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Wimps, Rendell and Ruination

By dlindorff - Posted on 26 June 2012


By Linn Washington, Jr.

A new book by former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell is another display of this man’s savvy proclivity for self-promotion.

However, irrespective of the monstrous ego of this man known in Philadelphia as "Fast Eddy," Rendell is on target with the alarmingly accurate title of that book: A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great.

Wuss is variously defined as meaning timid, weakling and wimp.

While Rendell’s book focuses on political leadership, the term wuss is also applicable to too many of those either elected to, elevated into or having usurped positions within American leadership circles across spheres from academic to scientific, financial to religious.

From the White House to Wall Street, Capitol Hill to state capitals and beyond, the wuss factor reigns.

America’s continuing recession/depression is a prime example of the wuss factor at work.

Elected officials on either end of Pennsylvania Avenue in DC are afraid to take bold steps to revive the economy with proven approaches like government spending on public service/public works jobs.
Instead the wimps coddle discredited strategies like continuing to reduce taxes on the wealthy, corporations and individuals. Those charged with taking charge reward those whose greed-based schemes collapsed the economy.

The wusses in Washington, egged on by inside-the-Beltway media pundits, incessantly push the falsehood that taxing the wealthy would be counter-productive for the economy, claiming such taxation siphons away money that the rich would otherwise use to create jobs.

The wusses contend it’s better to dump more money into the pockets of the wealthy than to dump fair-share tax money from the wealthy into government coffers because, they argue, government is a sinkhole.

Think about how many jobs the wealthy are not creating with the tons of tax-break cash they are dumping into political campaigns where the wealthy are nakedly seeking to elect politicians who will sustain their tax breaks to the detriment of society.

Wealthy conservatives aligned with the likes of power-broker Karl Rove (the puppet master of former President George W. Bush) plan to spend upwards of $1 billion this year to capture the White House and control Congress.

Not a dime of that billion dollars planned for buying power in Washington DC through manipulating the political process will produce jobs for unemployed persons in rural Wisconsin or the inner-city Watts section of Los Angeles...

For the rest of this article by LINN WASHINGTON, JR. in ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper, please go to:



No class system can claim to social independence. NO  class whores, class shills, Empire thugs, fascist elites can claim to social independnence. NO class ideology can claim social principles.....they are after all, class/empire PARASITES, warmongering , totalitarian class elites in the service of class hierarchies, serving parasitical class systems.    ANYONE CARE TO CHALLANGE THIS POINT???/   TRY ME....YOU WILL LOSE. Democratic class whores, fascist appeasers are totally dependent fascist mercenaries serving this parasitical ruling class , that is now global Fascism.

Parasitical class systems are rigged, Zero sum class outcomes, charades, pretense in false claims to social outcomes.   They negate social power, they negate democracy, they enslave humanity, all class systems, and ignore that real social wealth, optimal social outcomes create optimal wealth creation, job creation, while the class whores, class thugs, Empire fascists, negate the middle classes, for global enslaved classes, yet miserably claiming "job creation" , the agenda of human enslavement by all class systems.   Wuss class whores, liberals, appeasing Fascists, become Fascist themselves.!!!

A universal social claim and principle CAN NEVER CLAIM EXCLUSIONARY CONTROL, but rather, INCLUSIVE EXTENSION TO THE REST OF THE WORLD FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE, INTERNATIONA, GLOBAL HUMAN VALUES.   Once America claims social principles to be exclusionary, "American", it can never claim to be inclusive, since "American", would never apply to the whole of humanity.    Social values are NOT EXCLUSIONARY, AMERIKAN VALUES but American , inclusive claims, social claims would be  HUMAN, GLOBAL DEMANDS, should it realize it can never be exclusive, Amerikan, but international, global, inclusive.   GET IT YET????


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