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Yo Listen Up Squad! Vermont's Charlotte Dennett Back in the House! Prosecute Bush!

By Ralph Lopez - Posted on 27 October 2010

Remember Charlotte Dennett Who Aired This Prosecute Bush Ad in Vermont in 2008? She's back, and She's Going to Win on Nov. 2nd!

Brothers and Sisters,

Two years ago a candidate for Attorney General in Vermont promised that if elected, she would appoint famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi as Special Prosecutor and charge George W. Bush with murder. As you know Vermont has the highest number of our brothers and sisters killed in Iraq than any other state, per capita. The father of our brother Alex Arredondo, Carlos, supported her quest to bring Bush to justice for the death of his son. This candidate's name was Charlotte Dennett. Mr. Bugliosi outlined his legal theory for such a prosecution in his book, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder." Mr. Bugliosi is the man who put Charles Manson behind bars, breaking legal ground by arguing one need not "pull the trigger" to be held culpable for a violent crime. A summary of Charlotte's and Mr. Bugliosi's arguments is here: "How to Prosecute a Former President":

During her campaign, Charlotte aired this gutsy ad over the Vermont airwaves:

YOU MIGHT GUESS THE AD MADE THE NEO-CONS LIVID! Well guess what? Charlotte is running for Vermont Attorney General again, and this time she could win. Vermont is in the middle of a fight to shut down the aged and decrepit nuclear power plant Vermont Yankee, and the incumbent attorney general is far less popular than he was 2 years ago. Charlotte will fight to close this plant. And if elected, Charlotte remains determined to put into motion a real prosecution of George W. Bush for murder and war crimes, by the duly elected Attorney General of one of the Great Fifty States.

Listen to one of her radio ads now running across VT here

We're are asking all able-bodied troops to:

1) Pull in their personal networks and spread this message. Don't worry if folks can actually vote in VT. Spread the word, and let the Six Degrees of Separation do its thing.

2) Go to or join and in the search box at the top search for words like "vermont, prosecute bush, no torture, impeach bybee," or any other patriotic, pro-constitution words or slogan you can think of, and when you come up with a group that might like what Charlotte is doing, "join" it and post this to the "wall" and ask everyone to hit the "SHARE" button, then the "EVERYONE" button. THAT'S HOW THINGS GO VIRAL ON THE INTERNET. If they want there is a donation box at the top of the site, but that's not mainly what we're looking for. We're looking for people in VT who can vote. This is an experiment in the social networking craze. (This is fun! I found a group called "Shoes for Bush!")

CHARLOTTE'S FACEBOOK HERE:!/pages/Charlotte-Dennett-for-Justice-and-Accountability/131341496909397

Her website is here:

When the People through social networking rise together to elect Charlotte Dennett, one of her first acts in office will be, just as she said in 2008, to appoint Vince Bugliosi as Special Prosecutor against George Bush. Then watch as justice and accountability begin to sweep the nation. The war criminals can run, but they STILL can't hide. Let an Attorney General of one of the Great Fifty States bring charges, and see what happens. Charlotte was fearless then. She is fearless now. Let's give her one heck of a covering fire.


It would sure be wonderful if this all came to pass. It makes me wonder what it all might look like??? Having for real, Bugliosi actually reading the charges to a forlorn and depressed dick cheney. But for sure i'd like to see Pelosi swing from the gallows before Dick and W.

Billings, MT

to the zionists that controll the govermennt officials in dc the end of apac the end of supporting a nazi state bend over israel hear comes dick and george to turn states evedence , all the rest is under the bus with you ! we win

co-equal branch of government. Complicit.


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