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WikiLeaks Reveals U.S. Twisted Ethiopia's Arm to Invade Somalia

By mid 2007, the 50,000 Ethiopian troops that invaded Somalia in late 2006 found themselves increasingly bogged down, facing much fiercer resistance than they had bargained for as Somalis of all stripes temporarily put aside their differences to stand together against the outside invader.

As the military incursion turned increasingly sour, then US Under Secretary of State for Africa, Jendayi Frazer, who taught at the University of Denver's Korbel School of International Studies in the 1990s, insisted that, prior to the invasion, the United States had counseled caution and that  Washington had warned Ethiopia not to use military force against Somalia. Frazer was a close collaborator with former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, for whom there also is a strong University of Denver connection. Frazer certainly tried to distance the United States from responsibility for the Ethiopian invasion in a number of interviews she gave to the media at the time. 

But one of the released WikiLeaks cables, suggests a different picture, one that implicates Frazer in pressing Ethiopia's President Meles Zenawi to invade its neighbor. The content of the cable is being widely discussed in the African media. It exposes a secret deal cut between the United States and Ethiopia to invade Somalia. 

If accurate -- and there is no reason to believe the contrary -- the cable suggests that Ethiopia had no intention of invading Somalia in 2006 but was encouraged/pressured to do so by the United States which pushed Ethiopia behind the scenes. Already bogged down in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time, the Bush Administration pushed Ethiopia to invade Somalia with an eye on crushing the Union of Islamic Courts, which was gaining strength in Somalia at the time.

At the time of the invasion there was little doubt that the Ethiopian military incursion was "made in Washington." Like so many other WikiLeaks cables, this one merely puts a dot on the "i" or crosses the "t" on what was generally known, although it does give specific information about Jendayi Frazer's deep involvement in the affair.

According to the cable, as the main U.S. State Department representative in Africa, Frazer played a key role, spearheading what amounted to a U.S.-led proxy war in conjunction with the Pentagon. At the same time that she was pushing the Ethiopians to attack, Frazer was laying the groundwork both for the attack in the U.S. media and for a cover-up, by claiming that although the United States did not support Ethiopian military action, she could understand "the Somali threat" and why Ethiopia might find it necessary to go to war. 

Frazer spread rumors of a possible jihadist takeover in Somalia that would threaten Ethiopian security. Turns out that media performance was little more than a smokescreen. The U.S. military had been preparing Ethiopia for the invasion, providing military aid and training Ethiopian troops. Then on December 4, 2006, CENTCOM Commander, General John Abizaid was in Addis Ababa on what was described as "a courtesy  call." Instead, the plans for the invasion were finalized.

At the time of the Somali invasion, Zenawi found himself in trouble. He was facing growing criticism for the wave of repression he had unleashed against domestic Ethiopian critics of his rule that had included mass arrests, the massacres of hundreds of protesters and the jailing of virtually all the country's opposition leaders. By the spring of 2006 there was a bill before the U.S. Congress to cut off aid to Zenawi unless Ethiopia's human rights record improved. (His human rights record, by the way, has not improved since. Given how the United States and NATO view Ethiopia's strategic role in the "war on terrorism" and the scramble for African mineral and energy resources, Western support for Zenawi has only increased in recent years).

In 2006, dependent on U.S. support to maintain power in face of a shrinking political base at  home -- a situation many U.S. allies in the Third World find themselves -- and against his better judgement, Zenawi apparently caved to Frazer's pressure. Nor was this the first time that Frazer had tried to instigate a U.S. proxy war in Africa. Earlier as U.S. ambassador to South Africa, she had tried to put together a "coalition of the willing" to overthrow Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe, an initiative that did not sit so well with South Africa's post-apartheid government and went nowhere. 

The 2006 war in Somalia did not go well either for the United States or Ethiopia. Recently a State Department spokesperson, Donald Yamamoto, admitted that the whole idea was "a big mistake," obliquely admitting U.S. responsibility for the invasion. It resulted in 20,000 deaths and according to some reports, left up to 2 million Somalis homeless. The 50,000 Ethiopian invasion force, which had expected a cake walk, instead ran into a buzz saw of Somali resistance, got bogged down and soon withdrew with its tail between its legs. The political result of the invasion was predictable: the generally more moderate Union of Islamic Courts was weakened, but it was soon replaced in Somalia by far more radical and militant Islamic groups with a more openly anti-American agenda.

As the situation deteriorated, in an attempt to cover both the U.S. and her own role, Frazer then turned on Zenawi, trying to distance herself from fiasco using an old and tried diplomatic trick: outright lying. Now that the invasion had turned sour, she changed her tune, arguing in the media, that both she and the State Department had tried to hold back the Ethiopians, discouraging them from invading rather than pushing them to attack. The WikiLeaks cable tells quite a different story. In 2009, the Ethiopian forces withdrew, leaving Somalia in a bigger mess and more unstable than when their troops went in three years prior. Seems to be a pattern here? 

Rob Prince is the publisher of the Colorado Progressive Jewish News.


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At the time of the Somali invasion, Zenawi found himself in trouble. ... (His human rights record, by the way, has not improved since. Given how the United States and NATO view Ethiopia's strategic role in the "war on terrorism" and the scramble for African mineral and energy resources, Western support for Zenawi has only increased in recent years).

There is no such thing as the "war on terrorism", it's "war OF terrorism", gangsterism, imperialism. But there is, and has long been war "for African mineral and energy resources", as well as global dominance.

In 2009, the Ethiopian forces withdrew, leaving Somalia in a bigger mess and more unstable than when their troops went in three years prior. Seems to be a pattern here?

There's no doubt about that; certainly no reason to doubt, anyway.

Additional truth about real happenings in Africa:

"Apocalypse in Central Africa:
The Pentagon, Genocide and the War on Terror

by Keith Harmon Snow, July 20, 2010

"As a key partner, we are very happy to be working with the Rwandan Defense Force as they seek to improve their capacity to do various peacekeeping missions as well as contribute in other ways to bringing peace to this region. And what we're doing as a part of this visit is demonstrating to our Rwandan friends that we indeed are a committed partner... And by so doing, that stability is felt around the world..."

General William E. Ward, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)

Press conference, Kigali, Rwanda, 22 April 2010

The U.S. "War on Terror" destabilizes popular governments, communities, and indigenous societies all over the globe. This has occurred more than anywhere else in the Great Lakes region of Africa, where people face absolute terrorism and grotesque atrocities -- the complete destruction of everything they know -- a.k.a. genocide.

But genocide in Congo is off the agenda, in keeping with the prerogatives of private profit, western big business, white supremacy, and the politics of genocide.[0]

The U.S. has for years intervened in the region -- U.S. multinational Union Carbide, for example, was in control of the SOMIKIVU mines in the Congo's Kivu provinces in the early 1960's -- but through an expanding military partnership with key agents in Central Africa since 1980, the U.S. interventions have produced an unprecedented loss of life facilitated by direct U.S. government polices, covert military operations and guerrilla warfare, all cloaked in euphemisms of "peacekeeping," "humanitarianism" and "development."

Now Rwanda and Uganda (Ethiopia right behind them) have become the Pentagon's primary bases of operations in Africa, from which scores of millions of dollars of military hardware and Pentagon-trained African proxy warriors are routed into Congo and Burundi, but also far beyond these to the Pentagon's theaters of operation in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia -- even to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Haiti.


The United States has a long history of supporting brutal regimes. The western mass media system provides cover stories and blankets the truth with propaganda campaigns -- a business area formally known as "perception management" -- devised by corporate nationalist foundation think tanks like the Center for American Progress, the Atlantic Council and the Council on Foreign Relations.


The same story has unfolded in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, but methods of information control and perception management have been refined. People in Canada, Europe, and the United States are so misinformed that they contribute to deceptive do-gooder campaigns launched by big government contractors masquerading as charities, like Save the Children and CARE International, or other so-called non-profit organizations whose main business is really propaganda, like the ENOUGH Project -- funded by the Center for American Progress. But tax dollars are supporting brutal regimes committing the atrocities and causing the suffering people make donations for.

The media don't report the massacres, decapitations, dismemberments, and routine disappearances in Congo, and if they do the violence is attributed to African savagery, rather than terrorism as a military instruction (counter-insurgency, tactical operations, invasions and psychological operations) taught at the School of the Americas at Fort Bragg (GA) or at Fort Leavenworth (KA). The western news consumer has been sensitized to the mass rape occurring in eastern Congo, a cause that inspires hugely successful fundraising, like that of Eve Ensler's United Nations-backed V-Day Campaign, or for Ben Affleck's "humanitarian" charity in eastern Congo, but the narrative and discourse on rape blames the victims and shields or rewards the perpetrators. The western psyche is inculcated with racist stereotypes about savagery, disease, and the abject poverty and hopelessness of Africa -- as if you and I and other westerners have nothing at all to do with the poverty, starvation, sexual atrocities, or genocide. The public does not hear about the western interests involved, the mining companies behind the systematic rape, or Ben Affleck's business ties to the regime in Rwanda -- the military regime that occupies and terrorizes areas in Congo where Affleck's 'humanitarian' project operates.

Pinochet's reign of terror in Chile pales in comparison to the scale and nature of atrocities committed by the western proxies in Central Africa today. Topping the list of the Pentagon's agents of repression are Uganda's president Yoweri Museveni and his brother-in-law General Salim Saleh; Rwanda's president Paul Kagame and generals James Kabarebe and Karake Karenzi; and Congo's president Hypolite Kanambe (alias Joseph Kabila) and General John Numbi.



In October 1990, the Ugandan army and the Rwandan Patriotic Front/Army (RPF) led by Major General Paul Kagame invaded Rwanda. The guerrillas who violated international laws and committed massive war crimes were backed by Britain, Belgium, the United States and Israel. They were Ugandans. They were not the victims and they were not -- as depicted by Philip Gourevitch in The New Yorker -- "a stateless people" and "The Jews of Africa": they were Tutsi elites, extremists bent on recovering power and domination, who had attacked Rwanda repeatedly over the decades since their overthrow in 1959. By July 1994, the RPF completed its coup d'etat and consolidated its power in Rwanda. The government of Paul Kagame has since then maintained political power and manipulated public sympathy by promoting a highly politicized ideology of genocide.

After more than 18 years of systematic disinformation about Rwanda there exists a collective ignorance about what really happened and who is responsible. The so-called "Rwanda Genocide" is one of the most widely misunderstood events in contemporary history, and not because the evidence is lacking or because the truth is obscured by butchery, but because this was a psychological operation or PSYOP meant to obscure the reality of western military and corporate backed genocide. [1]



On February 24, 2010 a communiqué circulated on the Internet, written in Kinyarwanda, that purportedly outlined directives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Communications (MINAFFET) Rwanda Ambassadors and High Commissioners Annual Retreat, held in Rwanda, on 17-18 February 2010. The document appeared coincident with the late February defection and flight of Rwanda's ambassadors to Holland and India. This leaked document exemplifies the regime's modus operandi on public and international relations and it called for the neutralization of Rwanda's enemies at home and abroad (including this author).


While we are led to believe that the perpetrators of violence in Rwanda and Congo are those nasty genocidaires, the extremist Hutus, their Interahamwe militias, the Forces for the Democratic Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) in Congo, and other undesirables, the primary responsible perpetrators are always protected, because they are the agents of western powers.


The one-party regime controlled by Paul Kagame projects a shiny veneer of tourism, development and 'entrepreneurism', but submerged barely under the surface of this veneer there exists a climate of absolute terror and there are profound ethnic divisions leading towards war. We saw the same situation with Chile under Pinochet. We are beginning to see this more openly with the approach of the 2010 elections.[17]

Rwanda and Uganda are run by secretive criminal military organizations[18] in parallel with formal government structures, responsible for the systematic and intentional deaths of far more than 10 million people since 1980, just counting in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, to the present.[19]


The current regime is responsible for massive bloodshed against all ethnic groups in Rwanda, and the façade is supported internationally due to the economic, political and military interests at stake.[21] The International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR) also supported the façade, as confirmed by Carla Del Ponte, the former Chief Prosecutor of the ICTR, in her memoirs.[22]


Today, anyone who remotely steps out of line inside Rwanda will immediately be targeted, accused of genocide revisionism, negationism or participation in "the genocide" itself. Kagame's elite terrorist network also whitewashes its crimes through its affiliation with Dr. Paul Farmer and Farmer's Clinton-funded charity Partners in Health, also involved in Haiti (the impetus for Rwandan paramilitary forces sent to Haiti after the earthquake).


The latest high-profile victims of Kagame's criminal regime include Victoire Ingabire, a Hutu woman who returned to Rwanda from exile in Belgium in January to contest the upcoming presidential elections. ...

Also targeted is Prof. Peter Erlinder, an International Human Rights and Civil Rights Attorney and a Professor of Law at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota and the former lead defense counsel at the ICTR. ...


In mid-November 2009 Dem. Rep. of Congo (DRC) president Hypolite Kanambe secretly airlifted a battalion of Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF)[25] across Congo to crush a new rebellion in the Equateur province of western Congo; the operation was supported by MONUC and AFRICOM. The RDF forces were uniformed as Armed Forces of the Dem. Rep. of Congo (FARDC). Along with RDF regulars, MONUC troops from the international "peacekeeping" mission have been fighting alongside Tutsi Rwandan soldiers infiltrated by Rwanda, with the Hypolite Kanambe (DRC) government's support, into Congo's national army, the FARDC.

The Tutsi forces in the FARDC include infiltrated Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF, formerly Rwandan Patriotic Front/Army) and "ex-" CNDP forces from the National Congress for the Defense of the People, the extremist terrorist militia that sprouted out of the Kivu Provinces, originally led by Rwandan war criminal General Laurent Nkunda. The CNDP is backed by Rwanda and infiltrated with thousands of extremist Tutsis. MONUC, Belgium and AFRICOM have collaborated with Rwanda and CNDP forces in committing massive war crimes in the western Congo "Dongo crises".[26]


In the Lubero and Beni areas of North Kivu province, where a targeted genocide is underway against Congolese by Ugandan and Rwandan elements, the western oil companies Dominion Energy and SOCO International are moving in to the Lake Edward Albertine Basin to sink new oil wells; the local communities have not been consulted or informed, and are subject to ongoing pacification backed by AFRICOM. ...


Recent reports from South Kivu human rights groups have documented Canadian mining company BANRO Gold's links to local terrorism, yet not one mainstream western media source has reported or even named the involvement of pivotal western mining interests -- including BANRO, Moto Gold, Mwana Africa, Heritage Oil & Gas -- behind the war and plunder in blood-drenched eastern Congo. Moto Gold director Walter Kansteiner was National Security Council under William Jefferson Clinton.


Herman Cohen was former Ambassador to Zaire and official under G. H. W. Bush, and Cohen's consulting firm Cohen & Woods counts amongst its lucrative clients a company called Contour Global Corporation (NY), now partnered with the Kagame regime to exploit the deadly methane in deep water under Lake Kivu on Congo and Rwanda's border (another oil industry disaster in the making).


The current death toll in the eastern provinces of Congo alone stands at some 1500 people per day, with at least ten million dead in Congo since the U.S. invasion of 1996, with millions of refugees in the Great Lakes member states. Rwandan allied forces in DRC are perpetrating genocide at present in the Kivus, particularly in the lucrative mining areas, and the western media and "humanitarian" agencies are silent.

John Numbi, formerly the head of FARDC Air Forces and now inspector general of the Police National Congolaise (CNP) is reported to be Hypolite Kanambe's (alias Kabila) main link to Rwandan military officials Paul Kagame and James Kabarebe. Numbi is a regular visitor to Kigali and described as "one of Congo's most dangerous men." Numbi is responsible for mass graves in eastern Congo that the United Nations will not investigate.[28]


One of the latest pro-RPF vigilante refugee hunters on the Rwanda 'genocidaire' trail is Jason Stearns, a former U.N. (MONUC) and International Crises Group 'analyst'. Stearns also worked on several U.N. panels of experts on the illegal exploitation in the DR Congo, including the U.N. 'experts' report of November 2009, which launched a smear campaign against Fundacio S'Olivar and Inshuti, Spanish charities affiliated with Juan Carrero Seralegui and Jordi Palou-Loverdos (named on Rwanda's 'Hit List' above) accusing them of backing terrorists in Congo. This is the U.N.'s failed attempt to discredit the Spanish indictments against the RPF. [32],[33]


The Western media perpetually broadcasts the suffering in Congo, but the propaganda is simplistic disinformation, and the Western "news"-consuming public eats it up and dismisses the Congo, abandoning the people whose lives are determined in part by the raw materials stolen from them in a state of war and organized crime. These include diamonds, gold, columbium-tantalite (coltan), cobalt, copper, petroleum, germanium, niobium, tin, tungsten, palm oil, coffee and chocolate (sold in Whole Foods groceries stores). Beyond the value the above resources combined, the biggest western moneymaker in Congo is humanitarian 'aid' and international 'charity' -- a.k.a., and the misery industry. [34]

A testimonial to the true mission of UN 'peacekeeping', Congolese from across the country cite conditions all over Congo as worse than at any time in the past 20 years, with increasing insecurity and violence.


The MONUC "peacekeeping" enterprise in Congo is a $1 billion a year operation involving contracts with PAE (Pacific Architect & Engineers, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin). AFRICOM, NATO and private military companies Dyncorp and PAE have also been training and flying Ugandan and Rwandan troops to the U.S.-European-Israeli wars in Somalia and Sudan (Darfur). (my emphasis)


While the debate about 'genocide in Rwanda' is heating up slightly, [39] almost no one pays any attention to the increasing numbers of assassinations and illegal arrests committed by the Kagame regime. In late June 2010 a Rwandan woman and true genocide survivor was arrested in New Hampshire (USA), charged with fraudulent genocide violations fabricated by the Kagame regime, and backed by the Department of Homeland Security.[40] On July 14, 2010, Jwani Mwaikusa, an International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR) lawyer and University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) Law Professor, was gunned down outside his home in Tanzania--a clear hit by the Kagame regime.[41]


On July 14, 2010, the First Vice President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, was found dead, his head almost completely severed from his body, in the wetlands of the Makula River near Butare, Rwanda --another clear Kagame regime hit. [44]

The killing in Central Africa and the Horn continues, and along with the bloodshed come the shameless western apologies by academics, media pundits, think tanks and mainstream personalities, all with the aim of whitewashing the bloodbaths organized and committed by US client regimes in Rwanda and Uganda, with support of the US-backed regime in Kinshasa (DRC), and armed, trained, and funded by AFRICOM, with U.S. military on the ground in the region, and United Nations complicity.

And that's the way it is wherever the US is involved in African countries rich in natural resources. Whenever we hear or read about the US being involved in what's reported to be only political terms, and supposedly good, we should think of articles like the above one and others Keith Snow has written about true realities in African countries where there's extreme suffering and injustice. The West never tells the truth; or if the West ever does, then it's extremely little. Most western reporting is propaganda of lies. And too many "alternative" media of the US tow the same Washington line as the New York Times and other government-extension corporate news media of the US repeat or flood the US with.

"Death Toll in Congo Whitewashed Yet Again

A Brief Assessment of the Hidden Interests and White Obliviousness of the Human Security Report Project"

by Keith Harmon Snow, Jan. 22, 2010


The basis for the new claims of exaggerated death counts in Congo is a report by an obscure entity called the Human Security Report Project (HSRP), a think tank claiming to be "an independently-funded research centre based at the School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada."

Examination of their reports, their interests and their funders shows very clearly however that the HUMAN SECURITY REPORT PROJECT (HSRP) and its people are definitive and unabashed apologists for western capitalism and the huge for-profit misery (read: humanitarian) business sector.

They are not in any way independently funded (see below). What does "independent" mean when you get all your money for the system that you are apologizing for?


The first Human Security Report documents a dramatic, but largely unknown, decline in the number of wars, genocides and human rights abuse over the past decade. Published by Oxford University Press, the Report argues that the single most compelling explanation for these changes is found in the unprecedented upsurge of international activism, spearheaded by the UN, which took place in the wake of the Cold War.

This is white supremacy in its purest form -- absolute bullshit -- apologetics for multinational corporations and their government keepers. ...

Anyone who wants to be honest and understand the truth would read Ward Churchill's A Little Matter of Genocide. In the past two decades there have been more genocidal conflicts that perhaps ever before. ...

According to the authors, Rwanda was convulsed by tribalism and genocide and does not count as war. In fact, anyone who is not doing the bidding of the capitalist system and its media whores knows that what happened in Rwanda was a US invasion, a U.K. invasion, and a Ugandan invasion, and an internationalized war that soon crossed into Congo. In terms of conflict-years (a term the authors create which is different than calendar years) Rwanda should be very, very high on the chart for its war(s) in Rwanda and Congo. The information they do provide on Rwanda is absolute garbage based on the establishment narrative of Hutus slaughtering Tutsis.

As an example, they ignorantly opine: "In the case of Rwanda, for example, Uppsala estimates that fewer than 1000 people were killed in actual combat between government forces and rebels in 1994."


Again, in Southeast Asia, the authors attribute mass violence and genocide to the Khmer Rouge (1975-1979) without attributing genocide to the United States (in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, circa 1959-1975).

There is no mention of the genocidal campaigns ongoing against the San Bushmen in the Kalahari (South Africa and Botswana); against the Ogonis, Itsekeris, Ijaw, and others in southern Nigeria; against the Tuaregs in Niger; against the Penan people in Malaysia (; against the Aborigines in Australia, or the Hawai'ians and other native Americans; against the indigenous people of Namibia; against the Huarani in Ecuador; against the indigenous people of Congo and Uganda; against the Anuaks and Oromos and Ogadenis in Ethiopia; and against the indigenous peoples in Somalia, to mention a few of the more poignant examples.

On Somalia, where the US was deeply involved in atrocities in the 1990s, all that the authors have to say is this: "Other conflicts -- Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan -- involved the United States, a fact that alone ensured massive coverage by the US-dominated global media. The media focused on the new wars -- largely ignoring those that were ending."

The inference is that the U.S. media coverage of Somalia was a good thing, that it raised and raises people's awareness of what is actually happening in the world, rather than doing the exact opposite -- facilitating ignorance and inaction -- as it is designed to do. The authors say nothing at all about the U.S. or Canadian involvement in war in Somalia, and, looking at their other references scattered throughout, if they did it would be to praise the US and Canada for their humanitarian actions. In fact, the media coverage is horrible propaganda, dishonest and mythological, accusing people of Congo of tribalism and witchcraft, or accusing all Congolese men of being rapists, part of a "rape-friendly" culture, and never, ever, ever mentioning Banro or Moto Gold or Mwana Africa or Maurice Templesman or Walter Kansteiner.

What is perhaps the most telling indicator of the biases of the HSRP authors and its so-called "independently funded" center, is their assessment of international terrorism.


Of course, on the other side of the problem we have those who inflate death tolls to serve their narrow interests, including Nicholas Kristof, the New York Times 'journalist' who helped whip people into an inappropriate frenzy over Darfur, Sudan, and Dr. Eric Reeves, at Smith College, who like the academics of the HSRP seem to sit in their cozy offices pontificating on things they really have zero experience with. The Reeves and Kristoff figures on Sudan skyrocketed from 2003 to 2005 from a few hundred thousand (sic) to over 400,000 dead, but these numbers have been roundly criticized and shown to have been massive inflations: in this case however, the case of Darfur, the US and its partners want to overthrow the government of Sudan, and so it is O.K. to lie about the conflict, hide the involvement of the west, and inflate the death toll to demonize the government of Sudan -- ostensibly (but laughably) dubbed the only party to the violence in Darfur.

This is the political economy of genocide and human rights.


This is a perfect example of a liberal think tank agenda designed to obfuscate and confuse, and skirt around the truth, in such a way that it satisfies the funding organizations, without really criticizing anyone, and certainly not holding or attempting to hold anyone to account. ...

The Human Security Report Project is funded by the governments of Norway, Sweden Switzerland and the United Kingdom -- not one of which has arrested or encouraged the arrests of any international war criminals through the International Criminal Court. The HSRP also received funding from: 


Previous Project donors have included:


It is clear that the HSRP is pro-capitalism, pro-"fair trade" that serves western interests, and pro-"human rights' that does not challenge western aggressors. They are supporting the kind of globalization that the Rockefeller Foundation is advancing: SMART GLOBALIATION. They support the misery industry, which creates misery to justify its perpetuation and feed its white patrons and interests. That is why, for another example, you will find Helen D. Gayle on the Rockefeller Foundation board of trustees, and also as President of CARE USA. Another one is Ann M. Fudge, Rockefeller Foundation trustee who is former Chairman and CEO of Young & Rubicam, whose companies include Burson-Marsteller, which just happens to be involved with Barrick Gold Corporation through director Edward N. Neys. Ms. Fudge is also on the board of UNILEVER -- one of Africa's greatest enemies and one behind Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni. Well, she is also on the board of Overseers at Harvard University -- you know, those Tempelsman-Rotberg folks who whitewashed the blood diamonds trade by creating the Kimberley Process.

The Norwegian Government should investigate the militarization of the so-called non-government so-called humanitarian organization from Norway, Norwegian People's Aid, more amusingly known as Norwegian People's Army by aid workers in the field in Africa, because they are involved in shipping weapons under cover of humanitarian aid in Sudan.

This HSRP is, quite literally, another whitewash of white warmongering and corporate interests involved in depopulation and plunder everywhere. In order to bring some legitimacy to the failed system which operates on the basis of disaster capitalism and the shock doctrine, we have to have cheerleaders to convince us, through magic tricks and selective language and careful, obscure, disingenuous definitions, that all is well on the capitalist home front.

All is not well. Anyone with their head pulled out of the sand can see for themselves how unwell this system is and who it is hurting. People of color everywhere, but not only people of color, also poor white people.

We can name a few of the most significant international war criminals, all coincidentally involved in bloodshed in Congo, from these countries, and see that all are free to operate in the world with impunity, never having to fear being named by the Human Security Report Project or its patrons.

Mark Rich--Switzerland.

John Bredenkamp--UK

Tony Blair--UK

Lundin Family--Sweden and Switzerland

George Herbert Walker Bush--USA

George W Bush--USA

William Jefferson Clinton--USA

Susan Rice--USA

Roger Winter--USA

Walter Kansteiner--USA

Maurice Tempelsman--USA

Andrew Young--USA

Billy Rautenbach--Zimbabwe & South Africa

Philipe De Moerloose--Belgium

Ettienne Davignon--Belgium

Dan Gertler--Israel

Moshe Schnitzer--Israel

Brian Mulroney--Canada

Arnold Kondrat--Canada

Edward Neys--Canada


I don't know if he meant to write "a few hundred thousand" wherein he wrote, "The Reeves and Kristoff figures on Sudan skyrocketed from 2003 to 2005 from a few hundred thousand to over 400,000 dead, ...", but if he did, then I wouldn't use "skyrocketed". There isn't that much of a difference. 300,000 or 400,000 is a large difference when it's about people who are killed, but it wouldn't deserve to be referred to as a gross error or skyrocketing difference. I think he meant a few thousand, instead of a few hundred thousand, for then 400,000 definitely would be skyrocketingly more.

Anyway, he has written many articles about the real happenings in African countries and the above is his newer Web site. His older one, which is still available, is All Things Pass and there's a link for it under LINKS in the pages of the newer site.

There are other articles in which he refers to Ethiopia acting as a military proxy for the US in other African countries, certainly Sudan, but possibly others; perhaps, Kenya.

Rich African resources:

One of the rich natural resources that's important, but evidently much less mentioned is very rich, fertile land for agri. I read one or two articles earlier this year about South Africans starving while there's a lot of agri. going on; the problem is that instead of the general So. African population receiving a fair share of these crops, they're mostly exported for western profit.

"Misery industry":

The "misery industry" of so-called humanitarianism reminds me of Professor Norman G. Finkelstein's book, "The Holocaust Industry", which I haven't read, but while having learned enough about it to know what it's about, what he says about the holocaust being used by Zionist elites, the movie industry, etc., for PROFIT; definitely not for any honest and ethical reasons. He has some articles about that at his Web site,, and I believe to have found that there are also videos at Youtube and/or Google with him speaking on this topic.

Keith Snow refers to organizations known as or called humanitarian wrongheadedly calling for military solutions and this is definitely true. Some of them do that for racket, that is, criminally, while some do it out of ignorance, incompetence, or hasty reaction, say. Amnesty International and, if recalling correctly, HRW did this when they called on the US and NATO to militarily "intervene" in the Darfur region of Sudan. It's a call that I was immediately opposed to. It was incredible that they'd do this, for the US and NATO are not even the last resort call to make for intervening in countries where there are conflicts. The US and NATO are to never be called upon for interventions; not until the governments of the US and other NATO countries stop being extremely criminal anyway. They are the most extremely criminal militaries in the world, and they never operate for human rights, et cetera.

Perhaps AI and HRW, if the latter also did this for the situation in Darfur and which is a situation that Washington and its corporate "news" media grotesquely lied about, well, maybe these organizations made these calls for US and NATO military intervention based on gross ignorance, but it's difficult to believe that these organizations could be this ignorant. The whole world knows that the US and NATO are the very worst and that they only operate for western capital and power, so AI and HRW surely could not be ignorant of this fact.

No one should ever believe Washington in its claims about conflicts anywhere. Washington does [not] work for [truth], justice and peace; definitely not.

Of all of the money people donate to so-called humanitarian organizations, these people are lucky if 5% of what they give actually gets used to help the victims the money is donated for. By far most of the donations enrich the westerners running these organizations and of the amounts that they pass on to some middle parties in countries where populations are supposed to be helped, a considerable part of this left-over money is taken by the middle parties. Very little is trickled down to the people really needing the aid.

It's a YAR, yet another racket.

Keith Harmon Snow's articles are relevant in terms of the larger picture of real happenings in African countries, while the articles linked and excerpted from in this post are more specifically related to the topic of Somalia, and the US-Ethiopia war on Somalia.

Rob Prince is right in having said, "At the time of the invasion there was little doubt that the Ethiopian military incursion was "made in Washington." Like so many other WikiLeaks cables, this one merely puts a dot on the "i" or crosses the "t" on what was generally known, (my emphasis) ...".

The added emphasis in the text quoted, above, from what Rob Prince said is meant only in terms of what his article and this post are about. The same is true for many cables released by Wikileaks, but I think that some have probably brought new information that was not previously reported by anyone.

"The US-NATO March to War and the 21st Century "Great Game"
Part II"

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Dec. 5, 2010

This above article is not only about Somalia and the Horn of Africa, but there is a section specifically for this region and the subheading is, "The East Africa Front: Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan", which is just after the large map for, "Great Power Competition In The Indian Ocean".

"US, NATO Allies Prepare New Invasion Of Somalia"
by Rick Rozoff, Stop NATO, July 30, 2010

That link for Rick Rozoff's article is placed as the second one for this post only for chronological dating. I recommend reading the ones linked below, first; certainly the articles by by Grégoire Lalieu and Michel Colon, and Glen Ford, anyway.

"Somalia: How Colonial Powers drove a Country into Chaos
Interview of Mohamed Hassan

by Grégoire Lalieu and Michel Colon, Investig'Action,, Feb. 10, 2010

Somalia had every reason to succeed: an advantageous geographical situation, oil, ores and only one religion and one language for the whole territory; a rare phenomenon in Africa. Somalia could have been a great power in the region. But the reality is completely different: famine, wars, lootings, piracy, bomb attacks. How did this country sink? Why has there been no Somali government for approximately twenty years? Which scandals stand behind those pirates who hijack our ships? In this new chapter of our series “Understanding the Muslim World”, Mohamed Hassan explains for us why and how imperialist forces have applied in Somalia a chaos theory.


That's a very good and useful, informative interview. Even if it is short, several useful questions were asked and the answers are educationally good.

"U.S-Instigated War Brings Mass Death to Somalia"
by Glen Ford, Black Agenda Radio Report, Dec. 2, 2007

This provides a very good map image, btw.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford. To hear audio click here

"If the rulers of the United States were searching for a plan that would kill hundreds of thousands of Africans, they have found it."

American foreign policy is the direct cause of the humanitarian crisis in Somalia - the worst in all of Africa, according to United Nations officials. That's why, until recent days, U.S. corporate media said little or nothing about the hundreds of thousands of Somalis - now numbering at least half a million - who face death by starvation and disease because of a war instigated and facilitated by Washington. The corporate press methodically avoid - and thereby, cover up - stories that contradict the mythical American narrative: that the U.S. means to do good in the world, and only does wrong by mistake.

The horrific wrong inflicted on Somalia was absolutely premeditated, an integral aspect of American plans to bring the bogus "war on terror" to Africa, as a cover to dominate the continent and its wealth. Ever since the end of formal European colonialism in Africa, U.S. policy has been to spread chaos wherever Washington failed to impose rule by its own favored strongmen. When Muslim groups early last year subdued the warlords of Somalia - a nation that is 99 percent Muslim - a semblance of peace and at least some hope for the future took root. By all accounts, life was getting back to something like "normal" for a people that had known only brutal warfare since 1991. Such a peace was unacceptable to George Bush's crew, who whipped up an hysteria in the United States, claiming Al Qaida was establishing a base in Somalia, and urged the regime in neighboring Ethiopia, Somalia's historical rival, to attack last December.

"U.S. policy has been to spread chaos wherever Washington failed to impose rule by its own favored strongmen."

The U.S. worked hand in hand with the Ethiopian invaders at every level of the Ethiopian military, while U.S. jets relentlessly wreaked terror from the air. Once the Ethiopians had planted themselves and their puppet Somali "government" in the capital, Mogadishu, the Americans sent their other African proxies, the Ugandan military, to make up most of the puny African "peacekeeping" force in Somalia. The Somali resistance to the Ethiopian invasion consider the African peacekeepers in Mogadishu to be agents of the U.S. - and, regarding the Ugandans, they are right.

If there were ever a formula for bloody and protracted war in Somalia, it is Ethiopian occupation, which is already unifying diverse elements of the Somali population in resistance. The war will also destabilize Ethiopia, which is more than a third Muslim and home to many peoples that oppose the dictatorial regime in Addis Ababa. If the rulers of the United States were searching for a plan that would kill hundreds of thousands of Africans, they have found it. This time, however, as in Iraq, Washington has created more chaos than it can handle.

The United Nations found it necessary to arrange trips for American journalists to witness the carnage that the Americans have wrought in Somalia - the same Americans that claim to care so much for the people of Darfur, and who promise that the new U.S. Africa Command will bring peace to the continent.

The Americans, like the Europeans before them, bring only the peace of the dead.

BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at ...

"Ethiopia has become an Anglo-American proxy in the Horn of Africa"
Jan. 13, 2007

Editorial Note

Global Research presents these articles to our readers as further verification of the link between events in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East and the deep involvement of the United States. Ethiopia has become a regional surrogate or proxy for the United States and Britain. This is evident from the coordination of the U.S. military and Ethiopian troops in Somalia.

Ethiopian and U.S. intervention in Somalia is being justified to the international public under the pretext of fighting terrorism and Al-Qaeda.

These events are no mere coincidence and are to be analyzed and observed with the utmost scrutiny by individuals and nations all over the world.

General John Abizaid, the U.S. military commander overseeing U.S. military operations in the Middle East, Central Asia, and the Horn of Africa, had a low profile meeting with the Ethiopian Prime Minister on December 4, 2006, in Ethiopia. Approximately three weeks later the United States and Ethiopia both intervened militarily in Somalia.

The Speaker of the Transitional Somali Parliament, Sharif Hassan Shiekh Adan, has also accused Ethiopia of deliberately sabotaging “any chance of peace in Somalia.”

Why would Ethiopia or anyone deliberately sabotage peace talks in Somalia?

Ethiopia is clearly not acting on its own. The actions of Ethiopia are not only carefully coordinated with the Pentagon and approved by the White House, but they are also part of a broader set of Anglo-American strategic initiatives in the African continent and the Middle East. There are also strong desires by Washington D.C., London, and the Anglo-American oil giants to destabilize East Africa in justification of military intervention and expanded NATO missions in Africa from Chad and Sudan to the Horn of Africa.

Events in Somali, as in Sudan, are linked to the international thirst and rivalry for oil and energy, but are also part of the aligning of a geo-strategic chessboard revolving around the Middle East and Central Asia. The confrontation occurring in Somalia and East Africa is in part also a script of preparations for confrontation in the Middle East between the United States, Britain, Israel, and their developing coalition— dubbed the Coalition of the “Moderate”—against Iran, Syria, and their regional allies.

Global Research, 13 January 2007

How US forged an alliance with Ethiopia over Invasion

The Guardian
January 13, 2007
Suzanne Goldenberg and Xan Rice


Ethiopia destroyed Somalia Peace Talks: Speaker

Garowe News
January 13, 2007


"Somalia and Ethiopia to be Unified?
The Militarization of the Horn of Africa
Jan. 13, 2007

Editorial Note

Ignored by the majority of media sources is the coordinated and synchronized involvement and intervention of both Ethiopian and American military forces and intelligence operations in the Horn of Africa.

The timing of the intervention of Ethiopian troops, supported by the Anglo-American alliance, into Somalia was also originally denied by the Ethiopian government who seemingly lied to African and Arab journalists and mainstream media when asked if Ethiopian troops were operating inside Somalia.

The crisis in Somalia and East Africa, triggered by U.S. interventionism is intimately related to events in the Middle East in what could become a major regional war against Iran, Syria, and their regional allies.

Ethiopia is acting as an agent of Anglo-American policy and objectives in the Horn of Africa. The Somalian Transitional Government is also subservient to Anglo-American edicts and is claiming that it is fighting terrorists, just as the puppet Iraqi government is claiming that the Iraqi Resistance is nothing but a group of terrorists. It also appears marshal law is being imposed over Somalia with the help of Ethiopian troops and covertly by the United States.

Additionally, what the mainstream media fails to report about is the U.S.-backed Somali government’s attempts at merging Somalia and Ethiopia with unified borders, a single currency, joint management, a single passport, and a joint military force.

Finally it must be noted that Somalia, like Sudan, is both an African and Muslim country with large oil reserves that have not been tapped into yet. Somalia, also like Sudan, is conflict ridden, and its roots are linked to oil reserves.

Global Research presents the following two articles, focussing on the backdoor negotiations taking place at a time of intense fighting and manoeuvres in the Horn of Africa.

The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia has also been accused of collaborating in the division of Somalia and being a client of the United States and other foreign powers by Somali Parliamentarians and citizens.

Global Research, 13 January 2007

Somalia and Ethiopia to be united, says Somali Minister

January 2, 2007
Mohamed Abdi Farah

Hussein Mohamed Aideed, the Interior Minister of the Transitional Federal Government has said on Tuesday the government wants Somalia and Ethiopia to share a single passport and wipe out the boundary between the countries – citing the unity of European countries as one nation and share one currency.


December 10, 2006, some members of the transitional parliament in Somalia put on view publicly a map which they said secretly stolen from the office of Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi in Baidoa. The map shows all countries in African continent with Ethiopia annexing Somalia. But the premier Gedi denied the allegation as false paper.

Somalia Parliament rebuffs Government Plan

January 2, 2007
Mohamed Abdi Farah

Members of the Transitional Parliament based in Baidoa city southwest of the Somalian capital Mogadishu on Thursday debated about the state of emergency plan put forward by the government that is to be imposed on the country.

The lawmakers concluded their session in deadlock. Some demanded amendment of the plan describing it as causing conflict among the people. After a long debate, a technical committee headed by Osman Elmi Boqore was appointed to solve the stand off.

Osman Elmi Boqore, the Second Deputy Parliament Speaker was chairing the Parliament session in which the MPs rebuffed some of the agendas presented.

They called for the removal of some of the agendas that they said can spark divisions.

The Parliament will assemble again on Saturday to implement the martial law plan, which will be imposed on Somalia for three months.

Ethiopia and Somalia article indexes at GR:

GR has a link for articles by country located just beneath the site search box or field down the left-hand-side of each GR page. There are few relevant articles in the Ethiopia index, but plenty in the Somalia index. There is an article in the Ethiopia index about the country buying weapons of war from North Korea though.

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