By War Criminals Watch - Posted on 31 October 2010

By Chris Floyd
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Many, many years ago, I noted in the Moscow Times that shortly after the 2003 invasion, the United States had begun hiring some of Saddam's old torturers as the invaders sought to quell the then-nascent "insurgency" -- i.e., the opposition to foreign occupation that when carried out by white men, such as the French during World War II, goes by the more ringing name of "resistance." Here's part of that report, from August 29, 2003:

Here's a headline you don't see every day: "War Criminals Hire War Criminals to
Hunt Down War Criminals."

Perhaps that's not the precise wording used by the Washington Post this week,
but it is the absolute essence of its story about the Bush Regime's new
campaign to put Saddam's murderous security forces on America's payroll.



The article by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach that I'm referring readers to is not long, but it provides rather critically important fact-based information, history, especially with respect to why and how the US war against Iraq in 1990-1991 actually began. Once we learn of the real history of the US having actually, while of course also secretly, manufactured that war from the start, then the darkness that Chris Floyd's very good article becomes even darker.

And her article, what it tells readers, is relevant today with respect to potential war on Iran, btw.

Two articles that I'll initially refer to in the order of importance in terms of relevance to Chris Floyd's piece are in another page here (linked further below). They're both relevant, but the relevance I particularly have in mind makes Muriel Mirak-Weissbach's piece more relevant. And the two articles are excerpted and linked in posts #1 and #3 of the other page linked a little further below, but #1 is long, so it'd be much quicker to find Ray McGovern's article by simply doing a Web page search using his last name, f.e.; while searching for "#3" (without quotes) to jump to that post. Also, there are two Guardian, UK, articles linked following the excerpt from Muriel Mirak-Weissbach's piece and I'm only referring to her piece for this post. And for Ray McGovern's article, it might be worth reading my comments just above the link.

"America's "Justice" in Occupied Iraq: Why Tariq Aziz Should Be Released"
by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach, Sept. 16th, 2010

"Young Neocon Writes and Talks War on Iran"
by Ray McGovern, Aug. 13th, 2010

Torture, and death squads:

Chris Floyd is right about the torture, but it wasn't only former Baathists who committed these crimes. And while referring to the extremely criminal and horrific torture that was committed, people also need to keep the extremely criminal death squads that operated under US occupation authority with American leadership clearly having known about this. And not only did the American leadership know about this, for it was clearly done with more than only their approval. I doubt that regular troops would have written any war logs about these death squads operating treachorously, or surely not the part about the US war leadership having really been in top control of this, covertly.

I have three or four posts in the following page, below, and the first one is for links to AlJazeera video reports on the Iraq War logs released by Wikileaks. Post #2 is for some comments on or related to the long, roughly 1.5-hour AlJazeera report (in post #1 and in two clips), followed by some very good articles on the crimes of torturing Iraqi detainees. The last article in #2 is also about death squads, while post #3 is only intended to be about the death squads. The end of post #3 provides links for two related documentaries and the video for "Crying Wolf" is actually short. And post #4 is for very "black" covert ops of the US and UK during this war on Iraq.

Post #1 is short enough, but if someone wants to only and more quickly see what the titles and authors of the various articles are in posts 2, 3 and 4, then simply do a repeated Web page search for " 20" (including the space, but no quotes).

Also, the first article in post #3 is by Mike Whitney and I recommend reading the comments above the reference to his piece.

It's several articles, but some are very important, surely as much as anything in the Iraq war logs released by Wikileaks. And there are many more similarly important articles highly censored in the US; censored "thanks" to both corporate and many or most so-called alternative media.

The Iraq war logs are to be treated carefully, for it is not humanly plausible that hundreds of thousands of them could all be accurate and complete. So knowledge of what the logs say should definitely be complemented with knowledge of exposed covert "black" ops and other covert ops.

An example of inaccuracy that might be found in the war logs is with respect to the so-called Al Qaeda in Iraq. If any war logs state that AQ in Iraq committed attacks or that some of its members were killed or arrested, then the soldiers who would have written these log entries probably believed that it was "the real McCoy"; but AQ in Iraq has been a fabrication of the American war-making elites. The accurate way to write these log entries would be, f.e., "The group or members of the group our commanders tell us is Al Qaeda in Iraq committed attacks at {time}, {date}, {location}". The troops have no way of proving whether the AQ in Iraq label is based on "real McCoy" or fabricated lies of American war leadership.

They don't have full knowledge of possibly many things they can enter into war logs, and they can write log entries with haste due to being very pressed for time, or they're caught up in a gun battle and the danger and fighting prevents them from being able to properly write the log entries. There are possibly other reasons that log entries can be improperly written, and lying is another reason. I read an article over the past few days about the war logs and the writer said that these types of reasons for log flaws need to be kept in mind when reading the logs.

Were car bombings and "suicide" car bombings committed by real Iraqi resistance groups? Were any of these bombings committed by the real IR? How many were really committed by the real IR? It's relevant questioning, because many of these car bombings were not wittingly committed by Iraqis who drove the cars. Guards at checkpoints were caught, by witnesses, planting explosives in vehicles of unsuspecting Iraqis, f.e.

How do you think those bombings would be written into the war logs? Do you think the logs would say that it was US troops at checkpoints who planted the explosives in vehicles of unsuspecting Iraqis? Perhaps some Iraqi "security" force members who attended checkpoints did this, but US troops also did and I am not certain about this, but nevertheless and very much doubt they'd commit such honesty in war log entries. These are covert "black" ops and those surely don't get written into official war logs. Maybe some do, but I'd guess that at least most cases don't get logged.


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