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Actvists and Obama Supporters Can Make a Deal

By davidswanson - Posted on 07 September 2012

For every Obama supporter who posts as a comment below that they will protest his wars on October 5-7, I promise to try to find someone in the swing state of Virginia to vote for him.

If you'd like to propose your own swap of election campaigning for serious activism, please do so as a comment below.

David these aren't His Wars, they belong Still to the previous admin and even more so now to everyone in the country who haven't paid a dime for them, surplus was gone and deficits rising Before 9/11!!! The 'Accountability' was ran from as many started carrying the tea buckets, just what those who fully supported wanted, for them!! And the country Left everything on the table, Everything, and those in the rest of the planet fully understand!! More importantly there has yet been Any demand that Anyone Sacrifice for the results of, now a decade plus added to the previous decades, of the underfunded VA, as flags wave in 'patriotism', with the phony words of same, and the pro-peace movement went Way Off The Reality On The Real Issues Of!!!


Once again, the world understands, especially those at the ends of our decades plus terror!

I always protested war from the minute I heard about bush sr. going to war with Iraq. I joined Pax Christi and the Suffolk Peace Groups, Nother Country Peace Group,South Country Peace Group and Veterans for Peace and VVAW and picketed with IVAW and Women in Black and Women in Pink and Move-on .org. I will continue to support peace but I know that we will have more wars if roMoney gets in office and he will not listen to us. I know the President Obama will listen to us and has already kept his promise of getting us out of Iraq and hopefully will get us out of Afghanistan and every other nation in the middle east and will not bring us to war in Iran or Syria as I am sure roMoney will.

I have been protesting WAR since viet nam any corresppondence i send to any official and i send a lot has

NO MORE WAR!!!!!!!



au contraire--they ARE his wars, they are now HIS torture, they are now HIS spying on Americans, it is now HIS acts that do Wall Street's

bidding, it is now HIS allowing drilling in the Arctic,it is HIS cabinet full of Goldman-Sachs has-beens--words cannot describe his betrayal of his "base"

-yes I'll protest the war on Oct. 5-7 just as I did the November BEFORE we went in-- but make no mistake, he has been NO different than Bush and as Jonathan Turley has said in an interview with John Cusack, he's outdone Bush, in a very negative way

I protest the wars but now I think it is importent to get President Obama re-elected because the republicans will make more wars.  He has ended the Iraq war and says he will end the war in Afgahnastan soon.  The republicans will go to war with Iran and not stop the Afgahn war, maybe start the Iraq war again, and make many other wars.  So I will protest the wars if you will campaign some. as


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