirsner
Virginia JMiller, Legislative Coord
Carl Sperr
Michael Greenman
Bob Reynolds
Stanley Thompson
David Maciewski
Linda Ross
Mary Wiae
Mary Wise
Lynn Sinnott
Randy Sandberg
robert jereski
Judith Detert-Moriarty
maryl lou davidson
Don Ogden
Robin Dicken
Henry Bemis
Leslie Feuille
Melissa Baird
Peter Sinnott
Gary Gleason
Holly Joseph
Arnold Kotler
Ken Burleson
donald heisler
Abbe DeLozier-Co Editor & Auth
Stephen Caruso
Worth Green
Nancy Patumanoan
Cindy Goldman
Michael Shelby
Patrick Santy
Deborah Sumner
Don DeBar
Peggy Smith
Thomas Pratt
Agnes Johnson
Dwinna Barker
Larry Maxwell
Jerry Lobdill
Ben Chitty
Martin Fleming
Maria Clark
George Clark
Jamie Cunningham
Jenise Treuting
Dennis McWilliams
Scott Oberg
Maureen Meyer
Cathe Giffuni
Bruce Miller
Gerald Ganann
Susan Ganann
Victor Tejada
Gianni Ortiz
Paul Welch
Harriet Harper
Karen Boyette
Malachy Kilbride
Charlene Inglis
Susan Decker
Kate Quimby
Sandra Webster
Becky Daiss
Ted Pearson
elisa Pearmain
Nick Egnatz
Lynn Landes, CountTheBallots.o
Lyal Grissom
John Weger
Sanford Robbins
Barbara W.Flanagan
Lauretta Gordon
Ardeshir Ommani
Maureen Olmsted
Gregory Wierzbicki
Rochelle Gurstein
Peter Warren
Jack Barth
sam marshall
Kathryn Sturm
Olivia Millman
Nancie Tharp
Raymond Munro
Karen Giles
John Brooks
Chris Dorsey
Vickie Karp
Evan Gregory
jamie mandrake
Brian Bernardini
Paulette Phipps
Sharon Ellis
Allison Schulte
Dana K. Monforton
Denise LaRossa
Russ Mantel
Sarah Folio
Robert Duvall
Jon Williams
Steven Fetsch
joe walsh
Kevin Martin
Terrie Williams
Russell Kraus
Jane Kneller
Terri Schulte
Marcia Burtt
Diane Timko
Michael Schmidt
Shawn White
Jeffrey Flood
Barbara E.Murphy
Frank Kolwicz
Jimmy Garcia
Bill Goldberg
Jackie Wollman
Frank Harper
Marinel anFuller
Robin Simons
Elizabeth Guthrie
Janice Moland
Laura Reichenbach
Ruth Klein
Scott Schinder
Sue Genser
David Friedman
Cynthia Davies
Laura Guy
Sandra andPatla
Amy Aurelio
Kathleen Daniusis
Karen Piper
Daniel M Summerford
Dr. HaroldKuntz
Carol Coakley
Robert Blevins
Michael Lasell
Marla Petersen
Terry Ryan
Sharon Stratman
Geordie McAveney
Ricardo Reimundez
andy comins
Maureen DeHart
Kathleen Howley
Marcus Green
Maggie Davidson
Mark Wright
Alison Dunton
Christy Bannister
Chris Lamport
Erin Ausfeld
Jeff Cannon
Scott Condit
David Conarton II
Westin Glass
Patrick Lorenz
Michelle Lang
Frederick Johncox
Ynhared Mangan
Janet Vail
Brian Carroll
Beth Kennedy
John Cook
Karen Parker
Timothy Vecchiarelli
Barbara Dillingham
Jainie Grant
Nancy Lehmann
Lenore Kalarness
cyn hoard
M.J. Nolan Kelly
Robin Weingarten
Paris Alexander
Susan Harper
Martha Marshall
Florence Chan
jon berger
steven lister
Janet Chilton
Michael Kessler
Sandra Kessler
M.P. Mulligan
Linda Goin
Alexis Abrams
Jessica Krause
Julie Peppito
Melissa Rode
Evan Kirkley
brian Donovan
Gina Webb
Karen Marston
Jason Canada
azita shafazand
Gregory Atwood
Gwen Knighton
Carmen Morgan
Linda Thieman
Margo McIntire
Kevin Leal
Timothy Legant
Mary BaineCampbell
mark dunn
Sharon James
Paula de Koenigsberg
Jim Oberg
Anne Grady
Jonathan Price
Lisa Pannell
paul kane
arlene hoffman
Monique Le Blanc
Richard Tamm
christine day
Paul Baer
Benjamin Alpert
Heather Branch
Amjad Rashid Jr.
Patricia scheel
Taasha Cooper
Spencer Lo
Beth Sperry
MariestellColon Astacio
Gary Blum
Saundra Whitten
Tim Sherman
David Crigger
Robert Stupay
larry jarvis
Rosanne Boardman
Rosanne Boardman
Laura Dent
Margaret Walker
Rae Lewis
Daniel Webster
Dennis Wininger
Azlea Hubbard
Lynn OShea
David Anick
Elaine Becker
Geoff Maddox
Barbara Honegger
Lindsey Mathewson
michael pucciarelli
mari pucciarelli
Ben McMahan
Susi Wyss
Kathryn Hall
Terry Mandel
lindsay ruck
James Pertusi
Ted Fairchild
Teresa Bruno
Edmond Jane
Tracy Thomas
Marypat Green
Jerry Nairn
Thomas Finnell
Linda James
Ingrid Nuse
Chet Zebroski
Sydney Vilen
Umut Newbury
Monica McGregor
Valerie Brown
KD Duke
Linda Eisenstein
Bert Sagi
Erin Egnatz
Mark Rothj
Linda Swanson
Christina Schuessler
joomi kim
Joseph Palermo
Nancy Rose-Chism
John Beske
Vicki Ryder
Patty Sharaf filmmaker "Murder,
ken hantman
Denne Pushkin
Allison Hagen
Francis Di Donato
John McLane
Paul Fisher
Andrew Olson
Robert Braam
Robert Walther
lisa canfield
Pete McGuire
Stephen Frampton
Susan Maltby
Dorothy Collins
Sue Udry
Rebecca Tortell
Berwick Lanier
Cecelia Kahnke
Darril Tighe
Erica Getto
Linda Barker
Eric Anderson
Karl Mosgofian
Anabel Royer
Justin Lowe
jt lillrd
Elizabeth Barger
Scott Green
Gerry Minerd
Monique Fordham
Paula Tobler
Susan Lowney
John Halprin
brianne bolstetter
Robert LaRossa
Gerald Kornbluth
Wanda Fox
Nancy Schoerke
Batya Billinkoff
Charlotte Peterson
Craig Peterson
Loki Peterson
Gila Engelman
Sam Fedele
Judith DiaWeston
James Garnett
Heather White
Erin Fisher
larry lynch
Antonio Vaz
Susan Sonne
Howard Brown
Scott Twombley
jeanne Suggs
Elizabeth Ley
Anne Weaver
Claudia Lynch
Ron Gominiak
Kimberly Waugh
Linda Silverthorn
Daniel Davis
Michele Chavez
randy kaplan
Kate McMurry
Craig Wallace-Keck
Barbara Sullivan
Deirdre Murphy
Heidi Finkelberg
Randi Rohde
Rudy Sovinee
Judy Zabriskie
Randy Shay
Richard Seeley
Lori Eldridge
Wes Lockwood
Bernie Ellis
Robert Grabowski
Denise Lytle
Heather Horn
James Chapman
Elsa J Schorr
Sharon Koskoff
Jake & CynJacobs
Robert Southworth
andrea sullivan
Elizabeth Blackmore
Mara Shlackman
Natalie Cohen
Felicia Messer
Ann Valdick
Mercedes Murray
Devon Nola
Shannon Koenig
Brad Wilson
Barbara Bellows-TerraNova
Tziporah Waternov
warren Linney
allen michaan
Lucinda Keils
Len Murray
Marilyn Gjerdrum
edward bogdan
Anthony Roba
Tom Robinson
Jenifer Horne
Albert Klappenberger
Jennifer Lawrence
David Everard
Susan Meissner
William Bode
Charles Perez
linda fountain
Lori Erlendsson
P Sears
Misty Hanna
Sophie Crafts
Gordon Bennett
John W Martin
Kathleen Christensen
Robert M Maestas
Deborah Reback-Cushman
S Foulks
William Farkas
nancy fulton
Joanne Lukacher
Tamerra Teti
Laurie Rosenblum
Elaine U Dreyfuss
Callista Perry
Jeff Rosenberg
Stephen Daigle
Mohini Peters
Dennis TerraNova
gabriela brewer
Cheryl Liniman
Bruce Funk
andrew brewer
ann dunham
Jon Acheson
Katharine Hay
Teri Greene
Candice Wright
Jeannie Johnson
Carmen Balas
Paul Lakin
Judy Barrett
Jennifer Barrett
Bryan Winchell
Chris Goodwin
Ronald Jensen
Mac McKinney
Madeline Taylor
Wendy Hughes
Caitlin Blue
Conchita Marusich
Besenia Rodriguez
Austin Samsel
Carter Diggs
Jacki Breger
William Kime
Carolyn Summers
Janet Mattern
Allan Cameron
Hannes Baumann
Sharona Smith
carole mcglone
J. Panzella
John Estes
Berl Hubbell
Julia Estes
Michele Hertz
M.S. Epstein
Jim Davis
Carol Wallitt
Carol Mulkey-Ritz
Julie Shannon
Tracy Carness
Cardell Walker
Ricco Ross
Jessica Yost
Miles Shannon
Cody Yost
Makaila Shannon
Aisha Ross
Alfred T. McHugh
Claudia Classon
Rochelle Low
Rochelle Low
Chris Shellin
leslie lakind
Janet Iversen
Susan Seidelman
Marilyn Adams
Sheridan Phillips
Victoria Kirsch
Cordell Stahl
Justine Fischoff
Ted Johnson
Ed Frank
Wendy Zuverink
Joan McGrane
Trevin Pinto
Adrian Pitts
Barbara Orenstein
Rick Archer
Thomas Moss
Alcinda Moore
pat getz
Annette Saint John Lawrence
Janet Elgin
Lucius Fieldon
Freda Jones
Joseph MaxAugust
Brian Bilsky
Gia Galeano
Emily Strasser
K. Searle
Art Flores
P. Burns
Christina Ku
Meghan Starr
Denise Lumiere
Ann Merriman
Catherine Lair
J. Nolan Lewis
Tyler Osborn
xochi Y.
Mike Falco
Joanna Naymark
Diana Dunlap
Leslie Chapman
matt robinson
Babette Wieland
Steven Smith
Patricia DAndrew
James Bochenek
Andrew Krause
Lin Simpson
Siv O'Neall
Saundra Hodges
lorenzo gabanizza
Dave Mount
Pete Kay
Lorna Farnum
Alex Uttermann
Charlie Hinton
Vanessa Merton
Mark Snowden
Marjorie Belieu
Felicia Staub
Rebecca Wolfe
Deborah Socolar
Frank Morrow
Julia Brandner
Marcie O'Brien
James Stoye
Arran Thomson
Carolyn MaGolojuch, MSW
Elizabeth Callison
Lisanne Pearcy
Alissa Stoehr
Stephen Greenberg
Michael Swanson
Windy Holzbach
Pat Herron
Pearl Volkov
Virginia Elliott
F. MichaelMontgomery
Dharmika Henshel
Francis Leckie
Richard & Schmidt
Anne Haggerty
Chris Weaver
Jane Bruce-Munro
RJ Holland
Barbara Hughes
Patsy Shafchuk
Silvia Brandon-Perez
Amy Harlib
William Fudeman
John LeFrançois
Thomas Almquist
Dominick Salfi
Patty B Wolf
Jacob Park
Vi Mooberry
Lauren Taylor
Susan Moore
Susan Moore
Tammy Moon
Linda Swanson
Peter Mayes
Rita Rencis
Margaret Sterling
Joy Sabl
John Lynn
Kim Young
John AllenKumor, Ph.D.
Kathy Chapman
Gioia Francella
Janet Taylor
Stacy Kennedy
Deborah Garrand
David James
Patti Willard
Richard Jennings
Eddie Stamport
Shirley Middleto
margaret Copi
Jill Buzan
Pamela Scoville
Mark Camann
Peter Crownfield
Michael W Evans
Patricia Courtney
Ann de Rouffignac
Naomi & GaGreenfield
David Greenberg
Kathy Hass
Linda Rednour
carrie lavender
Nerissa Russell
Claudia Glennan
Pixie Holbrook
John Rioux
Gabe Rioux
Anne Holbrook
Laurie Fellows
Barbara Nash
Bonnie Ross
Alexander Lemski
Rodney Clark
Jane Deer
Kristina Thorpe
Carlos Vega
Lynn Hueffed
Jerry Bloomer
Manya Arond-Thomas
Pamela Selwyn
Patrick Goetz
Fred Karpoff
Jennifer Duthie
Theresa Adams
Carolyn Abbey
Michael Wolkomir, MD
Megan Oltman
David Walters
Kevin Crawford
Laura Dzingeleski
Richard Kerver
Maria Lasagna
Ileen Carter
Scott Lipscomb
Roberta Marley-Merchant
Michael Carano, Ohio PDA State Co
Susan Fisher
Judy Johnson
Caroline Cole
Pamela Kies-Lowe
David Fidler
Greg Dzingeleski
Donna Malamud
Barbara Kamholz
Melissa Garner
Monica Green
benjamin folds
Cynthia Cochran
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Harry J. Posnanski Jr.
Elizabeth DiPalma
Channing Brechlin
Susan Bannister
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philip Flavin
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Leonie Tremaine
Kendra Williams
Robert Campbell
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shirley copperman
Sylvia Drahos
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colleen slade
Paul Andrade
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Barry Kissin
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Susan Hirschmann
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Britton Saunders
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Adnan Onart
Lisa Butch
Jerry Malamud
Elizabeth Godman
Elias Vigil
Nir Krakauer
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Stephen Tucker
Sandy Muraoka
Christina Cusumano
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Albert Rossi
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Elise Pritchard
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Joel Fears, Jr.
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S. C.
Leslie Evans
Najah Rahmaan
Leslie Bemis
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Jennifer Jones Barnes
Janett Taylor
Jerry Beauchamp
Mary Brandl
Frances Glaub
Bruce Grady
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Regina AnnLoughran
Stephen Jackson
David Gascon
Kristin Parker
Phoebe Zimmermann
Linda Jacobs
Erik Ebert
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Barry Kerr
Wendy Hesslink
Wendy Hesslink
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Brett Balmer
Nina Sweeney
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Annalisa Sporrong
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Jill Eisenstein
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katy handley
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Tracy Hobson
christian kalthoff
Heather Carver
Barbara Duggal
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bri gauger
Mary Mooney
Jeeni Criscenzo
Kelly Klaasmeyer
Mary Mooney
Hank Levin
Serwind Netzler
David Roesler
Linda BacoMcBurney
Ruth Caplan
Janet Levy
Diane Bogren
Michael Suarez
Nancy Huff
Bonnie Gorman
Scott Davis
Daniel McCrea
Francesca Costantino
Judith McAdoo
Richard Kaplan
Ava Cohn
Cheryl Harris
Chery Pinton
Richard Sidy
Mary Powers
Barry Feldman
Barry Feldman
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Tracy Hillmann
Katy Weiks
Diane Shavelson
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James Morlath
Barbara Boettcher
maureen kirkpatrick
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paul petersen
Marlene Mason
Robert Mueller
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Kate Mudd
Janet Higgins
Brent Armendinger
Maria Cutrona
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Elizabeth Katz
Mary Chapot
Colleen Burns
Greg Christopher
Matt Maguire
Michael Handler
Judith Harris
joan jones
Elaine Andrews
Darrell Parsons
Lynn Wilsey
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Barbara Upton
Chara Armon
Betsy Toll
Crawford Irvine
Julia Halperin
Winifred Lutz
Linda Ellinwood
vince agamenone
Margaret Boehm
Linda Jackson
Judith Carter
Pamela Dritt
Al Blackburn, M.D.
Jen Duch
Michele McFadden
Melody Holmes
Jeffrey Killeen
Clarence Hagmeier
Marvin Armendinger
Lisa Mohan
Danna Pope
Carol Fitzgerald
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David Zegler
Melissa Judge
David Zegler
Linda McVarish
Lon Goldstein
Susan Klein
Jeff levine
Robert Stevenson
Susan S. Peirce
Jerry Robin
Roger Peirce
maja silberberg
Erica Monaco
Tim Cunha, Democrat for Congr
Bryndis Tobin
Susan Krebs
Chana Bogsted
Bruce Bernhart
Angela Ocone
Lora Maurer
Cynthia Groves, Health Care Pract
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Susan Kohen
Kevin Hedenstad
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Andrea Williamson
Ann Scheid
Nell Weatherwax
Nell Weatherwax
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Katherine Tachau
Richard Besco
AJ Averett
JoAnn Sherman
Tamering Olson
Pat Leary
Robert Seman
Anne Beversdorf
Scott Steele
Peter Davison
Margie Mason
sanford abrams
Tina Jackson
Richard Willis
Jacquie Lowell
Jennifer Shepherd
Thomas Heinlein
Peggy Goddard
Karen Eichhorn
Jeffrey Barnett
Lee Marshall
Don Wallenberg
Rick KlausTheis
Cindy Riser
Allan Brief
Judith Sommer
Alice Shapiro
Howard Shapiro
George Slawson
Danielle Guion-Swenson
Judith Schonebaum
Patrice Mitsos
Barbara Bakie
Maj Britt Baker
Jo Salas
Rebecca Gentry
Macey Ward
Amrita Burdick
Phyllis Chan
Louis Linsmeyer
Kevin Buchanan
Gary Sexton
Joe Pardee
Mary Lou Francis
Frank Schmeisser
Sarah Wallingford
Mary Lyda
Margaret Seymour
Gay Kramer-Dodd
Lucy Kenyon
Gaen Murphree
Jay Gold
Julian Chazin
Angela Crow
Jennifer Epps
Rebecca Martin
Thomas Sheehan
Dorothy Lorig
Sally O'Steen
Ray Akin, Ph.D.
Lynn Poos
tung ton
thomas irving
Marla Leander
Jean Dickson
Lauren Johnson
Nicholas Paini
Bonnie Winn
Chandra Holsten
Lisa Miller
Mabel and McElhaney
Kym Griswold
Susan Rivo
Jennifer Lorenz
Rachael Phebus
Juliana Van Arsdale
Michael Briney
Wesley Rogers
Raymond Allamby
Skip Shaputnic
Linda Alessandrini
Janice Urbsaitis
Gayle Crawford
Therese McKnight
Mark Levenstien
Cathrine Wolcott
jerry hoard
Stacy Clark
Della Wright
Fe Ripka
Ron MattheHanson
David Rosen
Nancy Kurtz
michele wojcicki
Anne Padilla
Inanna Arthen
Paulette Wendell
Mark Ruffalo
Barbara Cromwell
Edie Booth
Peter Friedman
Owen Broadhurst
Jan Netzer
John H Fancher
Penny Strowger
Coreen Schmidt
Susannah Carlson-Lagunas
Dwain Jones
Alan Kobrin
Larry Bergan
Brad Thacker
Michael Marx
laura Reynolds
Kirk Mailloux
William McGrane
John H Kennedy Impeach Colorado
Cherie Holman
John McMullen
Zoe Sodja
Mike Mullarkey
Scott Ross
Drina Brooke
Sandra Moskovitz
Robert Moir
William Orovan
Daniel Goldstein
Richard Schmitt
Susan Quasha
Patricia Poos
Phyllis Stern
Jennifer FOX
Nicola Bourne
Leslie Arnold-Rautman
Chris Rosenthal
Bruce Rosen
Arlene Fisher
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